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Misconduct in Public Office: "Abuse of power and position in the UK, a crime in law" ..

Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: Hebrews 11:33-35 King James Version (KJV)

God Save The Queen - National Anthem of the United Kingdom 

Misconduct in public office is an offence at common law triable only on indictment. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is an offence confined to those who are public office holders and is committed when the office holder acts (or fails to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office. Where I feel strong by my own experience that the UK Law, Legal Representation is broken beyond repair, unless the Legal System shows me different in my matters, because the level of abuse of power and profession within the legal frame work in the community is way out of question and very much the same as domestic abuse/violence direct to the United Kingdom Queen, Country, Land and Glory. "I can not lead you into battle, I do not give you laws or administer justice, but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these islands and to all peoples of our brotherhood of nations" .. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. - I speak on behalf of the community in general and me inclusive, also the most vulnerable peoples affected badly by the crisis in the UK but furthermore, I speak on behalf of The Queen Elizabeth II that was left down by Principles, Duties, Constitution, System and Laws of the Professionals that holds this country, when everything was done to all, not a few. I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong, Elizabeth II. I myself, swore the Holly Bible when I become UK Citizen and I intent to hold every single word: "For Queen, Country, Land and Glory"-Unfortunately at the present time, handful of peoples are reaching services due to have friends on those places like the ex/husband and his sister social worker using profession, but abuse of power and profession as purchase services is illegal, because the licence in aid of the community, not the professional misconduct: "Who is your friend"-Where the professionals only need to swipe the card and get free pass and the rest of the country waits eternity, by just one answer, matter, justice, service, etc. I speak of the small minority of professional (misconduct) that breaks the law and abuse licence and swipe it wrongly. We only need to see the level of abuse in prisons speak louder than my words can speak of the matter. Including the criminal activity within the NHS staff surpass your own imagination. The Benefit agency staff (DWP) plays God with the purse of the country and lives of citizens perish. Where we do not question services, professionalism, system, standards, laws, or even the regulations, but those people that breaks the system, with professional misconduct. It's frankly insulting that I have a constituent in a coma that the Government are hassling while White Dee is gallivanting around Europe and making a mockery of the system; Labour MP Simon Danczuk In general the UK system, services and standards are low, which surprise me with almost 80% of professional standards. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", at any work (paid/unpaid) with anyone that represents the system in any way, form or shape, even professionals. The reasons why we said no to gagging law, that jeopardize the freedoms of the community particularly: "The Queen."- Where most of the government jobs are not need now for the same level of abuse of power and profession, let alone the nanny state that should be going down, not up. I question legally professionals like Kathleen Taylor, a neurologist at Oxford University that plays God, with mind games of the community. We could access mostly of the government matters using the Internet services and cut workforce in half, in the same way as the jobcentreplus staff, cut benefit claimants, because as I come from those violent environment and understand fully well the pain. The country can not cope with the government staff salaries any more, but use the state purse which is the tax man, when in reality that money is for the poor, old, families and unemployed, because the shops on the road gone and those premises were paying the super higher salaries of government staff. Where I believe strong the problems could be sorted with a hole in the wall, with not staff of government to deal with and see color, disability, religion, country of birth, sexual orientation, or any other racial issues, but depending of our benefit contributions to the state to gain services in the community and swipe our own card with no nanny state help, because 80% are professionals and mature enough to deal direct with the law for the misconduct. Where jobs suit the person ability, instead of the government staff find the job for you with zero hours, or endless emotional blackmail. We reached a time that the rich are more richer and the poor, depend on food banks. The country affairs are the responsibility of all not just the few chosen one's and avoid paying taxes with any excuses like Gary Barlow. Where we do not care reasons and Barlow can keep the OBE and we keep the 66 millions due in taxes by him and the rest. My blog holds my own experience and links collaborate the matters (with thanks!), but I got to the point that I need to show the real stuff in order to expose the abuse, matters and crimes of professional standards. We do not ask perfection, but service, full stop!-It's my duty in law to expose the criminal activity of professional misconduct direct to The Queen Elizabeth II, or anything that I believe jeopardize the state of Her country, in order to sell our Services, System, Laws, Constitution, or anything that belong to the UK as a whole. The reasons are because, I swore the Holly Bible when I became British Citizen and I intent every single words in order to protect. A normal person living in the UK may holds during the years: one gp, one dental practice, one school, one bank account and one of everything, unless move to another area, but never 4 GP's, 20 dental practices and a wave of abuse to me and mine. Here is not revenge to nobody, as I do not hold those principles, but tried to deal with the matters in the correct way and according to the law, but refused by the same system (Trafford Council). "I have not other option that to expose the level of criminal activity by the professional standards, in order for The Queen to acknowledge the matter/s"-In which all was/is due to "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker wave of hate, lies and intolerance to me and mine and for more than 28 longest years-non/stop the abuse, but swipe the card with professional misconduct in order to hurt all that is mine and I lost all today, even the area After I done my own investigation, where I believe strong that the people that lives in my home must pass my personal information since married to a third people and in my case the ex/husband to his family. In which with that information the ex/husband sister social worker swipe her professional card against me, or whoever is the matter, with help of a third person, my children or even "confidentiality acts" to hide and act against the family. I believe the matter is wrong and against any principles, particularly the trust broken, within the community standards, as I am one of them. As their own mother used to said about the ex/husband and his own sister social worker: "As bad as each other" Where the same as me, the country is living at the present time: "Abuse of Power and Profession"- I had been portrayed of lying, here I intent to expose the matters of professional misconduct: 

