Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, split personalities of Dave Gardiner ..

Dave, 37, is living a double life: wearing women’s clothes by day, 
and “dad clothes” of jeans and T-shirts at home in the evenings. 
And it is tearing his family apart. 

Al Bano Carrisi " Caruso "  ..

After reading the family problems of Pam and Dave: I think the matter is not of sexual preferences, but split personality, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In simple words, someone who is playing mind games with own partner, may want attention, abuse position, or any other relate symptoms. Where: Dave, 37, is living a double life: wearing women’s clothes by day, and “dad clothes” of jeans and T-shirts at home in the evenings. And it is tearing his family apart. 

I worked as career for old people with dementia. I have the blessing to be part of their own lives and see the real problem. On the time, I tried to do the best of my ability of caring for old peoples, with little resources as the council provide crap for days out (old people), luncheon days (once a week?) and NO places to be social with own kind, age, or groups, except homes for old people!?-So the Lady (Margorie Bagnall), I was looking after, she left her home on the day, only to enter another home for old peoples and to be called day out?!!-When the daughter of the woman told me the place her own mother was going for a day out and the old Lady described the bleeding nightmare, I understood better, as I am Mexican born, not British, except citizen (sorry!). In which, the woman despised the place (old homes) and hated with all her almighty, so we both refused the matter and I agree with the reasons.

"My aim was that the Old Lady to be happy, not the council staff, family and etc, but my boss, the one that was paying my wages, nobody else!"- In fact it was me that removed the old Lady from any "days outs" and left the luncheon meals instead, as she was happy. At the end, I give up all kind of council help as all is crap, cheap stuff and abuse to old people, because they are full aware of the matters that happens around them. I, Myself took the Lady (free of charge) with me to restaurants, museums particularly of war times (love the places), garden centers and arranged own family to visit mother/grandma at least twice at week. The family of the Old Lady was in full accordance of the matters and aware of my plans, in fact we draw together the care plan. "No excuses of any falling of duty, but need to be there on the days for family only and visit mama/grandma, full stop!"-

I remember times, when I come back for a day break of family only stuff, I found the lady very agitate and accelerate indeed. At the beginning I put all down to Old Lady illness as: "Dementia", as I was told by her own family. After a while, I said to myself dementia my a..., because when the family left own mama/grandma, she was exactly as my own mother was when bullied by my elders sisters (very accelerate, stressed and hurt to tears), then I have a long chat with the daughter and agree "respect"-I never have to repeat myself in the matter and respect was the norm, in fact the visits to mama/grandma were very happy indeed with own little grandchild, etc. When years passed, I saw little of the Old Lady own family and we all kept respect into each other. "The Old Lady, Myself and Daughter of the woman working happy with respect, each respected own environment"-As daughter had business and need someone to look after own mother, me need to pay bills (school fee's) and I need the job and the Old Lady need someone to care, so in a way a big family with own interest, but respect was the norm.

Suddenly, out of the blue council staff started to visit the Old Lady house with any excuses, in which the woman refused the matter totally and she would not open the doors. When I open the doors the council staff would start spreading mental issues of the lady, with tales and lies that could persecute own stability of the woman, but harm the lady badly in a mental institution, or worse. At the end, I left the council staff to speak with the Old Lady and soon after, she would not trust me?-I spoke to the Old Lady daughter and I was dismissed with "confidentiality acts" and the matter persecute me for years with the bad spread: "I lost all today, due to lies of trafford Council staff, ex/husband and his own sister/social worker family problems"-

It is now that I am studying law at home to defend myself from those tales, lies, cheats and hate spread of the ex/husband and his own sister social worker together with trafford council staff, that I understand the matters very well and were all originate. "In which all my jobs in care and everything gone to the ex/sister social worker tales to aid her in achieve the target!"-I believe strong that all was made believe that way of my jobs or anything I have, for the ex/husband sister/social worker, steal and remove after and keep the matter for herself, in order to impress own work, as they work close with council and everything!- Not just happy with the hate spread with council and staff from the ex/husband and his sister social worker to me and mine, as my sister was detained under the mental health act, but they went lengthily and spoke to my family of the matters and out of the blue the tax payer was fixed with the bills. An army of people from my family (Mexico, Germany, Cancun, China, etc) was collaborate together with the ex/husband and his sister social worker tales, lies and defamation against my persona, in order to cash (££$$$) and the tax payer paying?-

In which, I can assure you that old people that proclaim suffering mental issues by own family members, when in reality those same clever people and professionals drive them round the belt until snaps, with all kind of emotional blackmail, stress, hate, intolerance, bullying, tales and lies that even Mickey Rooney was badly bullied. In other words is the professionals abuse of power and profession, together with the family members of the victim, that target the community badly and no respect to even own family not matter age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, nothing, nothing at all!-I was falsely accused by council staff with "confidentiality acts" in which CAB hide the law to me and I lost all, even the area of trafford.  When all started with the Old Lady as I mention before, in order to remove all mine and pass to the ex/husband sister social worker mess of lies and in the same way all my jobs and everything gone!-

