Saturday, 3 May 2014

United Kingdom Police release further details of Peaches Geldof's tragic death and confirm drug paraphernalia was found at her home ..

Peaches Geldof's husband is "not in any way under suspicion of any involvement" in her death, police have said, ( but when on "family problems" concerns, then it should be a suspect by law, until fully investigate. 

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The similarities of Peaches Geldof with her own mother Paula Yates (RIP) mean only one thing, that time to STOP BULLYING at home, as well as everywhere in the United Kingdom and find better laws to deter the criminal activity. Including of my own "family problems" that keeps "framing me with anything to expose me" but never them, like Saint Bob Geldof and in this case looking for the drug dealer, but not the bully. Paula Yates wrote soon after she left Saint Holly Almighty Bob Geldof for Hutchance, that Geldof had threatened repeatedly with: "Don't forget, I am above the law (?!)," but never investigate by the law?-The same treat as the ex/husband to me: "wherever you are I will be there", so no point to move. Today (2/5/2014), we went to pay my respects to the ex-husband mother that passed away (RIP), the woman in question was like a mother to me, not at any time to pay the respects to her own daughter-social worker (Carol Parker), but even use the children to make a show in the car, in order to frame me or expose me, even worse, with the ex-husband own mobile phone left it open to be recorder and used against me by his own sister-social worker, with "confidentiality acts," that in her profession is against the law. "The Social Worker, sister of the ex/husband need to choose to carry on in her profession and to stop hunting me with the aid of her own profession, that removes all that is mine with lies, spread and hate, or even confidentiality acts, but against the law and expect to remove her licence with immediate effect"- Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work with Carol Parker, together with her professionals helpers from council services (jobcentre plus staff house #11), government staff, groups, family problems, partnerships, neighborhoods (house #11), friends, vendettas, cosanostra, personal own issues (5 boys, the river, china woman, the kiss, etc.), that lives in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide. Carol Parker can not use her profession of a social worker hiding in confidentiality acts and continue control, stalk, hunt and defame against my persona (or community) with all kind of lies, misleads, treats, tales, because is against The Queen Elizabeth II and her own peoples, as I am UK Citizen. The intimidation is against her own profession of a social worker in aid of the community and I am a member of the whole community. The treat to the community is against the law, with any abuse of power/profession, even by social worker and lose own licence immediately. In fact, the abuse of a social worker to any members of the community (me) is against all Principles of Laws, whole complete United Kingdom Constitution, Rule of the Law, Human Rights Acts, Magna Carta, International Law, European Laws, Mexican constitution as I am Mexican born, Spanish Constitution as my own Parents comes from Spain ancestors, etc. A social worker represent the community, not against the residents of the UK and I am a member of the community, as Carol Parker/social worker likes the idea or not and not my problem, but a reality in law. Carol Parker/social worker is full aware of the matter, duties and cares of the community, because nobody is above the law, but when her own parents done the research and typed the work and she gained the profession (social worker) cheating that way?-So how Carol Parker/social worker is supposed to know the matter, duties and responsibilities to the community (me) and reasons of the crisis in the UK, by hundreds of professional misconduct that use own career as vendettas and not of what it mean to be, "protect the community"- We are left in the community totally alone with hundreds of abuse of power and profession (misconduct) and all kind of treats like Saint Bob Geldof to Paula Yates: "Don't forget, I am above the law (what the h... is that?)? - Because by law in the UK and even International law: I have the full rights to contest anything relate to and/or even, to be included into the: "Parker - Bingham Family"-In the same way as the ex-husband and his own sister social worker has been using my own family to own advantage and frame me so many times for the last 28 years in complete communication, excluding me, with tales, lies and paranoia, but I am the problem?-I am not worry about the friendship of both families, but the criminal activity, that those people create into our environment, like Geldof/Yates family and believe it or not, they all are professionals?-Where I lost unborn children and a brother, my sister detained under the mental health act, children and me bullied and even managed to put my family against me with bad spread. When I was trying to defend the ex/husband own mother, she suddenly passed away?-

Please in the name of GOD whichever is your own GOD, let´s stop BULLYING with any excuses and if those professionals like the ex-husband and his own sister social worker cannot use the law in the correct way; "where both (me and them) without hiding laws (confidentiality acts), but sitting in the courts in the OPEN exposing the matters to the judges and without using the children for own advantage", then remove own badge, work, profession. STOP BULLYING at home like Geldof and Yates family (RIP) and mine, where it destroy families and children to the worse possible ways as Peaches (RIP). STOP BULLYING, Full Stop, ZERO tolerance, PROTECT our children of tomorrow!- Police release further details of Peaches Geldof's tragic death and confirm drug paraphernalia was found at her home. Where BULLYING is a CRIME to society in the same way as the drugs, as people are forced to use those extreme measures, in order to cope with the hard reality of bloody "family problems", because is all about bribery, emotional blackmail and hundreds of professional misconduct to win points and murder our well adjusted society, affecting badly age, disability, color, or religion. STOP BULLYING (domestic abuse / violence) in the UK, full stop!-Rosario Castellanos de Parker