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Prince William wants Buckingham Palace destroy priceless Ivory Collection ..

A Psalm of David. 
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Psalm 23:1-6  

Goodbye England's Rose (candle in the wind ...

Prince Charles 65, Prince William 31, and Prince Harry 29, have come together, as father and sons, at the London summit in February 2014 (, to lend voices for the massive growing global effort to combat illegal wildlife trade. In which, Prince William told chimpanzee expert Dr Jane Goodall, 79, a zoologist ( that he would like to see all the ivory owned by ­Buckingham Palace destroyed. Since then Prince Charles holds heated disagreement with his son in a frank exchange of words before, Prince William and his family went on state visit to Australia. A Palace source denied: "They have not fallen out"-The matter stands as: Prince Charles believe strong there is a difference between call for action against illegal trader and call for Buckingham Palace to rid itself of enormous, important and historical collection of artifacts, which includes a throne that belonged to The Queen Victoria. In my opinion, Princes Charles is trying to use his vast experience and educate Prince William in the matter and hope he can see the importance of value, not just financial, but family tradition, which is "Irreplaceable", in the other hand Prince William is trying to tell of the same matters to his own father, but regarding his own mother: "HRH Princess Diana of Wales"-In which, I, for one would like to have the throne that belonged to The Queen Victoria, to pay my home and bills, with thanks, due that I lost all today "thanks to Family problems" of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker and everything of mine is "Irreplaceable comes with no value!"  .. 

The photo speak louder than my own words will ever achieve the matter of the mother and sons close-nit, because Prince Charles was not close enough to his own mother to acknowledge the love, the matter do not a-merit in law, the full fact that the boys, not matter age, still miss their own mother and badly. I for one would like to have a mother of the size of The Queen Elizabeth II, not that my own mother was with any faults, as I still miss her very much, but the true fact of the million things that this woman in question did as duty to Her own peoples, country, land and glory, but Her son Prince Charles not even with maturity can acknowledge the matter, or Princess Diana of Wales with 500 charities round her belt, incredible!-As every woman in a motherly way reacts different and love can not be measure by reaction of the person, the matter is wrong to judge and immature indeed, but all the things she done to her own children and the world. In which, I believe strong that one of those matters was to stop the WWII to live in a safe world, by The Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, but was not good enough for Prince Charles and the rest, then that's bullying, because they had never been in a fierce war before, the matter do not give them the rights to judge people!-


Whatever family problems anybody has at home, the matter do not a-merit the full fact that Prince William and Prince Harry lost their own mother, full stop!- There is not if's, but's, or else's, but murder charges for HRH Princess Diana of Wales in a form of an accident. As there is not laws to bring own mother back to life, but penalise the brutality in which one is removed from us. Where my writing and form of defence is only small token of gratitude of what HRH Princess Diana of Wales, did to: "The Queen, Country, Land and Glory"-Where this amazing woman was portrayed as weak, when in reality was bullying, that not happy to kill HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) in an accident but stole everything from her, even the husband!-

The Life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Our Future Queen of England by Her Two Son´s:

Princess Diana's spechees

Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

In my case the ex/husband mother was like a mother to me and apart from my own mother, that I was blessed with her considering that I was not her favourite, but this is how my mother was, because nobody of my sisters was her favourite. Now if anybody got the false idea, or lived with the illusion, the matter was the opposite, because my mother was "emotional blackmail", by those people and very much in the same way as the ex/mother, that she was always afraid with the: "Please don't tell Carol, when I used to borrow things from her, even cash!?" It's now that I understand the why of not to tell the ex/husband sister social worker, as all my thing are removed soon after, she has the knowledge of my personal matters in order to feed the rest and their own lies. Where the ex/husband parents lived with the false illusions of family problems and the matter altered even the Will and any small or bigger chances to be part of the family, but excluded!?-I was made to be the problem in order to accommodate the real problems and cash the ex/sister social worker with her malicious lies and spread, even her career was made for the same reason/s to defend family. My question is from: who's person we should be defend, the so call family (betrayal!)?-As all was lies, tales, defame reputation and hate propaganda from the ex/husband sister/social worker to me and mine, because I lost unborn children and brother, sister detained under the mental health act, me, sister and children bullied in the Trafford area, pets killed, house reposed-infect, industrial accidents, etc 

