Monday, 22 September 2014

The Prime Minister, David Cameron plan to discuss today with senior MPs, ways to restrict voting rights direct, to Scottish MPs in the House of Commons.

The Queen of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain, other than the United Kingdom, 
Elizabeth II, with Her Scottish Born Mother: "The Queen Mother" ..

Mireille Mathieu so leb dein Leben (My Way) ..

David Cameron plan to discuss today with senior MPs, ways to restrict voting rights direct, to Scottish MPs in the House of Commons. I believe the meeting is about the lack of trust into each other Ministers in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Wales), as we can see the problem is not about power, but control. In the same way as the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) Ministers, I lost trust in the system as well: "Corrupted to no repair"-However, there is one person (Alex Salmond) that acted in the correct way according to the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Wales) law, principles, regulations, code (conduct), status and even statutes, he did the honourable way in Politics affairs in general and followed his government regulations as a whole and resigned"First Scottish Minister, Alex Salmond"- 

-In which, the draft document was signed (16/10/2012) by the Prime Minister, David Cameron and First Scottish Minister, Alex Salmond ( and not just one person signed the document (Alex Salmond) to a-merit the exit (resign), but David Cameron as well to leave his present position, as Prime Minister. 

-In which, the document was create, redacted and signed (16/10/2012) by David Cameron and Alex Salmond ( not matter in which part of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) was used (16/10/2012) inrelevant in law, but the contents, intentions and reasons (treason) of such document drafted, inlegal in law. 

-In which, the document was create, redacted and signed (16/10/2012) by David Cameron and Alex Salmond (, but the head of the state which is The Queen Elizabeth II was missing on important  meeting and even today (22/09/2014).
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As mention before, while The Queen Elizabeth II is missing in any important matters relate to Her State in general (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), there is no deal, no paper, no document drafted, no words and no nothing, zero, nil, nada, fresh air!-Absolutely nothing is valid without The Queen Elizabeth II presence relate to Her state in general (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) and even above the seas. Unfortunately, because of the past actions of the Prime Minister, David Cameron that was in charge of the whole UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), but failed inremediable, when signed the document (, as he comes with an army of advisors that anything relate to "Scotland Referendum" is nul, full stop!-In which, the trust between Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) government irrevocably broken, in the same way as David Cameron is acting against Scotland. As the Scottish peoples are not the same breed and way as the Prime Minister, David Cameron but loyalthy citizens, because we saw the example with The Queen Mother, a Scottish born in Scotland, by Scots Parents. 

 The Scottish Born woman who became to be, the most powerful woman of the whole wide world and the only one, that ever holds a Kings Heart, the rest imitation: "The Queen Elizabeth", other than, "The Queen Mother to the whole UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, British) and beyond the Seas"-As if the UK (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Britain) government can not trust Scotland as a whole, Scottish peoples, or anything relate to the Scots, we are well damned (as trying to exclude Wales and Scotland). A big thank you to The Queen Mother, for Her role played during and after married The King George VI, in which my great admiration for Her gutsy manner and determination in life, that won not just the Heart of a King (George VI), but the Hearts of a nation (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, British) and beyond the seas (Commonwealth of Nations) and not just Hearts but Freedoms (WWII),  The most feared woman of Her times, "The Queen Mother" and by the most hated man of her times: "Hitler (Stalin, Mussolini, Franco)"-

"Words were used by the Prime Minister, David Cameron "before" the vote day (18/9/2014) to win the Scottish referendum and people believe the man with a wave of lies, mislead and tales. Today four days after (22/9/2014) all forgothen and Prime Minister, David Cameron is excluding Scotland, Wales and the rest of the community?"- The UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, British) Ministers David Cameron and Ed Miliband no going back in plans to devolve powers to Scotland, while Nick Clegg pledges wider UK reform/s to Scotland peoples after "no" vote, also Alex Salmond claims Scottish voters had been tricked, mislead and lylied by the "Westminster gang", including Gordon Brown says Scotland devolution promises will be kept.

I am exposing this way of abuse by Politics matters, (local) government and staff, as I was used in the past by Trafford council DAG and falsely accused by the same council services of "direct payments schemes" in order to remove and steal all from me, then pass my matters to someone else and damage my reputation and in which grounds in law the (tricky) abuse?-I consider myself to be a "Victim of crime" by the same abuse that regulate the area and beyond, that desperate holds into your own world, as lack of capacity to govern own area, country, or kingdom, as I mention in the following links before:
etc .. 

I work on benefit of The Queen Elizabeth II to settle matters of Her State (Scotland referendum) and my job of advocacy to Her and Scotland is free, but I do not work for the government at any time. I believe strong that I can help in the matters of the present political affairs, including Scotland, but in private, with a wage. In which with little consideration, the Prime Minister, David Cameron steals all that is mine to aid him. I charge one million pounds for the present political matters, to aid The Queen and my paypal button in my blog. Tony Blair charges 30 million + to advice the Middle East government for Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and blood bath?- David Cameron brother (Alex Cameron, QC) earns a fortune filling legal aid as "white cheques" to own advantage, but steal my case?- I am unemployed, my benefits, jobs, business education and even the area where I live ( removed by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, government staff and helpers, not way to subside myself in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister, David Cameron plan to discuss today with senior MPs, ways to restrict voting rights direct, to Scottish MPs in the House of Commons. The matter itself is a treason direct to The Queen Mother and all what She did for Her country, including Scotland, also to Her daughter, The Queen Elizabeth II. I will not permit that treason to the state (The Queen) once more time, from David Cameron MP, as he already signed documents with Alex Salmond, as mention before, but The Queen to be present. The matter do not relate to Alex Salmond as he is in charge of Scotland, but David Cameron in charge of the whole UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), with an army of helpers, so no excuses to abuse the system?-In the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) we need to abide by the system implanted, otherwise we request Alex Salmon to return back again to his old post, as First Prime Minister of Scotland, as he is not allowed to leave that country alone in memory of The Queen Mother and all what She did for Her country (UK=Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) in the past. I request the Prime Minister, David Cameron to resign as Prime Minister with immediate effect and Nick Clegg to continue holding the government and affairs, until a referendum is granted, a general election 2015 is implemented, or whatever The House of Lords, The House of Parliament and The Queen Elizabeth II decide in the matters, but no more treason from David Cameron and with respect. For the reasons above expressed is respectfully request that this advocacy in a form of public appeal to "the aid of The Queen Elizabeth II matters" to be allowed and granted, with immediate effect to restore trust in public, politics and government, with thanks, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.