1-The worse case of trust and betrayal was with Trafford CAB staff that hide the law from me since moved to the area (1993) and unable to gain Justice in the UK on "Time" for all my cases, as the court request. Where I need to learn the English law in less than 12 months in order to aid me with all my matters, as the level of corruption is way out of your imagination. The CAB staff violate the whole complete UK constitution, human rights acts, rule of the law, equality act, Strasbourg human rights court/acts as part of the European union, UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, as I am one of them and discriminate my persona badly, where I lost everything today, by "time" to bring claims at the courts. The CAB and Trafford council staff, together with all the services in Manchester area and beyond, stand guilty of the murder of my brother by hiding the law and refusing to assist me, breaking the UK Constitution in two and what their own profession stood for, including the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, the principal motor of this hate propaganda against me and mine. Where CAB staff racially motivate and discriminate my persona, as the matters would never happens to a British woman. The negligence charges with all my matters direct to CAB staff with no excuses, as training is given. I lost all by CAB staff that hide the law to me, including benefits that I was entitle on the "time" of the claims, equivalent of rape to me in legal fields. In which, I hold more than 100 documents recorder from the CAB Chief Officer, Dale Maskell of Trafford as probe, with date September 2012.

2-The worse case of legal matters was my case handled by his Honour Judge Gore QC, Manchester county court, on the 11 of October 2013, reference #: CO/7411/2013 (transfer from Royal Courts of Justice, London.), that missed more than 58 pieces of evidence from me against the Trafford council staff. When I requested the law on my side just by holding the evidence of the case, by the level of abuse of trafford council staff to me during the years, but the professional misconduct (Trafford council staff) was represented legally thanks to the tax payer and not myself. The Judge should know better and put an example to the rest of legal representatives, but failed me badly to recognize the documents (58 pieces) as probe in the matter as the law stand, request and command, with two sides (me and trafford council), not just one (trafford council), otherwise is corruption!-The claim reference # CO/7411/2013 transfer from Royal Courts of Justice, London to Manchester county court was not good thanks to the Judge in question (Honour Judge Gore QC,) and need to go to different directions, costing the tax payer a mint in the abuse of power and profession. Where I am not question profession legally, but criminal activity-cover up by the same professionals. 

