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The veteran Labour backbencher Dennis Skinner said: "I was formed in the pits and the war", on David Cameron's arrogance. I receive an email from Ed Miliband date 28/6/2014 with opportunity to draw invitation to a gala dinner party (9/7/2014), in which I thank the matter and there is not arrogance from my part, but I would prefer to have an invitation to receive a proper job, pay, remuneration, profession, seriously in the matter, respect into each other profession and the community that is badly affected by the cuts.  Particularly the tax payer that foot the bill and not just one day gala dinner, because I am not an opportunist person myself to grab matters, but someone that work hard to represent myself with my own work (, not the work of the others to mislead the public!- I do not have a problem to work with any Minister of the UK and to help The Queen and her peoples consider that I am on the left (Labour) with the best of my ability, but it would be nice to receive remuneration (payment) for my work and advice to government matters, as I got mortgage to pay in the United Kingdom and house bills to abide by the law.

My notes 25 - 28 of June 2014;
What came out of my notes;

The payment of what came out of my notes could be as well to help me with my personal matters and family problems of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers and return family of mine back to Puebla, Mexico living in the United Kingdom (free of tax payer), Germany, Cancun, Canada, worldwide using me to gain a good life, but killed all mine with lies. (see note I want as well the government to help me, release a man ( from Michoacan, Doctor Mireles as he is diabetic like The Home Secretary ( May (with respect) and his helpers (68+).  Doctor Mireles and his helpers (68+) only crime is to defend Michoacan the place my mother was born, in the same way as I am doing with family problems of the ex/husband (British man), his sister social worker and helpers, in which is not my responsibility or Dr Mireles the matter, but the President of Mèxico, Enrique Peña Nieto and David Cameron MP, to release the man (and me) and helpers with immediate effect of the big ordeal. "The family problems" comes from more than 28 years the assault to my life  (1985-2014) and the reasons of my divorce (2012), but family problems pretends just happened now, when in reality comes with a long trail of criminal offences, to both families, but I get the blame all the time and time to stop, full stop!-  The reasons why, I am applying to be consider by all eligible members of Altrincham & Sale West as Parliamentary Candidate: "I swore alliance to protect The Queen when I become English Citizen and educate myself with Bachelors of Laws, International Political and Middle East affairs also WWII History, I speak fluently Spanish - English to be consider Parliamentary Candidate"- I believe strong The Queen and Her peoples do not need to live this kind of family problems, neither myself in the UK, furthermore hurts when never the ex/husband helped to raise the children financially, but sponsor family in the United Kingdom (see full C.V. ) in order to hurt me and mine (children) When my (our) unborn children never had the opportunity to be sponsor to gain life in the UK for others to live, because the excuses the coward (ex/husband) told me on that time was that he was unemployed, but living in a country that supports financially single mothers, incredible the lie!-The murder of my unborn children was done with malice due to racism, bullying and revenge of tales when in Mexico (5 boys, the river, etc.), before/after the wedding. The murders charges did not stop there as I was empty the dishwasher, but the same malicious spread of the ex-husband and his own sister social worker tales, killed my brother ( two years ago without any mercy spare. I requested help from local solicitors ( before my brother was killed, but was stopped by the same family problems negligence and somehow the other brother (ex/husband) is alive, well and healthy, so who is lying and who kills intention and malice?-As restorative justice, I request the house of sherway drive as payment by both the ex/husband and his sister social worker criminal offences to my unborn children and use the house of his mother to live. When the house (sherway drive) is paid by the ex/husband and his sister, I will sell it an move away from the present area. "With this on mind I stop any lies into me to help family to enter the UK, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker and they alone should be made responsible of any financial sponsor and not the tax payer"- 

"I was not formed in the pits and the war but my parents, because of that matter, I fell too much respect to elders of any age like The Queen, my beloved Parents, Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, the ex/husband parents and anyone of old age, as we are all going that way!"- It's a shame that Dennis Skinner voted off Labour and is replaced by John Healey in a move criticised by some members of the Labour party as politically immature, including myself and if the veterans in this country are treated this way with little respect, then what the rest of people like myself can expect, except Margaret Thatcher that she was able to continue to the end (RIP), but Dennis Skinner and Tony Benn discriminate and in which grounds in law?- I never came at any time to help politicians as I believe strong that all of them made a proper career with the best University (Eton) money can buy, but the veterans of any age and the most vulnerable people of the world. I do not envy nobody here with any education standards, because I can buy the same materials and study alone the same education as the Eton. I hope the world witness the difference of my own efforts that even Germany holds education by your own means, but stealing my Bachelors of Laws, by the Open University staff that removed modules, to study something else instead - confusing matters. I purchased second hand materials paying £150, instead of £15,000 + and without certificate, but I swear alliance to The Queen when gained UK citizenship, also member of a law bar in the UK, plus my notes ( as mention before, probe of education gained and all alone. I am not embarrassed by me coming clean of my education standards, but the UK education system - local government council staff that does all the family problems wants. 

