Friday, 18 July 2014

Janette Warburton killed by professional misconduct, negligence and as victim of crime ..

Jumping out of airplanes... like a boss. 

Janette Warburton, 58, in agony with undiagnosed pain in mouth and face, her family has said she could not eat and sleep for up to five years, she and her husband David drove to dentist but she asked him to cancel, while he was inside, she climbed over car park barrier and threw herself off. The matter and case of Janette Warburton looks more like science fiction, than a real life of a person that comes with the best in health care options and treatments anyone can buy for a reduce price as the NHS, even Private or by BUPA. The elders went to many wars during the WWI - WWII in order to provide their own children, with the best treatments and healthcare that they themselves were unable to enjoy. What our parents never imagine one day was, that their own children will copy them and jump from a high place not to save their own country this time, but oneself from a Dictatorship Regimen of a Dentistry Mafia that reign in the country.  I explain of my own ordeal ( ) very much the same as this lady Janette Warburton (RIP), in which this note is made with my uttermost respect to her and her family, because I am going to the same motion, financial blackmail, neglect of dentistry and strong bullying by the professionals (misconduct) to myself, like Janette Warburton.  The ex/husband went to the same pain as Janette Warburton and myself now and for many years the ordeal, until I booked a local dental practice in broomhood timperley for all the family, before the divorce and now is me that is left out with no treatment. What is so callous is that I was to blame for dental problems of the ex/husband when is a common bad practice in dentistry in the UK that is manipulate by health regulators (like his sister social worker), but ignorance grows on people badly and when is badly the worse. Where instead said thank you from the ex/husband to me for to find a good dentist in the area, I am to receive the same bad treatment as himself in the past and in which grounds in law the abuse. The ex/husband bad spread of my reputation reflects badly, in which treatments are hold from me for the same matter, again in which grounds in law?-I am not a social worker, except the ex/husband sister and healthcare in general is used/abused by the same health regulators, not me. The ex/husband mother and many elder women in the area, lost their own tooth before reached whatever age recommended by dentistry in the UK, but again I am not a health regulator, except the ex/husband sister social worker. What I studied the matter alone by my own experience, as I am Mexican born and those close to me badly affected is the bad practice controlled by professionals ( health regulators, dentistry, NHS professionals, social worker, social services, council and etc.) that work close to any Government and System in general to monitor and bully society, including dentistry. I worked for the Post Office and many times in the past, we hold details, photo and everything of a person in order to monitor the same, as money laundry. I believe strong the same system is used by the health regulators to book people in the country, as myself, Janette Warburton, the ex/husband and even his mother, to regulate and control us badly, but need to come by a health regulator and in this case is the ex/husband sister social worker, not me, with abuse of power and profession from many years to us. As you know this professional malpractice affect all of us and many perish for the ride, joy and fun, of those bullying methods to us including Janette Warburton (RIP), that goes unpunished by law and protect with "confidentiality acts", that not even the unions representatives are safe. In order to help The Queen and Her Peoples to eradicate the bullying in our society, that I put my name as Labour Candidate ( ), but not to suffer in silence like Janette Warburton the pain. As I am unable to find a reputable dentist in the area that cost the earth in dentistry treatment as I am unemployed and the NHS dentist staff left my tooth totally neglect, in the same way as the ex/husband mother by her own daughter social worker. When I tried to help the ex/husband mother, she passed away RIP (2014), unfortunately, I am divorce since 2012. My complain with Manchester Dental Hospital, NHS and private (BUPA) dentistry with own health regulator: extracted healthy tooth (3 times) instead of fillings, poor dental treatment, failure to give preventative advice and oral hygiene, failed dental procedure and diagnosis, failure to remove infection during treatment and I am in pain. In which the ex/husband sister social worker job in the past, as staff to aid dental practitioners and may assist today in the abuse, as they talk each other. Janette Warburton killed by professional misconduct, negligence and as victim of crime, that society on those cases need to relay on social workers in order to get a simple task, dental appointment, or care plan and not necessarily by the most vulnerable people of our society this time, but Janette Warburton (RIP) and anyone can fall on those environment of professional misconduct. The Labour Party individuals worry to win the next general election 2015 and I want to eradicate totally the professional malpractice in the community, before any general election, as we are not in war any more. As I receive several emails with request of me to help the Labour Party, but I can not exist on fresh air. I want a proper Labour Party employment with same healthy wages, as I go bills to pay in the same way as the rest, equality, respect and protection laws in the country, before I come and help the Labour Party. Unfortunately, I am unable to get even a simple service (dental) in the area of Trafford, in the same way as Janette Warburton (RIP) and we do not want to relay on careers, social workers, or police services to request what is ours by law, but demand the law to be present with us all the time. As it's our birth rights to demand human rights and stop relay on nanny state and system (social workers, careers, council, etc) that blocks our ways, instead to let the steam flows open and freely, to avoid more abuses in our society, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

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