3-The level of abuse by professionals (misconduct) scooping "Legal Aid Claims for Costs" and in my case for Ancillary Releif, used like "blank cheque" to claim expenses by Hill & Company solicitors was out of this world. I refused the bill, as I did most of the matters myself (and still) as we draw "FDR agreement" the ex/husband and I (25/5/2012), in the full public open places called Manchester county court, with aid of the ex/husband solicitor that was used, but trying to gain "Legal Aid Cost" for fresh air jobs?-The barrister in law costs (Mr. Mercer) used to help the ex/husband side, trying to frame me with mental capacity (jan/2012) with the help of Judge Stonier and even worse, using my legal aid to pay the costs?-In which, Hill & Company solicitors was not on the date of both hearings (27/1/2012 and 25/5/2012) because wanted medical forms before continue taking orders from me, but he wanted me to sign the legal aid BILL?-"A complete circus performance in legal fields by those professionals, that if you do not understand law, those people take you to the cleaners"-As mental capacity and with respect is the professionals, that bring this level of abuse of power and profession to us, when I wanted Ancillary Releif/FDR agreement, not a mental capacity act, with higher level of abuse. Now for those 2 reasons that the legal firms were trying to frame me: "I Refused The Legal Aid Bill, Full Stop!" "A Barrister official Job, is to provide advocacy in front a Judge in court, not to defame my reputation with tales"- Where I am not particularly worry the personal life of another resident, but cheating the law with false claims, then expect the law. I reported Judge Stonier to Judicial Conduct Investigations Office, Royal Courts of Justice, London WC2A 2LL (10/2013) reference: 16179 /2013. I reported the "Legal Aid" matters to the Community Legal Services-Legal Services Commission (North Western Region), with Access to Justice Act 1999. Community Legal Service/Legal Services Commission: FRBDSREI6D51/A/Y/1-Case Reference: AS/IP0622, AS/JR/1P0872, AS/JR/1P0622, Hill & Company Solicitors case ref: AS/CFB/1P0872. I still got the papers as probe. 

4-I bounced legal representation in the area like a ball and was reported, because even my brother was killed when Dobsons Solicitors failed to stop the neighbor dispute (, failed to represent me with employment accident matters, failed to represent me with divorce matters. I lost all by the abuse of power and profession, also like me the rest of the country and reasons of prisons to be full. "The Law cannot be purchased, corrupted, mislead, hide and manipulate", otherwise is corruption. Any normal person comes with one legal representative, not 4, but legal manipulation is also corruption and reported the matters!-
Solicitors Regulation Authority, Ipsley court, berrington close, redditch, b98 otd: 
Reference (Hill & Co solicitors): POL/1043009-2012/CDT admin CIU 
Reference (MI BANKS solicitors): POL/1042981-2012/CDT Admin CIU
Reference (Dobsons Solicitors): POL/1043006-2012/CDT Admin CIU killed my brother by lack of action. 
Bar Standards Board, 289-293 high holborn, wc1v 7hz, Reference: PCLD 2012/0176 (David Mercer-Saint Johns Buildings, Manchester M3 4DJ 

5-"The level of cover up by professionals standards as this case is law, as either to cover or commit the criminal activity, both are crimes in law and not plausible as education, training and knowledge for the abuse of power/profession, with removal of licence"- As on the time of the matters, I have no knowledge in law and the ordeal can be very frightened indeed (, plus I have to deal with the death of my unborn children as all came out in the "family problems" saga, brother killed ( and divorce of 27 years, but bullying me with mental capacities, in order to cash the legal system and hurt me the bullies!-Where the Courts do not read statements for cases properly, so how they apply the law?-
-Saint Johns Buildings, 28 St John St, Manchester M3 4DJ (David Mercer).
-Dobsons Solicitors, 17 The Downs, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 2QD. 
-Hill & Co, 4/8 Market street, Atrincham, WA14 1QD.
-MI BANKS, 1080 Chester road, Stretford, M32 OHF.

6-Where even the Legal Ombudsman (po box 6806, wolverhampton, wv1 9wj) is purchased and failed to spot the level of abuse of power and profession to my matters, with little consideration, because not just one case failed, but 4 cases, in which one of those matters was my brother´s life and personal matters!?:
Case reference #: 201212377 (Dobsons Solicitors), 
Case reference #: 201212381 (Hill & Co solicitors), 
Case reference #: 201212528 (MI BANKS solicitors), 
Case reference #: 201201434 (St Johns Buidings).

