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MP Theresa May plan to strip terror suspects of United Kingdom rights! ..

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Lords amendment to immigration bill overturned after Home Secretary offered last-minute concessions, to Liberal Democrats. In which the matter is based on my own personal opinion that consist of check passports conditions, convictions (past/present crime), work status, medical, terms and even reasons into why citizens wants to re-enter the country, by relevant UK border agency with Passport Control status, includes myself, as British Citizen. The UK border agency is fully responsible for safety of the country not matter style, color, or even shape of Passport, that includes the UK passport that need to apply from today, in equal manner as the rest to be 10000000% sure, also in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, Human rights acts and even the whole UK Constitution to avoid anyone to use/abuse/excuse the stop the search, before the person enters the UK, by passport control. In order to stop anyone who enters the UK with any kind of social (as my family), political, or even government vendetta, cosa nostra, hate propaganda, bullying and intimidation, as happened to me and mine. Includes passport control from different ports of the UK and even Worldwide, instead of the Middle East alone in order to mislead safety of the country, because Muslims, Christians and other Religions are all over the world and with respect. We need to spare nothing in question of security, because of what happens in any foreign country stays there, not the UK soils, with vendettas. I hope the UK border agency comes with a form of computer system in order, to check status of the passenger, country of birth, ID, or even current national status (month, weeks, or days to be sure) and even worldwide. No discrimination but safety, due to current Middle East - Worldwide terror groups and matters in which the UK is a multicultural country, but wars, murders and criminal activity to leave in their own country of birth not the UK and matters includes myself, which I am trying top sort. I have a right to live in the UK with freedoms, peace, harmony and not to be harassed by family problems that comes from all over the world with any excuses against my reputation and from more than 28 years ago the matters with criminal activity, domestic abuse and intolerance. I am unable to gain support from the UK law, police and system (, as family problems of ex/husband, his sister/social worker and their own helpers (family members) are living everywhere in the UK with full attacks against my persona, winning points, instead of saving lives in which my unborn children and my brother ( perished by the same hate propaganda, intolerance, vendetta, cosa nostra and criminal activity of people that were my own blood, family and roots. As lack of support by the law in the United Kingdom because the ex/husband and his sister social worker supports those violent Jihadist groups against my persona ( to be blame after, with all kind of lies and even swipe their own professional cards in order for me to live with full hate, poverty, harassment, racism and abuse of power and profession, that steals all that is mine with no parole of the abuse and since 28 years ago (1985-2014) none stop, that even their own mother suffer the hate and when I understood the matters was too late, she passed away within months (RIP). The abuse of power and profession is extreme in the same way the pain, that not even my own mother was spare. I have not other option and request help from the UK and Mexican government to aid me for my own safety, including the UK peoples, because is not just the Middle East matters, but all aver the world we have the "Jihadist threat to the UK", including drugs, hate and the full performance. The criminal activity of the "Jihadist threat to my persona and all that refers to my own personal matters" enter the UK and since 28 years ago to steal not just my dignity, but kills all that is mine (my unborn children and brother) and steals all from me and mine, including education, to pass to their own children and in which grounds in law the abuse?-I worked hard to do all kind of jobs in the United Kingdom even as domestic, in order to bring up my own children alone, all alone in the correct way as my own parents teach me in the past and in the same way all my family, so no excuses to sell reputation for peanuts, as me and mine. I consider myself to be a victim of crime by the "Jihadist family problems of mine" and from both sides the abuse according to your English laws, but where is the law nowadays ( family problems of the ex/husband (jury service), his sister (social worker) and helpers (professionals) that corrupt the UK law while full aware of the system, so no excuses. I need to survive in this country since 1985 - 2014, with pittances and everything removed for those lairs to live well from me, even my unborn children killed, so the rest of the family to enjoy LIFE, but when you touch my pain of the loss form those, "Jihadist family problems of mine", then you will know how I feel inside. I paid in the UK even for the education of my children in Saint Bede's College (the ex/husband paid only one full year 2008) and their own University by themselves as the UK law commands. I never need to sell my family reputation to aid me in the matter, as the rest, but somehow the "Jihadist family problems of mine" enjoy free education, thanks to the ex/husband and his own sister social worker that sponsor in exchange to hide their own mess in the past?- I holds no regrets of those payments to my children education and I could do the same matters again, but somehow the ex/husband and his sister social worker sponsor my family education, but never their own children, flesh and blood, except one year - 2008 (Saint Bede's), not even as godmother?-I thank God that my children are not Christians anymore to remove any kind of emotional blackmail from them and walks free. What it hurts to the most is the full fact that my family and their own children enjoy UK education FREE (University of Cambridge and Sussex) paid by the tax payer and sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister, (see full C.V. ) but my Open University education (Bachelors of Laws) removed (2012/2013) and my children need to pay their own school by myself and/or university fee's by themselves and even forced to study x (art), instead of y (science) by the envy. The education at the Sussex University fee's with whopping charges of more than £12,000 plus accommodation, food, travel, and expenses?- Who paid that money and expenses as the person concern ( do not come with money to the UK, not even work, but my children, or myself?-This is not a solace matter, but family use my unborn children memory and even brother's name that passed away and excuses, defamation and lies in order to cash and abuse the UK system. My brother ( was killed in Veracruz when he removed the same family ( and their own problems (corona, azpiri, matamoros, hazz, nuñez, etc), together with the ex/husband and his sister social worker that helps in the vendetta. Somehow, I need to protect all that is mine from the same fate, with a non stop bullying. I had been endured this sick Life in the UK for the last 28 years and not help from the police, courts, or the law, but a continuance to cash the "Jihadist family" and reasons of my divorce. "I refuse to speak to any of my family until we sort the criminal abuse in a court of law and not before, because the criminal activity went too far and with murder charges"-In the same way as the UK government wants to return any treat of hate back to their own homeland, I want the same and return all the family back to Mexico ( they are worldwide (germany, uk, canada, cancun, etc.) and with own parents to look after their own children not matter age, or reasons, as they are not my problem, including the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker. Now, if they want to come back to the UK by their own money, expenses, ways, work permit and not based on pure emotional blackmail, lies, slander and abuse in order to cash. I want to request the same from the ex/husband and his sister social worker, as if they want to achieve what they got today, by with their own merits and not on the name of my unborn children and brother, or based on lies of the past (5 boys, the river, etc.), that is not my problem (, but they need to sort their own problems with aid of professional help, that understand those matters not me. I want the courts of law to guide by evidence in my matters, not hide the crimes. I want to restore my reputation and gain work based on experience more than the paper, as the family problems stole all that is mine. I want to gain justice to my unborn children and brother, because I went to request help on time, but removed. I want to gain compensation for enduring 28 years of domestic violence/abuse by slander of my reputation with 5 boys, the river and etc (ex/husband and his own sister) in a form of accidents (industrial accidents), by the same hate propaganda, in which I lost even the area ( in the UK, including my unborn children, jobs, education, opportunities, pets and house (7 gilderdale close, shaw, oldham) that was on my name and forced to return by the ex/husband petition (1993). A wave of abuse of power and profession from the UK bullies and even worldwide with lies of the lairs, that in law equals to: "Victims of Crime"- "ASBOS" - "Domestic Abuse/Violence"-I want to keep sherway drive house as "restorative justice payment", for all that I lost and the people responsible (ex/husband and his sister) to continue payment of the house, for me to sell and move somewhere else and the ex/husband may use his mother house, to be near his sister and both to look after each other, because they are not my responsibility anymore and since the divorce (2012), but themselves and alone, like I was forced to live for 28 years in the UK: "Solitary Confinement"-

