Wednesday, 20 August 2014

100,000 Elephants killed in Africa, by Ivory Worship, Poachers and Hate Preachers.

André Rieu - My African Dream (Live in South Africa) ..

It got to my attention a case regarding the amount of Elephants (100, 000 !!!) in danger to be extinct in the world and maybe soon than we expect, by the lack of support of the media, leaders and peoples responsible of the matters worldwide. Apparently the report speak that within 3 years, more than 100,000 Elephants were hunted, killed and exterminate- "!Yes, the Elephants were murdered in full day light and nobody in the whole wide world, to provide any kind of help, support and protection!"-In the real world this amount of animals hunted, killed and murdered (100,000) could be the start of a legal proceedings in a court of International law, against human race (people responsible), to our Mother Nature: "Crimes against animals (humanity)"- The matter may sound weird to you, "crimes against animals (humanity)", but not to me as animals comes with "animals (human) rights"-If the "animal (human) rights" do not exist in our legislature so far, then from today we need to provide a form of protection to our little one's in order to control this kind of human abuse, towards indefensible animals. I hope to have backing of all those peoples that profess the law in any language, form or shape, because those innocents animals got no voice and the state, peoples, country, land and even glory is allowed to protect the community, including animals. The Elephants (animals) represent our world and the community in general not matter where they belong. The world of animals that our God gave us to protect, not to abuse, cash, kill, or sell, in a form of little brothers and sisters in life and as form of company. The report said: "I hope that the data will accelerate the efforts of African governments against illegal hunting, which threatens the existence of many elephant populations,” he stressed. The elephants are hunted for their tusks which are made of ivory, which has become very popular in China and Asia in general, created a market for real elephant ivory"- .. and only God knows since when the abuse is motivate and started. I am unable to understand, why the authorities of any country in the world had not been doing the necessary paperwork, research and stopped the abuse and problem itself. "The obligation of the animals sanctuary around the planet earth is of everybody, not just a few chosen and blessed one's, but the rest"-The idea is to stop this kind of abuse to our animals and not just the Elephants, but everybody is included in the responsibility, package and aims to stop: "hate against our animals" and provide a world of sanctuary. A new study documenting elephants population in Africa presents a grim picture. Within three years, 100,000 elephants were hunted on the continent. In Central Africa, the region hardest hit, 64% of the elephants were hunted. In 2011, 1 out of 12 elephants in the wild were hunted illegally. 100,000 elephants is a large amount of murders and the law require to have a simple explanation of why of the killings: "As business is grotesque as nobody will kill their own kind to sell, except the hate preachers. A form of living those peoples would not kill their own to eat, so why the animals (Elephants)?-A form of sadistic sport is not plausible in law, even less alone the defense, etc"-To increase public support and awareness is necessarily to understand the life of our animals (Elephants) and itself precious and they are here to stay on earth, respect and not to be bullied, discriminate, eliminate, hated, or killed by a group of self-proclaimed murders, hate groups and preachers. Elephants are the largest animals, among the most recognizable/beloved creatures on Earth. It is a shame than in this century, time and moment people are at-taken by Elephant Ivory, instead of the goodness of that animal quality and their own life to the community. Including and not extent, what riches Elephants proclaim to be in the world, as they can even feel and cry their own animals departure, because they are so sensible, susceptible and more human than the human race itself: This baby elephant’s mother was killed for her tusks, the orphan rests in a stall with her keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Elephant Nursery, in Kenya, that nurtures many young victims of the illegal ivory trade and some will eventually return to the wild. When small child lose their own mother figure, also lose all kind of identity, protection and respect in the community and those little people's lives can get in the good/wrong hands. I believe the matters happens to any kind of animals, including Elephants, when eventually (as the note said) return to the wild, probably more confuse ( than when they lost their own mother. As Animals (Elephants) when new in the wild need to face all kind of different form of survival that mothers (fathers) provide, plus somehow to convince the rest of the animals (Elephants) and their own community to be accepted and that's very hard to achieve, etc. "We only need to see with human people, if we habitat in their own environment is the cause of all kind of wars"- Elephants (animals) are more susceptible than humans (, much more, than we can ever be civilize and together as human kind. As animals welcome their own breed more, much more, than any other kind of creatures in the world, including the human race and we should learn from them. "Animals Rights" is the same as "Human Rights" and fight for a better form of deference, environment and protections laws. I stand in defense of 100,000 Elephants killed in Africa, by Ivory Worship, Poachers and Hate Preachers, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

100,000 + deaths in Bosnia war enough to start crimes against humanity, at Hague Tribunal. In law  the number (100,000) of crimes legally is a worry matter, without distinction (human/animal) and should apply to animals rights in the same way as human rights:

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