7-Yorkshire bank in Altrincham failed to pursue what they told me in our meeting/s and the ex/husband was a witness so no cover-up, but staff bullying me. Where even the police was called by the bank staff to me, when I wanted to use the services!-( The matter was reported to the Financial Ombudsman Service-Yorkshire Bank Reference 1169-7222/DS/BC28, 1169-7222/TW/CCDG, 1169-7222/IT/CCDG and Clydesdale Bank - Yorkshire Bank ref: CBR/12-016930/RB and my account (42614333) closed as result. Abbey National plc account was closed and for £100 overdraft?- The Alliance Leicester account (5603734499219800-449921980) closed as result of Abbey National plc emerging to join Santander and the abuse is incredible, because I worked in the Bank environment!!-  

8-All my Jobs gone and some with disputes of Employment Tribunal (ET) reference: 2406967/2013, 2406970/2013, 2406982/2013, 2409690/2013, grounds of racial and disability discrimination, also the four cases used "confidentiality acts" and "no reasons of dismiss"-I was left to hold a magic ball to know the reasons by the CAB staff that hide the law to me (rape), when I requested help for my job loses and now fighting "time", incredible the abuse of power and profession. Where I believe strong Trafford council staff plays the part as well and use Margorie Bagnall of direct payments excuse to hunt, persecute, follow, remove all is mine and hurt me and mine, incredible the abuse. (see photos of the following link) The level of violence was equivalent of ASBOS into my life by the ex/husband and his sister social worker that use/abuse the services of Trafford area, with direct payments excuse of Mrs Bagnall to hurt me badly, but received training at work, no excuses. The level of abuse was horrendous and the matter left me in tears so many times, with fear to have jobs now, by the higher level of "racial and disability discrimination to me", in which I suffer as well 2 Industrial accidents. The bullying at work happened in the same way as my children bullied at school and refused to go back to those premises again. My sister was detained by the mental health act, when in reality she was bullied.

9-The abuse of power and profession by job center plus staff ( neighbor (house #11) disabled officer that represent sick people like me of Trafford, told a group of DAG from Trafford council residents (hard of hearing) with the full permit of Trafford council equality manager, that: "I abuse old people"-I want to know where is the probe of the matter, but my jobs, groups and everything passed to the ex/husband sister/social worker with such lies, even matching own incapacity, while in reality it was the ex/husband sister/social worker that abused her own mother (RIP), because when I was trying to help the victim passed away?-

10-The benefit officer in altrincham (DWP) and neighbor (house #11) failed to advice me in the same way as Trafford council staff of DAG groups, also CAB staff of Trafford area for benefits entitlement after my industrial accident (2006). I believe strong that the Industrial accident comes from the same groups, hate and criminal activity, including ex/husband and his sister social worker. As neighbor house #11 was checking on me all the time (, but no advice on benefits, when she was full aware of the matters, otherwise she would never visit. I believe, all comes from the same environment of hate propaganda, of abuse of profession and power and reported the matter. 
1-DWP (Elaine Grant/neighbour #11) - Independent Case Examiner Reference: DWP01195/12. 
2-Strettford Jobcentre Plus no reference - Elaine Grant/neighbour #11. 
3-DWP Mediation and Investigation Service (Leeds, LS2 7UA) with no reference, but Francesca Bird on charge, for Elaine Grant/neighbour #11, complaint.(In which Elaine Grant ended my benefis: child maintenance references #: 326494632041/ACC NC NBEN 1.2, NW ACC NC NBEN 1.1 LH, ACC NBEN 1.1, 6371659404/0479013318, incapacity benefit (twice), income support (never received). 