My education purchased as second hands books in the United Kingdom, as the Open University (OU) education removed from me (Bachelors of Laws) by the family problems of the ex/husband and his own sister, while the rest of the family problems education based on my unborn children's names and brother lies to hide crime, what a sick world!!-My family returned me 40 years ago from Canada with the shame of losing my Mexican Passport for a matter that was not made by myself, but sisters (tere, flor, mara, etc) and brother (rafa), in order to assist the mother (mara) of the same girl ( that is using the UK University and for free, also killed by unborn children and reputation with spread, helped by the ex/husband and his own sister social worker lies (the river, the 5 boys, the kiss, the china, etc). Where I lost country of birth, family, respect, education, unborn children, brother, sister detained, me and mine bullied, pets abused and a wave of hate by the same sister (mara) that started all and the rest of helpers that cashed. "We must not carry on selling the good reputation of the United Kingdom peoples as small groups that abuse own profession and power, like the ex/husband and his sister social worker, because it's not just me, but the rest of the country"-

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We would like to thank the mess we are in the UK today, to the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (members of my family), as many of us that suffer the hate from professionals as them, but need to coma out and request help to the law in full public, like me. I apologies to The Queen and Her peoples and I am going as fast as the law permits me, with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. (The plan would be to return students and problems back to own parents to pay the bills, not matter illness, as I did to my own children.)
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