Sunday, 7 September 2014

Professor William A. Schabas to chair UN Gaza Human Rights probe.

Professor of International Law at Middlesex UniversityWilliam A. Schabas.

Bring Flowers of the Rarest (Queen of the May ... 

Professor of International Law, International Human Law and Human Rights at Middlesex University (, William A. Schabas appointed to chair (12/08/2014) UN Gaza Human Rights probe, but not the Ex-President of the United States of America, George Bush (2001-2009), or the Ex-Primer Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair (1997-2007), that started wars in the Middle East years ago. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, other than Tony Blair is a professional for Jurisprudence Courts, also his brother Sir. William Blair a prominent High Court Judge and his beautiful wife, Cherie Booth. So basically, all the members of Tony Blair family comes with law knowledge, in order to understand in principles the level of abuse of power and profession (misconduct), to no avail. In order to understand the level of crimes committed by Tony Blair, George W. Bush and helpers in the Middle East, as today stand: "Crimes against Humanity"- As well to understand the level of abuse of power and profession, negligence and criminal activity, not just the Middle East victims of war and crimes by Tony Blair, but with a future Queen of England: HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the Driver (the 3 D's). Minutes after the "accident" of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Tony Blair did nothing in order to bring the woman and her party (Dodi Al-Fayed, Trevor Rees-Jones and Driver) back home (the United Kingdom) to be safe, with immediate effect and receive emergency treatment, but failed. In which, HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away together with her party (Dodi Al-Fayed, Trevor Rees-Jones and Driver) and somehow in similar circumstances: Malala survived, incredible!?- The Queen Elizabeth II and The Royal Family portrayed to the public as "cold family", after the Princess "accident", when in reality shows the lack of professional standards, negligence and malpractice of Tony Blair. As the world was mourning the death of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her party (RIP). At the same time, Tony Blair rating surpassed even The Queen into Sainthood, out of the blue he become famous, much more famous than The Queen, framing everybody?- We all know that Prince Charles received an ultimatum from Camilla and reasons of the divorce, from HRH Princess Diana of Wales, also part of a plan ("the accident") in order to marry again. As if you have not figure out, the Middle East and Dodi Al-Fayed similarities, also Prince Charles and Tony Blair (with respect)?-What the matters mention before has to do with Professor William A. Schabas to chair UN Gaza Human Rights probe, because legally also probe the person/s (Blair and Bush), that started the Middle East wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and the rest, but Israel (Arabs) blame?-Blair, Bush and helpers killed the Middle East leaders soon after with tales, lies, ideas, ideals and aims of mass destruction in order to distract the world and steal the oil, but Israel (Arabs) blame?-After the leaders of the Middle East countries perished, the terror groups of those same countries were born in aid of oil business (Blair, Bush, etc), that feed them and them in exchange control the country with terror (groups) and fear: "Hamas, ISIS, etc" .. but Israel (Arabs) blame?-When in reality Israel (Arabs) is also fighting terror groups (rockets, murders spree, etc) as the rest, but the world fails to witness Palestine peoples used/abused by Hamas, etc.  The Elders of Zion that were our parents, parents were badly hurt by the likes of eminent peoples that got a decree in bullying, lying, cheating and killing, in which they lost land (The Holly Land - The Middle East). The Elders of Zion is the Jewish background, roots, traditions, way of life, manners, mannerism, idealism, believes, music, clothing, trade mark, food, teachings, even mark of the century, mark of recognition, mark of the beginning of the times, mark of start of Judaism, mark of all marks, complete different of what corrupt people stolen from us in the past ( and trying to pretend is and belongs from them. Furthermore use with any excuses The Elders of Zion in order to intimidate us, murder us, incite us, bully us, corner us, abuse us, but a simple manuscript that represent us in any background, place in the world and at any time protect us. I could not find the real matters of The Elders of Zion as come from parents to children the education, but is better explain in this link to avoid over/under Judgement. So please in the name of God, whichever is your God, or principle, stop inventing tales, lies, defamation, hate propaganda and even protocols of the matters (Elders of Zion). As We, The Children's of Zion respect the world own matters, life and understanding, without intimidation to no/one. In extremely and unfortunately circumstances matters happens, when the rest malicious spread in order to undermine and incite hate direct to us Jews (Arabs) peoples, but I made a full apology of the matters, as we look into our peoples. The matters of MP Galloway do not come from me (or I will sue whoever incite lies), at any time, moment, or situation, but as Israel Online Ambassador in the world (, I made a full apology on behalf of all Jews peoples. Today, we are the children of The Elders of Zion trying to re-coup the land lost in the Middle East and keep peoples safe, so where is the crime in the matter and why the world react against us?-As Palestine (Gaza) peoples habitat in a world of nobody's, they belong to no/ones, they are in the hands of crime (Hamas, etc), criminals, bullies, intolerance, hate and discrimination. Nobody wants to take charge of Palestine peoples except as rockets, used/abused badly by the media, terror groups, or Abbas ( and Israel (Arabs) blame?-When in reality Israel (Arabs) is offering Gaza - Palestine peoples a new begin, after won the war in Gaza (August 2014). Israel Defense forces planted an Israeli flag in Gaza soon after won and they removed themselves from the place, waiting for the International law to acknowledge the matters and document to be made legal, also to sit terror groups (Hamas) in a court of law, for the genocide. "What Israel do not want to adopt in Gaza - Palestine peoples is hate, instead of respect"- As the matters Israel - Palestine (Gaza) is a merry goes around and we are determinate to be permanent. "Israel is the country of our parents since before the diaspora times and time the world recognize the matters, not just use everything that is ours Israel (Arabs): religion, laws, education, communications, transport, electronics, bible, etc."- I prefer Israel (Arabs) to take charge of the matters of Gaza - Palestine peoples instead of terror groups (Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Jihad ), as you can see their own country with respect, prosperity, education, peace and harmony contrary to the rest, except Qatar and fluent Arabs countries, that care. As the world stands now, I would suggest Israel to stock well in (advance) army and machinery, just in case. Israel (Arabs) have the rights to exist and defend own peoples particularly from terror groups, exactly in the same way as the rest. As Israel (Arabs) Online Supporter, I hope Professor William A. Schabas cleans Israel (Arabs) reputation and gain proper research into the Middle East matters (Israel - Palestine), as we do not want to sue him for negligence, spread and hate - against the law. George W. Bush, professional graduate in Yale University ( New Haven, Connecticut, that stands together with Tony Blair as crimes against humanity in the Middle East, plus Tony Blair with Princess Diana case. So basically, I am leaving those peoples that abuse power and profession (George Bush, Tony Blair and helpers) in the hands of the law: "Professor William A. Schabas" -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.