11-Removal of income support benefit since 2010 with the old rules, by staff of DWP, also neighbor (#11), that hold problems with me, relate my sister or any excuse to hurt. . The Income support claim is equivalent of legal aid to the rest of non/professionals and without making a white cheque like them, as explain before. I applied to claim Income support with OLD RULES (7/2010 and 14/5/2014, still I have not got any help, even at my local CAB and thanks to the neighbor (house #11). The claim was refused with no realistic reasons by the benefit agency staff at Liverpool hearing (21/5/2012) Judge Mr JA Flanagan because he has no evidence, as it came on 25//5/2012 on my FDR, so I could not provide anything at all!!-All was made that way by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that use the work to swipe the card and cause criminal activity to me and mine, also the DWP staff and neighbour house #11, ( that use work to bring criminal activity and against the law. A catalog of reasons followed by a different judges afterwards trying to bring the income support claim matters to somewhere else and confuse the whole process with corruption. When from the beginning was nor evidence to proceed, then followed Upper Tribunal appeal CIS/2920/2012, permission to appeal (8/2012), Judicial review/Royal Courts of Justice (13/5/2013) and Court of Apeeal Civil Division C1/2013/2268/PTA and no reasons, but refused by time. ( .."When is happening to the Legal aid matters which is equivalent of income support to us residents: An Income to survive, then a big deal by the professionals that fight hard for every penny ( and so I am on behalf of the most vulnerable of the UK, because I know deep down all is corruption. I know all is acted, manipulate and against the law, because of the power, profession and abuse in legal fields or any profession a criminal matter."Where the Judicial System rape you over and over again ( as you can see the level of abuse with my matters and reasons why, I studied the Bachelors of Laws for the same matters, reasons and abuse"  ..

12-HCPC (health & care professions council) reported the ex/husband sister social worker, Carol Yvonne Parker with ref: FTP26389. Where I question legally: "fitness to practice", because I lost all today, thanks to the woman in question for abuse of power and profession, as all those points raised before would never happens alone, but thanks to her tales, lies and defamation to my persona and for 28 years non/stop the abuse. Today, I need to expose the level of abuse in public and lose respect, also I lost unborn children, my brother killed by her spread, sister detained under the mental health act, me and mine bullied, etc. 

13-Trade Marks affected badly small business with trade disputes and reason of financial crisis of today. Where I need to strike business of eBay "La Paloma Blanca", due to spread of reputation of where clothing was purchased and I still hold receipts from China Business, or Bench shops in Manchester and Companies House, Reference: 07008715/652AB.  

14-Bounced GP's in the area like a ball and so the tax payer: 
-Grove Medical Practice 169 Grove Lane, Timperley, WA15 6PH
-Riddings Family Health Centre, 34 Riddings Road, Timperley, WA15 6BP
-The Lakes Medical Centre, 53C Mainwood Rd, Timperley, WA15 7JW
-Park Medical Practice, 119 Park Road, Timperley WA15 6QQ
-Grove Medical Practice 169 Grove Lane, Timperley, WA15 6PH (back again)

15-Bounced Dental Practices in the area like a ball and the tax payer: 
Dental Treatment (x-rays, antibiotic, physical force, but no treatment, or need to re-do the treatment?): 
-Sale Dental care, 77 washway road, sale, M33 7TQ. 
-In store dental, curzor road, sale M33 7SA
-DCO Dental Group, 53C mainwood road, WA15 7JW (I register the whole family on 19/5/2009 and excluded?)
-Grays Dental Care, 62 Manchester Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 4PJ 
-Oasis dental care (withington), M20 4AF. 
-Claremont dental practice, sale, cheshire. 
-Circle Dental, 16a The Circle, Stretford, Manchester. 
-Poppies Dental Care, Urmston Lane, M32 9BP.
-Oasis Dental, 429 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 4AF 
-Parliamentary and Health Service, reference:EN-131085/0040.
-Parliamentary and Health Service, reference: EN-77696
-Parliamentary and Health Service, reference: 131085
-Parliamentary and Health Service, reference:EN-131085/0017
-NHS Trafford: 2483

16-HOUSE REPOSED to Mrs David Bernard Parker without my permit, consent, or knowledge of the matter, (2/11/2007), except when it was too late and signed by the ex/husband (as Mrs David Bernard Parker, when he is a Mr?). The ex/husband never told me anything of the matter, until the document with both names on the paper was made legally giving full rights to Cheshire Building Society at Altrincham County Court 7PC07335. 