In which, Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson own parents when pregnant with him in my native Mexican country could not afford the tickets back to London and someone with name of Boris paid the air fare tickets ( and reasons why the Mayor of London got the name (Boris), but we question legally how the parents paid for such education and price tag as Eton?- David Cameron's ancestors in trade dispute centuries ago, that may can legalise the money back to the sender's, or victims as slave is a crime (, let alone the way money was obtained: "Human People"-It is like family that believe themselves to come from rich world ( and use me to gain anything in the UK/worldwide cashing illegal money that is not investigate properly by the law in country of residence and form of charity (Rocío Núñez Castellanos, to subside expenses because education failed ( and dump British people into charity to gain good life and bully me in England with Jihadist threats attitude ( The Charity (Rocío Núñez Castellanos slave labour, but their own mother/s sold me, not from now, but years ago (1985-2014) with abuse of power and profession?- Now if you think I am bad check your own environment, as like me the rest of the country, removed of my human rights for the family to live well in the UK (see full C.V. ) sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister social worker full control of my life with tales. I need to leave the area of Trafford ( (2014) and previous was Mexico (1985) for those people that were family sold me like slave to have life and kill all mine and in which grounds in law the abuse?- The Labour party cannot understand that the party itself was funded by the elders and if Dennis Skinner long experience is not good to the Labour leaders, then surely my advice is nil, zero, nada. I am not happy for this man that gave all to Queen, Country and Land removed by their own party betrayal and I request Dennis Skinner to return, or I will leave the Labour Party, because the party is not about the leaders, but the community and no-one have any rights to destroy or kill the principles, in which even a party is/was funded, nobody!-In the same way nobody is above the law, according to the rule of the law, neither to take our peace by the use of our magna carta, constitution (any part), laws (even internation), human rights, etc. Particularly the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that use me for more than 28 years (1985-2014) with any imaginary ideas, ideals and tales to bring to my life a wave of hate from Mexico, Germany and International and aid them in their own lies, then the same apply to the Mexican Doctor Mireles, the Labour party (Dennis Skinner), myself and even the community in general, because the rest we want peace, not hate. The matter is made in a way by the ex/husband and his sister social worker as I need help, or I am the problem, or I am in trouble, or pure emotional blackmail and from 28 years the abuse of power/profession and hate to me as member of the community. The idea is to break the bond, separate and return the problem back to Mexico where it belongs, including Germany, Cancun, Canada and worldwide and myself to gain justice. Sold me like slave in order to subside and live well and killed all mine, even reputation!!- In that case we use the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, helpers and sponsors, to subside any monies due to the State relate the matters and for free (28 long years) removing all from them in the same way as they did to me, as I never was part of this criminal activity, but them. I want to spare me and my children as mention before even their own education (St Bede's) came from my hard work, benefits of industrial accidents and jobs, but all was removed: "victims of crime"-I am unaware of what the boy of my brother ( that passed away wants for restorative justice, but I was asking university education when older, granted wrongly to the child (see full C.V. ) of the sister that slander my brothers reputation when younger: he was accused of rape and killed. ( I am unable to understand how the email was stolen and by who's, as private communication with a friend and I still got the email?- I probe in law that is not me the problem: "The ex/husband and his own sister social worker that keep sending people from anywhere to bully me, score points, hide and excuse to request help to family in Mexico, council staff, neighbourhood, etc, in order to cash. The Slave Trade and exploitation is not just to me and mine (children), but The Queen (with respect), that works hard for her peoples and for some of them (ex/husband and his sister social worker) abuse the community like myself and my children victims of crime also the tax payer. The ex/husband and his sister social worker acts, as if they own the country in general, with little respect, but  we (me and the children) get the blame?-I wonder if this is a professional manner of a social worker, sister of the ex/husband to the community with abuse, because her own parents done the research and typed her University work, no wonder the UK is in terrible crisis!-No wonder the elders are abused not just Dennis Skinner, but my parents and the ex/husband parents. When I understood matters the ex/husband mother passed away months after (, before that she suffer all kind of hate, lost her health in the most horrendous ways imaginary to mind with the abuse and was left in the will stipulate that her own daughter social worker sister of he ex/husband to look after her mother, to no avail and I got the blame in a form of another Lady (Margorie Bagnall), by Trafford council direct payments. In the same way as Dennis Skinner, I do not get any protection in law and abused by the state, society, government staff and the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, no wonder the man was replaced. I am not happy, as Margaret Thatcher was able to continue in government matters before she passed away (RIP) and so is the rest, as the elders experience in life is what makes the government of today. Miliband backgrounds are different to mine with respect as my father was a Mexican revolutionary, which is someone that makes the life of peoples to the better and the only time my country peoples enjoyed in equality, as friend of the Mexican President of that time (Cardenas). Miliband father is a Marxist Militant, which I read the matters, but different to mine. I am Jewish background in the same way as Miliband and very proud indeed, but again I am here to defend the Queen to the end as I swear alliance since I gained British citizenship and includes everything. I am not trying to kick anybody out of the job, but explain my reasons into why, I choose to protect the Monarchy as was killed in Russia with a similar ideals, ideas and aims ( I prefer to jump into conclusion that say sorry after.  In the same way, I would protect Dennis Skinner (, because he is a magnificent British Minister, one of the best this country ever have and Tony Benn (RIP). I swear alliance to the Queen, but also to Her peoples and Dennis Skinner is one of them, I want the man in government affairs, not out excluded of his own country and government and in which grounds in law the abuse?-I understand politics and even acknowledge the difference of each politics standards, including Marxist Militant ideas, ideals and aims, but the same as my father, I am here to protect not to judge.
I leave the judgement to the House of Lords, as I am nobody and I got not even a single paper to my name as explain before (family problems), but bravery do not need paperwork, only knowledge. I feel capable to stand in any government department, in which as my blog explain fully, I have no problems to work with any politics, or standards, but protection is different and you need courage, with respect to Ed Miliband and his family. We ask for the return of Dennis Skinner to Labour Government and even as the leader, because nobody can remove the British Nationals from their own roots, traditions, country of birth, or government not even myself and  if so, in which grounds in law, because Margaret Thatcher was able to stay in charge of the Conservatives Party until the end and so is Dennis Skinner, with respect to his wife, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

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