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Israel - Palestine War Conflict and what the world should know ..

Goliath's boast elicits teenager David's famous response: "You come against me with sword 
and spear and javelin; but I come against you in the name of Yahveh Tzeva'ot, 
the God of the ranks of Israel, whom you have defied" .. 1 Sam 17:45.

Miley Cyrus - Gaza Wrecking Ball  ..

In August 2005 the State of Israel forcefully evacuated 9,000 Jews from the Gush Katif, Harvest Belt of Gaza and from Northern Samaria, as the song means. In which in our present times (2014) the Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (with respect to his wife) is trying to bring own peoples (Jew Nationals) back to Israel not matter which side of the world they habitats and even, from the same peoples of the Middle East. However nobody is God not even Benjamin Netanyahu and something need to fail at the start, middle or even at the end in which nobody is liable in law, but doing our best. As we are trying hard the Jews (Arabs) Nationals (me) to stabilize what our parents lost centuries ago due to Inquisition times, WWII and now is Palestine used in the pursuit of those with religious motives. However, even if those that pursuit Jews (Arabs) Nationals from centuries ago in order to steal all that is ours and by law: "Our Holly Bible Torah of Moses in which, The Noble Qur'an/Muslim, The Holly Bible/Christian world born after and many more religions, stealing our ideas, ideals and aims, to and pro, used/abused and blame us after?-Our Jews (Arabs) peoples/Jesus Christ taken from us by the same Christian world in order to pray to one of us, but somehow those same people (Muslim, Christians, etc.), hate us badly and blame us for all their own faults, failures, illness, misfortune and even mislead the world to separate us further along with more lies, tales and religious fanaticism?-In which Our parents land, tradition, principles (Law, Medicine, Technology, Construction, etc.) and even basic education taken from us?"-In which, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (with respect) ridiculed Israel's ground invasion of Gaza, accusing the Israeli government of “barbarism"- No Sir, it calls "Bravery" .. as enough guts are needed in the battle to break the walls of corruption, with Terror Groups in the Middle East ( and even the old system ( in order to bring peace to the world and re-coup what is ours and by Law: "The Middle East/Holly Land as a whole"- 

The Terrorist groups a worldwide matters ( and not just Israel fighting, but all alone - falsely accused and where is the rest of those people responsible of the community worldwide, hide?!- Israel - Jew - Arab - and even Gaza and their own strips, land, seas, sand, water, beach, oceans and even oil part of our present JEW (Arab) roots, blood and even civilization, by my parents in Spain ( and even in England  we have them ( - ), also dispersed all over the world and time to help Israel in the matter: "Terror Groups"- We have to understand the Holly Land matters in order to advance our pursuit and re-coup the Middle East back to Jew (Arab) Civilization, in which measures need to be implant and corruption need to be remove for ever (Terror Groups), that are using vulnerable people of the same Middle East land, those that the whole wide world calls Palestinian As the Middle East are all one's brothers and sisters (Israel/Arabs) by the same father Abraham and nobody is left out, except Terror Groups, because criminal activity is against the law, any law. In reality just by holding the Holly Bible, any Bible of any religion, the Holly Land (Middle East) complete belongs to the Jews (Arabs) Ancestry and up to them (Jews/Arabs) how to govern the Middle East without breaking the international laws and nobody else involve!-The World responds of Gaza situation with Israel and vice-versa, but how the hell you break terror groups in the same way as those bullies, but falsely blame Israel of the matters?!- I agree totally that Israel should consider reoccupying Gaza in response to rocket fire as victims of terror, even the whole Middle East if necessarily in order to gain peace. Israel since the Inquisition times, WWII and now Palestine used as excuse, but lost all the Middle East land for the same excuses, terror groups and matters (diaspora). In which during those years of absence in the Middle East by the Jews people terror groups formed and the opportunity left the door open to crime, abuse, hate, criminal activity and supported those terror groups financially by rich countries in order to get Oil, with any excuses. Palestine people think of Israel as foreign European people that landed just after the Second World War Two, when in reality the foreign peoples are themselves and with respect ( After the WWII King George VI gave Jews people (Israel) their own land back as payment for 6 million Jews victims of war, that perished (RIP).

Hundreds of years ago those people that call themselves today Palestine as they lost own identity, belongs to a different group and born with different fixtures and called: Old Greeks (see tiny yellow spot on the map for Cyprus). The Greeks peoples were consider very much the same as Gods, as you can read the Greek Mythology and Literature and while trading in the Middle East (see Cyprus), lost themselves unable to return back home, but somehow got the name. Palestine, that comes with no name in the Middle East map, or human people that belongs to them, at any time, but Greece. Since the Ottoman Rule, Palestine people belongs to the Arab world and responsibility, not Israel. The Arab people are nomads in the Middle East and walks free of responsibility, except themselves. Palestine at present time with no proper government to hold into and used by Terror groups (, but Israel to blame, while those groups are financed by the first world countries as mention before?-We need to understand that one thing is Palestine people and another matter and extremely different is Terror groups and while Israel is doing cleanse of criminal activity of those groups, hitting hard the Palestine people, which in law they come with Human Rights in the same way as my Jews (Arabs) ancestry, so please respect!-As I mention before in all my notes ( up to date 26/7/2014, which are purely to help with no financial pursuit of anything, except in memory of my parents and the best of my ability, capacity and understand the same Holly Land/Middle East matters, without taking sides"- In which, I never been in the Middle East before in my entitle life and that my Lord is my witness, without profane his holly name. I believe strong: "The Jews and Arabs are brothers and sisters of the same father, Abraham that comes from the Middle East  in which Palestine maybe a name, as explain before with different maps, otherwise who, what, or where is Palestine?- Israel people reserve the rights to conquer a country even as own country back (Middle East) in order to bring prosperity, laws, equality, stability, peace, harmony to the world and finish terror groups and to be aided by the Arabs. I believe strong the whole wide world need to follow Israel in order to control terror groups worldwide, not just the Jews people. Israel People reserve the rights to defend their own peoples and by law, in the same way as Palestine. In which the world ask to free Palestine, but from who's? .. terror groups!! .. because nobody else apart of terror groups interested in hate propaganda, abuse, intolerance and criminal activity, to no one, let alone Palestine peoples, as we are full aware that they got no form of defence!!-The matter reflects today in the same way as Israel lost the Middle East land and worldwide from centuries ago, during the Inquisition times, WWII and now Palestine used to keep blaming Israel of lies, tales and hate. In which Israel is forced to comply with multiple agreements for peace, as financial bribery which is crime in law. When peace is free and our Human rights to all, but Israel keep losing land with time, after time, but not this time and time to re-coup what my parents lost. When in reality Israel is the victim bullied from centuries ago, but no more, that my Lords is my witness, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

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We are Human People in the same way as the rest (Palestine) and we demand our Human Rights, Tolerance, Justice, Protection Laws and worldwide support to finish with Terror Groups. We, The Jewish People do not want your love or criticism, but respect. As we feel no more fear, pain, or prepare to accept bullying, because our Lord is with us! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.