17-Housing in the Manchester area refused. 
1-Irwell Valley Housing Association reference 190615. (I apply for Trafford Council flat (7/4/2014): PJLACUJY and opportunity to move away stopped by the ex/husband and his own sister social worker. Where "Trafford council staff told me to start again, when applied for help?"). 
2-First choice Home Oldham reference 46293 (11/2010).
3-Trafford Housing Trust 48967 (10/2010) 
4-Manchester Homefinder Service reference 1000046954 refused to rent me the place by ex-husband interference 7/4/2014. Copie of letters from Organizations to me in a form of communication, including one from Manchester Homefinder Service ref:1000046954 of Immigration status (?). I believe the matter comes from the same result and abuse of power/profession of Trafford council staff with "direct payments issues of Mrs Margorie Bagnall" to monitor my persona, continue stalking and removal of all that is mine with any excuse and helped by the ex/husband and his sister social worker.

18-Greater Manchester Police, not help. 
Reference: CSD:176/01/13KMC

19-Independent Police Complaints Commission, no help.
Reference: 2013/001315

20-OPen University; Office of Independent Adjudicator referencee, as even education was removed from me: OIA/51079/13. 

21-Injunction failed as catalogue of abuse by the Manchester County Courts staff: MA13F00099

22-Trafford council - Theresa Grant. 
Reference: TG/SN/2375006.
Reference: NJ 1/12-1 Anne Higgings/Communities & Well being. 
Reference: GB/RP Misc 1/12 - Gaynor Burton/Equality and Diversity Manager, also for DAG groups. 

23-Local Government Ombudsman - Trafford Council.
Reference: 12 005 564/B1/RJB

24-Trafford General Hospital - S. Leiensetter. 
I hold another letter dated 28 february 2006, stating decision of S. Leiensetter (my sister) detention under section 3 of the mental health act 1983 renewed for a 12 month from 18/3/06. My question is in which grounds in law, my sister S. Leiensetter was detained and since the beginning?-"What was the problem, to press further charges, because S. Leiensetter was detained for more than 10 years, until I freed her with the aid of Doctor Rojo, who was on her charge"  ..

25-The letter arrived to my home days before my sister was detained under the mental health act (2003), no explanation, except benefit agency staff concerns. As my neighbor (house #11), that works for jobcenter plus staff and neighborhood leader, where on that time she asked me to see the GP and mention bizarre things of my sister, but unable to see herself as an example. The lady who wrote the letter was a social worker and the ex/husband sister/social worker, that was concern. Where my sister son arrived from Germany one day before my sister was detained (2003), and asked (not me to him) to accompany him and his mum on the ambulance to the hospital, where they were taken my sister in order to frame me. On the letter as you read the gp/doctor by law is not allowed to disuse my matters without my permission, consent and knowledge, but frame. Doctor westwood requested from me, "good character recommendation letter", which is different to ask my permission, consent and knowledge to speak to a third person, regarding my sister or my private matters, or lose licence. The ex/husband saw all that was happening with my family months before my sister was detained and I believe strong, he passed information to his sister social worker, because she was concern. As you can see the level of abuse to me and mine with the points mention before by the ex/husband "family problems", that basically the gp is not the problem. In which two years ago the ex/husband sister was trying to imposes me a mental capacity act 2005, which is against her own principles and lose her licence immediately, by the abuse of power and profession, a crime. Where the ex/husband sister used ex/husband solicitor, my solicitor and barrister paid by my legal aid and gp, exactly ( in the same way as my sister to frame me, but this time use my children instead of me, in order to frame people and hide the coward, even with "confidentiality acts" .. but the same recycle methods and professional misconduct. Now the letter said things bizarre: where my sister just arrived from Germany and not our fault of UK peoples never traveled before, to meet other peoples backgrounds. When in reality my sister was breaking up with her German husband and missing her children terrible, after family (corona, azpiri, matamoros, nuñez, hazz, tere, carol parker, etc) pulled them apart with help of own children, that visit Germany (nuñez) until family broke marriage and children visit own father in Veracruz. Today the same family and children (nuñez) but in London hide even online social places, using everything to steal and reasons my marriage of 27 years is broken?- (see attendee list Rocío Núñez Castellanos) I do not mind anybody to live wherever they want, but no cause problems or mislead the law, because I have not seeing family for the last 28 years, neither I am looking forwards. Where my sister expend years in hospital detained with strong medication and her children bouncing from place to place, separate from mum and in trouble. When my sister visit her son in Veracruz he told her to leave the area, so it must be the same for me. A few years ago my sister left Trafford hospital, after I did advocacy to her with Dr Rojo and when I understood matters a bit more and soon after she left the UK with her own children, apparently in Germany?- It's now after a long investigation (2 years) into my matters, as Trafford council refused the matter, that I notice the UK peoples are in the same boat as me and many unable to escape the situation due to abuse of power and profession, bureaucracy and corruption, very much the same as mine. "Where the matters happens this way in order to pretend protection after "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker did the complete mess, abuse, revenge, hate and spread even using people and avoid penalty to lose licence. The people used are even from family that I have not seeing them and cashing on the tax payer and the ex/husband and his sister get the rewards?!"-Where all the abuse is at expenses of the tax payer, because they were using even my "legal aid" to pay barrister on my FDR (divorce settlement), helping side of the ex/husband and no mine, but worse trying to frame me with mental capacities and tales?- The "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister-social worker to me and mine comes with more than: "Twenty Eight Longer Years Non-stop of Pure Lies" (5 boys, the river, china, kiss, etc ) and time to finish this matter in a court of law, because I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health, me and mine bullied, pets killed and the area lost I feel strong that the ex/husband mother passed away after months of me protecting the woman in order to show me off, win points, or remove mask.  Where the game of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that apparently represent him since started the career, with a wave of abuse to me and mine as you can see the points mention before (1-25) in order to jump her job, then she went against her brother.