-The professional misconduct of the ex/husband sister social worker to me and mine is way out of order with more than 28 years of abuse, non/stop and with any excuses the hate propaganda, domestic violence-abuse and spread. Suddenly out of the blue the ex/husband sister social worker asks for reminiscences and when she pardon all that was mine, but a trail of hate she left?-Where not happy to kill all that was mine, but even her own mother died months after, when I was trying to protect her from own family ordeal: "emotional blackmail?!"- The abuse of power and profession may affect badly the ex/husband for assisting the domestic violence-abuse, negligence, professional misconduct and corruption of hate propaganda, together with all the helpers and for more than 28 years the abuse, none-stop. The reasons why I came out in the open for my children to acknowledge the matter and gravity, because in law both ways (crime-assist) are crimes: "Where the children protects dad and dad protects sister, sister protect own interest (££$$), but who protects my unborn children, brother, sister and all my bullying for more than 28 years, none/stop, furthermore in the area (Trafford) where all is purchased, even the law, incredible!" - Legally what the ex/husband and his sister/social worker did to me and mine for more than 28 years non/stop is a criminal act, criminal offence, racist motivate crime, racism, hate propaganda, ASBO, intolerance, bullying and without mention the duty of care of the community broken the trust totally (me and mine), as both (ex/husband/his siter social worker and their own helpers) are professionals, with full training, so no excuses, even if ex/sister parents done the career (type/research) to help own daughter to achieve the abuse!- Including negligence, by extreme wave of abuse of power/profession with own career (social worker/Manchester airport), breaking the whole UK Constitution, Human Rights acts, Rule of the Law (nobody is above the law), Magna Carta (freedoms), International law (Mexican, Spanish and English Citizen) and etc. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character" at any work relate.

 -I think of my case that mirror the Krays Brothers ( and got away with the murder, unless you show me different in law. As I need to have two (ebay, blogs, jobs, bank accounts, etc) of the same matter, as both people (ex/husband and his sister/social worker) inside my matters, with little care and removing all even my unborn children, controls the area (Trafford-Stockport) with neighbourhood ( and even police, courts and everything controlled/purchased by them with fear to the community (me), but hide in "confidentiality acts?"- I mean for example I received dental treatment (February 2014), but the dentist left me with infection and lies of treatment, when it was not true but charged even when used the NHS. The matter is not money paid for the treatment, but the infection that kills people and the lies of pretending the work was done when it was not truth. I mean who is responsible of the criminal activity to the community, by the professionals?-The NHS dominance of people that work on those places like the ex/husband sister social worker and helpers, as she cannot do the matters alone, but aid in groups. The NHS against victims of crime as me with dental, or the ex/mother that was abused with endless forms of treatments even cancer, when her daughter was supposed to look after her by the wishes of both parents will and the ex/husband lost his teeth, knee, job, but I got the blame?-So how I did the matters, if I am not a social worker and I lost all today, as victim of crime?- When those important matters of bulling by professionals misconduct by the ex/husband sister/social worker (NHS) that leave thousands in pain, or in terrible financial ruin. "The Krays Brothers were the same with help each other and hide criminal activity, with dominance of the area with terrible fear, controlled and bullied by the neighbourhood.  In law, I need to protect my own children from such hate propaganda and renounce even Christianity altogether in order to live free from abuse, because of the confusion of those people that mislead matters, lie, cheat, or use emotional blackmail, religion, disability, or any other excuse to bring intolerance and "full control!?"-

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When you finish reading matters in order to understand further where I want to go now, because the same matter/s affects badly HRH Princess Diana of Wales own Children, as they are in the centre of the world and maybe people question the legibility of own mother "accident?"-Where my family ask questions of why I hide things (sister-brother), but I was not aware of family feuds for more than 28 years and all came out in the open, since I done my own investigations as Trafford council (2012) refused to do it and I got witness of the matter. Well the same matter happens to Princess Diana own children, "people ask questions" of own mother "accident" and what the hell they will tell the world, as they were not aware of "family problems" in the first place?- I believe as form of "Restorative Justice" and because Prince William and Prince Harry are in the centre of the world, destroy priceless Ivory Collection will tell the world of the disaprovement of their own mother "accident" and taking charge of the matters, even the public should accept the matters as Princess Diana of Wales came so many times for help in live t.v., radio, books, but ignored by the media, like myself (with dental infection) and killed. As more I read the life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), more I am convince that she died of family problems like mine, not accident, because not matter what she did to take the attention of Prince Charles would not help, as he lacked confidence. Prince Charles lacked closeness with his own mother, but no reasons to kill the mother of his own children, or make his own mother guilty of the matter, as she comes with duty, something that he should learn. What I admire most of HRH Princess Diana of Wales was her own courage, respect to all, love for life and open to everyone, her presence caused so much envy, confusion and many times desperation. Prince Charles found difficult to control, deal, or proceed with the matter and Camilla was ready to use matters to own advantage, like the ex/husband sister social worker (cashing $$££). Unfortunately, there is 2 more victims as well as HRH Princess Diana of Wales in the "accident", in which one is consider Prince (Dodi Al-Fayed) in his native country, also the driver and the same as my unborn children and brother entitle to life: "With Restorative Justice" -I protect me and mine, as the problem is from Prince Charles, Camilla and HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and she is not here to defend her own children, but helping the best of my ability. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.