Sunday, 1 June 2014

Letter to Canada's Members of Parliament, with refer to "Vatican matters" ..

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I hate to take advantage of any situation and this time is NOT difference, except that there is a man with own family, children, wife and his own principles holding for over a month with no food in Italy, in order to take the attention of the Holly Vatican, to no avail. Usually, I do not interfere in matters that are not my concern, but when the life of another individual is holding and nobody answer the pleas then, the concern of the whole wide world. The Letter to Canada's Members of Parliament: "Killing Us Softly, Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy"- The book of Killing us softly by Kevin Mugur Galalae, speak: from the end of WWII, in which was born the United Nations (1945) controlling population with silent offencive secret methods and means, without our consent, permit or knowledge of the matter, by worldwide government methods of what we call: "reproductive freedoms"-In the another hand, the Vatican forbids any kind of "reproductive methods", what I find the matter is the incredible hypocrisy, not by the owner of the book, but the Vatican!?-Where the matters talks about the Planet's ecosystem, soil erosion, carbon dioxide accumulation, global warming, melting of the polar caps and glaciers, etc. Where it looks as if the water shortages now in present time, with crisis: 1.1 billion people live without clean drinking water, 2.6 billion lack adequate sanitation and combined kills 4000 + children every day from diseases. Abortion, control fertility, contraception and sexual gratification consider immoral by the holly ever white Vatican, from 1870 which is the ultimate moral authority in the Christian world that controls: system, laws and legislature. I speak of my own experience regarding the matter of termination (abortion), because the rest has to be debate/vetted in the House of Lords. As Canada is part of the Commonwealth of Nations in which the man in question (Kevin Mugur Galalae) of the matter ("Killing Us Softly, Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy") is from Canada, not the UK, but got a debate that concern the world and our responsibility to listen to new ideas, ideals and restoration, because the Holly Pope do not want to acknowledge the matters and the man is in hungry strike in Italy?- In which, the Vatican insist to place blame of women worldwide for the matter of termination (abortion), when in reality is the holly men, I blame ("reproductive freedoms"). The body of woman cannot produce the man's part (semen) to bring life, but without our permission, consent or knowledge into the matter inject the matter into any woman's body: "reproductive freedoms"-When women are not ready for the matter, "reproductive freedoms", but forced into the matter, the other half want no commitments in the matter and legally by law the body is the full ownership of the person (woman/man), nobody else!!-The Vatican has not rights to interfere in the matters of "reproductive freedoms" and reasons why, I am not Christian in order not to be manipulate by religion, when using the law. As one thing is the law, another matters is politics and another very different matter is religion and the Vatican, or religion itself got not power over the body of nobody, legally: "reproductive freedoms"-

Where, I am not Christian anymore (thanks God!) and me and mine left the business for good, in fact we closed the shop and explain the following link: I (Rosario) am prepare to committed apostasy by the level of abuse of power and profession, also confusion the matter of Christianity brings to own life. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim said: I never committed apostasy and ready to die for the cause?-When in reality, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim got 2 children to look after and she goes nowhere, by the power of God!- Kevin Mugur Galalae explain: "Killing Us Softly, Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy"-When in reality the matter itself maybe world problems, plus Kevin Mugur Galalae own personal problems and the mixture is a cry for help. The man in question Kevin Mugur Galalae, is another victim of the Christian world that is prepare to hold for over a month with no food in Italy, in order to take the attention of the Holly Vatican, to no avail!-Kevin Mugur Galalae marriage is in shambles, wife brainwashed against him by the Canadian authorities, plus separate from own children that miss them terrible, plus the confusing world of Christianity and their own"reproductive freedoms," but removed from his own children, by the same organisation?-Where you can see people (Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and Kevin Mugur Galalae,) confused by the abuse of power and profession the religion of Christianity brings to own life. I promised to my God to look after my children, because of my past, so whoever touch them in any way, form or shape, basically they are facing my Lord's!-Now if anyone is concern of my past with terminations (abortions), then please direct to those people that called themselves family (tere and david), because they escorted me to the clinic premises and stood next to the doctor to make sure he done the job properly, so no excuses!- The rest of the note is not written by me but the man in question: Kevin Mugur Galalae, that is facing hungry strikes in Italy and in front of the Vatican, to no avail!-Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

(Kevin Mugur Galalae
Honourable representatives.
I am writing to you from Rome, Italy, on the 37th day of my hunger strike to compel our highest religious authorities, Pope Francis and the College of Cardinals, to abandon hypocrisy and protect the people from an international system that is out of control.You have been elected to serve your constituents and to protect the constitution. More than this, you have a moral responsibility to safeguard the fundamental rights of Canadians, especially the right to life, which are being trampled on with impunity by the United Nations and its agencies, with the full cooperation of our own government, for the sake of demographic and geopolitical objectives that fall under the purview of international security prerogatives.Every federal administration since 1945 has fully cooperated with the international community in a covert program of population control that constitutes genocide and has done and continues to do irreparable harm to the genetic and intellectual endowment of the human species, sickening millions of Canadians and causing the premature death of millions more. While the intent and rationale are sound, as it is meant to be a substitute to war and therefore a vehicle for peace, the methods used are immoral, unlawful and downright diabolical. Moreover, they are no longer necessitated by the insurmountable obstacles of the past.I have definitively detailed these methods in two books that you have a duty to read without delay and act upon the vital information they relay: Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy
Chemical and Biological Depopulation
Yes, it is better to wage war on human fertility than be forced to wage conventional wars or fall victim to thermonuclear weapons, but there is no need to turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility and morbidity when legislation can empower every Canadian citizen to assume responsibility for population control.There need not be a conflict between national and international interests. Once Canadians are apprised of the facts, every rational being will conclude that controlling population growth is an unavoidable imperative in a finite planet whose maximum carrying capacity humankind has long reached and even surpassed.Ban all endocrine disruptor's, GMOs, chemical spraying, and vaccines that are the weapons of choice in the arsenal of the depopulation lobby in its war against human fertility. Stop using the institutions of state and taxpayers’ money to pervert the rule of law, debase science and bypass democratic checks and balances in order to institute psychosocial and economic strategies that subvert the family structure.Fail to do this and to add your voice publicly and firmly in condemnation of the Global Depopulation Policy and we, the people, will hold you personally accountable and will try and convict you for collusion in crimes against humanity and genocide.Do not labour under the false comfort that you are protected by an invincible system. The system’s safeguards – secrecy, deception, misdirection, and denial – have fallen and unless you comprehend the precarious situation you find yourselves in and the potential for violence at an unprecedented order of magnitude you will be buried along with the system.I hope I have made myself clear. If not, my hunger strike time line will hopefully help you understand that the tide has turned and you better find yourselves on the right side of history or else become its newest victims and be reviled as mass murderers for all eternity. Let us make Canada a shining example for the world to follow and for once in our history lead rather than follow.May you find the strength, courage and integrity you will need to put the people’s interests before your own!-Sincerely, Kevin Galalae.