26- The will of the ex/husband parents was left to the family since 1996 and never was changed, or altered (unable to gain copies), neither explain divorce matters, between me and the ex/husband, but 50/50 including children. Where I was told by the ex/husband parents with the ex/husband and I sitting at the table, that daughter social worker was to look after her mother until passed away and the ex/husband the executor of the will. As I am divorce according to the ex/husband excluded, but my part of my family was used when married?-I want to mention that the ex/husband mother when Bernard passed away, she suffered many fractures, falls, illness, hospitals stays and cancer matters. In the UK law the Executor is obliged to follow the wishes of Testator which is David Bernard Parker Parents, not to follow the wishes of the Executor and because of that matter, I confirm a Caveat in place, until matters are resolve, because nobody can pass the law. On the time of the marriage (1985-2012) the ex/husband parents were living with the idea of family problems, but malicious spread, tales and defame lie (5 boys, the river, etc), from their own children (ex/husband-sister/social worker) against my reputation. In which the ex-husband sister social worker cashed (she used to imitate a cash register) with malice and gained house, education, career and wealthy life for more than 28 years none stop and on my name. In which the will of their own parents null as the tales, defame lie, malicious spread, hate propaganda and slander pushed me out and lost everything, even the area. The matter happened because this is how the family problems they are not matter incapacity, etc, but abuse. As a result I lost all from those malicious people that cashed, even on my kitchen the ex/husband sister social worker attacked me (31 vine close), just after emigrate from Mexico, instead to tell me what the problem was to clarify, but not because it was all lies and she wanted to cash. I will never know full well what I ever done to those bullies, to remove all from me, even my unborn children, that never got the chance to fully develop, thanks to lies. In law loses, bullying and wave of abuse - victims of crime, calls restorative justice, as I lost unborn children and for 28 years non/stop to me and mine my reputation tarnished as you can see points (1-26) and I want the house of 19 sherway drive to put on my name and sell it and move somewhere else, away from family problems that are not mine, but the ex/husband. As both families used each other to own advantage, without my knowledge, permit, or consent in the matters. I got a full suit case of documents and paperwork that probes everything writing on my blog, so no lies, but the sad reality, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.