Monday, 25 August 2014

Talk Mental Illness Like Adults: "Robin Williams" ..

Small tribute to a great man of substance, Robin Williams ..

This the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone,
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes
Or give sigh for sigh.
So soon may I follow,
When friendships decay,
And from love's shining circle
The gems drop away!
When true hearts lie wither'd
And fond ones are flown,
Oh, who would inhabit
This bleak world alone ..

Small tribute to a great man of substance, the very best America ever produce and one of a few responsible workaholic human being and machine, that helped to build a great empire with his own taxes, till he could not cope, no more: "Robin Williams"- Now, there is a great amount of speculations into why Robin Williams took his own life, when in reality is not the business of nobody, full stop!- I have been a big fan of this great person in fact, I think, I am like him, a big: Peter Pan, that with life no show signs of growing up. Lonely life is one of the matters into why many people succumb to those extremes measures and take own life. Stress is another big factor that affects the immune system badly, as we are human people not robots. Money is another big factor, that holds us from enjoying life to the fullest. Fame is one big factor that need to be address properly, or those worldwide super stars are going the same way as Robin Williams: "One by One in Turn are taking own life", because life is not a prison, let alone fame, fortune, or glory. The experts agree that Physical symptoms of stress in which this one in return cause anxiety, depression and mental illness, but the most culprit of all and include:

-Low energy.
-Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.
-Aches, pains, and tense muscles.
-Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
-Frequent colds and infections.
-Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.

The American Institute of Stress mention 50 signs and symptoms of stress and relate matters, that affect the whole complete body system. Now, if you take all those 50 signs and symptoms, surely you will go in the same way as Robin Williams (RIP) and with respect, because not everyone is affected by the same symptoms and signs, not everyone react that way to any symptoms and signs, not everyone goes that way with signs and symptoms, not everyone suffer in the same way including signs and symptoms and not everyone thinks in the same pattern as the rest including signs and symptoms and etc. The sooner the Institutes in the world release the matters, the fastest the world can be heal. As those teaching methods are passed wrongly (with respect) from one teacher to student and time to break the mold, to try something more XXI Century Education, open to all. With this on mind, let's talk mental illness like adults civilize society and not like children does in silly tinny little whisper. In life, we need to balance everything and remove what is heavy from us, or at least intent to do something to change the photo, pattern, picture, hologram and matter, not matter how hurtful may sound, but a survival necessity. The problem is many parts in the world there is little laws to tackle the matters and remove from your life those peoples that keep holding into the past and would not let you go freely, like the ex/husband and his "family problems", so basically, I am trapped. I should not be this way because I am divorce, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker keeps holding into my life, or the children's life with the purpose to control, full control, even financially. So the life and matters of million of women in the United Kingdom still holding into consultation by the UK government as if we are items, not human people. As the United Kingdom government holds into my personal life with little respect and get ideas to solve the present world crisis, without my permit, consent and knowledge, but steal my ideas - trade marks, with any excuses?- So the same as Robin Williams I am cashed badly and no time for parole, him (Robin Williams) by his ex/wives and me by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that need to cash on me all the time, as lack of ideas into their own country but professionals themselves, no wonder we are in deep and terrible crisis?-If you read the following links: because soon after I wrote the matters, the airports worldwide were shut down and doing exactly what it said (, including research to every single passenger, passport and baggage, before departure and arrivals, without receiving a single penny for the idea. What hurts most is that in the UK, I am unemployed and my benefits removed, so how do you survive in a foreign country, that pretends I am the problem (, but in reality is those peoples that steals all from my idea and earns millions ( in foreign deals, because even Saudi King Abdullah (with respect) closed his airports?- "I believe strong the weight to carry by Robin Williams alone the wives and ex/wives was far too much, always working and worry sick of the bills, the same from me, but unemployed?"-When a few days ago, the ex/husband told me in what I work for, as I do not produce nothing at all and he paid all the house bills (due to an agreement we had after the divorce), really!!?-When in reality the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers removes all from me and leaves me penniless, stealing all my hard work to cash from my ideas/material with any stupid excuse, hate, abuse and not respect: "As if I am their own property and how much they paid for me?"-As the ex/husband works for Manchester Airport (and so I did) but all my jobs, education, business and life in the UK gone (, stolen with tales and defame lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, china girl, etc)!- I believe the same matters happened to Robin Williams with the wives and ex/wives, but the important bit is how you control those strong forces, envy and lunacy, believe me there is not medication, except in the same way: "Exposing the truth"- In my case as UK citizen, I need to protect The Queen as alliance when I become British and the job is not easy, but She need to know all and everything that happens to Her in the same way as the rest"- In life, nobody choose us to be Lonely in my case is more a necessity right now and at this particular moment, time and second, a choice, because when you have "family problems" like mine, you do not want your friends/people you care around yourself. Particularly when my brother was killed ( years ago and not signs to finish the matter in a court of law, but my family as usual blames me for everything in order to cash, when in reality is themselves that steals all from me, based on emotional blackmail I am not qualify myself into any physiological matters, but a wave of people that holds into those matters and brings to my life the hate and matters (the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers). In my point of view is a sacred matters and people should respect any kind of mental issues. I want to pay my respects to a great man as Robin Williams and speak of my own personal experience, because I hope with a bit of knowledge into why matters happens, then the world will be healed, repair and mend for the better. As confusion into someone's life (Robin Williams), what drives wars, abuse and hate: "So Mental Illness (my Ar..) is more like Bullying into someone's life, please stop, full stop!!" - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.