Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nigel Farage (UKIP) refuse to speak to Lenny Henry (Comic Relief Africa) ..

"Enoch Powell has offered me £1,000 to go home, which is great, because it’s only £10 on the train from here to Birmingham and I wonder what UKIP is willing to offer?" .. Lenny Henry. 

Amira Willighagen - Ave Maria (HD Quality) - Semi-Finals Holland's ..

Nigel Farage (3/4/1964) who is a British Politician and leader of UK Independence Party(UKIP). Lenny Henry ( Lenworth George, CBE, (29/8/1958) is a well loved actor and fumiest comedian, television presenter and "Comic Relief" founded (1985) (, which is a British charity that contribute Billions (£53,370,743 - 2013) every year. So this humble man: Lenny Henry do not need the hate propaganda from Nigel Farge (UKIP), as we all know racism is a hate motivate matter and a few links relate to the matter:
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I already expressed my own views on the matter and I am not going to be dragged into racist matters, as my own children since younger forbid the issue. I feel respect for all the colors of the rainbow. I do not care to mix as friends with disabilities, colors, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc, but in question of freedoms and liberties acts and laws of who I love, then that is my problem only, color (religion, age, disability, etc) and choice, because love comes with no colors, religion, age, disability, but respect.

The different problems in razes is due to ignorance of the true facts: The ex/husband was worry sick before he meet me in my native Mèxico, as I may look like Mexican woman but then, what exactly I am?-My neighbor and sister when receiving treatment at Trafford Hospital would not address to a color man, who was the staff of the NHS, also she said the British eat like pigs: "All the food in one plate"-The same matter happened with the ex-husband sister, as she called Mexican people, when travelling in the metro: Indians (Indios). The name itself of Indians (Indios) is an insult to my peoples in Mexico and the worse name you can call a Mexican person in law. My niece at the UK bus stop together with her friend Alejandra called the ex/husband: "A White Pig"-I am glad that he could not understand Spanish, but she left me in tears. "All my friends were insulted by members of my family, from own body weight, sexual size and/or orientation (lesbian), speech problems, disability, color of the skin and even the defame lie of using drugs or spirits. As I repeat myself: I do not care to mix as friends, but in question of who I should love, then that is my problem only, color (disability, sexual nature, etc) and choice, because love comes with no colors, but the family do not have any rights to insult people, or promote hate with lies, tales or defamation. In the past, I got blame for racism by the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, helpers and groups of haters preachers, when is not me the person, as all my friends are different like me, so I got no problems to mix, but them. The lie promote the separation, of our friendship stealing both families all that is mine, with hate and lies.When racist was my family and the ex/husband family, as they choose mara (white) over me (brown) and I lost country of birth (Mexico), family, unborn children, brother, marriage, friends, jobs, living and services in the area. Where 28 years after, the matter repeat itself, "all over again" but in the UK, where I lost the area, so who is lying?- Racist was my family, who started the defame lie of rape against my brother and elder sister husband by mara, then she came for me with tale of a kiss, when I never requested one to her husband, but killed my unborn children and brother with the lie. The reason of envy was because, I dare to marry a British man (now divorce) and not a Mexican one, but on that time the matter happened that way and I have no regrets, except "family problems"-However, each members of my family were totally wrong to insult people particularly those that were my close friends, or relate to me in order to keep them, buy them and use them, so when problems arise I get the blame, as they are my friends not them, what a clever bunch of bullies?-"In order to separate and pretend I got no friends, but them, as they are using all that is mine?"-My family need to look after own children not matter age, to control criminal activity in the family, even as far as Cancun, Germany, Mexico (D.F.), Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Canada, England, China and etc. As time for me to do babysitting long gone and on the time, my own parents pay for my sisters/brothers and myself to stay in their own house, when studying in Puebla/Mexicali, but not our responsibility to look after their own children on that time and not even this time. "I never received any babysitting fee's when babysat sisters own children when I was younger, so what is the complain about, as my own parents pay for our stay, but them to me?-Now those children parents with own children and not my responsibility of the past, but own parents for lacking parenthood responsibility, in the UK is a crime"- I am pursuing ET claims as the level of hate, disability and racial discrimination that I endure in the hands of those violent professionals at work is out of question legally and they should be monitor by the law, or lose licence, also the CAB staff hide the law to me, equivalent of endure live rape, when racially and disability discriminate by those employers and Trafford council staff.".. We need the Laws on our side, Land to live in peace and Hope to live in the community, not Hate"-

Enoch Powell was not right as nobody has any rights to incite the other peoples of the community with new ideas, ideals or promotional hate, because if you racially motivate another person, then expect the law. As the elders did not went to battle for nothing, but for peace. The reasons why we said not to lose our Rights in the European Market, The Euro and form of European life and laws. As form of respect to those valiant citizens that went to war (WWI, WWII, etc), to restore peace in the community of the whole Europe and the world:

As nobody has any rights to remove human rights, living of the community (, or destroy the community to own advantage ( and expect to be protect by the law, with hidden laws (confidentiality acts), because that is corruption (, not law. As the law works for the benefit of the community, not against. According to the Bachelors of Laws, Rule of the Law, Magna Carta, International Laws, Principles of Laws, European Laws/Acts, Human Rights Acts, or etc: "Nobody is above the law ( ( ), nobody has the last word, and nobody can live with hate, but peace and so be it in Law"- The reasons why we said no to gagging law (, to protect The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own people's against any ideas, ideals, or racist hate (Lenny Henry/Comic Relief Africa), also to avoid hide laws as nobody is above the law, according to the Rule of the Law, so be it in law. As everybody sings the "Ave Maria" with the same heart, voice and love and nobody is better or worse, so no reasons of racism in law, but respect the law. Here we see, hear and feel the "Voice of the singer" with the "Ave Maria" not the color of skin, incapacity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or any other excuses you may have and in law should be the same. 


I can not understand how the "family problems" accuse me of racism, when I promote equality and friends come in different forms, shapes and color of the rainbow, but an offence to my reputation and against the law. We said: NO Racist Hate, Intolerance, Bullying, Violence to society, but respect my God's creation, or expect the law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.