Two years ago, I divorce the ex/husband and I started my own investigations in the abuse, as the council staff refused and I found out what the problem was and much more. In fact, I notice the matter was happening to the ex/husband own mother and when I tried to protect the woman, at least for a few months before she passed away, but gone!?- Where, I am not allowed to have the pleasure to look after someone, but removed all from me, by the ex/husband and his own sister social worker spread. Somehow the ex/husband and his sister/social worker allowed to keep all mine, including family for more than 28 years and me only months, but falsely accused by council staff (ex/husband and his sister social worker) of me hurting Old People and where is the probe?-

When in reality was the ex/husband mother who suffer several falls after her own husband passed away, also fractures, illness, hospitals stays and a wave of hate not by me, but own daughter. As writing on the will of both parents of the ex/husband and his own sister social worker, explain properly the daughter to look after her parents (mother) on retirement and the ex/husband does the wishes of the testator, but I am falsely accused of doing things to old people?-The matter and wishes of the will was told verbally to me and the ex/husband, by their own father and mother present at home, also to their own daughter/social worker (1996), but falsely accused of hurting old people and since when?-

I need to explain my matters for anyone to understand the validity of such claims of, "mental issues/illness" and I call split personalities "bullies" that destroys decency in the community, because they are full aware of the matters and where they want to get by the hate, games, or spread. Where the game (Dave, 37, is living a double life: wearing women’s clothes by day, and “dad clothes” of jeans and T-shirts at home in the evenings. And it is tearing his family apart. can be exhaustive for the victim (Pam), and this may trigger all kind of neurological problems with the passing time, in which one of the matters is mental issues like dementia, to be aware of bullying by Dave.

The Old Lady at the begging, when I took her case, she was totally drained, then gradually acted her own self and in control. The reasons why, I believe any mental illness is stress, nothing else!-My mother and the ex/mother suffer the matters with emotional blackmail at the hands of own family bullies and at the end they were totally drained and exhausted, as they will not talk about any other issues, matters, or topics, except family problems!- When I borrow money from the ex-mother, she would tell me not to tell her daughter and for small amount of money!!?-It's now that I understand the reasons why, emotional blackmail"- My sister after she left Germany was drained, tired and emotional exhausted of the game, as she could not cope with the matters, then she was detained under the mental health act. I believe strong that all came from the ex/husband sister social worker, as she was doing the career and training at that time, even if against the law, as she is not allowed to interfere, but my sister's son came one day before the matters took place, so how he knew, that his mother was about to get detained?-The ex/husband and his own sister are in constant communication with my family since 28 years ago, with any excuses, me, the cat, etc. I am a simple career with no validity, even my NVQ'S removed and not good enough to detain, even a fly, so it was not me.

In which, I believe strong there is 3 options by people that shows double life (Where: Dave, 37, is living a double life: wearing women’s clothes by day, and “dad clothes” of jeans and T-shirts at home in the evenings. And it is tearing his family apart. ): to stand for the bully and request to stop, request the law, or leave the person for good, close the case, because at the end the matter will affect BADLY the victim (Pam), not the bully (Dave) and reasons why the mental places are so full. Now sexual bits in the person like David need to understand that the partner Pam is in not legally abide in law to fall own heath for his condition, or mind games, whichever is the case. The marriage is not a death - health warrant and should Pam choose those 3 exits to her own mind safety and with respect to David, but the community do not need to fall for peoples like him, but to understand the rest like Pam."Marriage is not a contract of dustbin (Pam) to keep the rubbish of the partner (David) and closed for people not to see the sad reality of our lives in shame, but to live in harmony"-

The matter has nothing to do with sexual bits of anything but mental games, by day - night (Dave, 37, is living a double life: wearing women’s clothes by day, and “dad clothes” of jeans and T-shirts at home in the evenings. And it is tearing his family apart., in the same way as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The reasons of me to be divorce today from mind games, lies, cheaters, cowards, haters preachers, spread hate, defame liars, mental abuse, domestic violence/abuse and all that intolerance of the ex-husband and his own sister social worker (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) "family problems" for more than 28 years non-stop the abuse, against me and mine and time to said Stop, full stop!-There is not laws in the UK for "family problems" to deter abuse and hate, except domestic abuse/violence but not good, when killed my unborn children. 

Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character" at work (any) and profession together with helpers from council, government, own groups, family problems and helpers, partnerships, neighborhood, neighbors, friends, vendettas, cosanostra, personal own issues (5 boys, the river, etc) and living in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide. As professionals themselves with full capacity to understand own malice and where they want to go with the criminal activity and continue using work or any other profession, standards, laws and regulations to own advantage, that destroys humanity, hurting reputation of another able-disabled person, that is unable to respond back. As those cowards hide with "confidentiality acts" and many of them kills, with bad spread and hate. I made another note of very much similar mental stuff ( of split personality (!Narcissism, Narcissistic Abuse & Abusive Relationships with Narcissism Men and Women!), with the same mental issues, emotional blackmail/exhaustion and playing mind games, but different names and equal destructive mind, heart and spirit.

Where, I can not understand reasons of abuse legally, but hide the violent abusive bully with the law of "confidentiality acts", in order to attack my persona, like the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker!-In my life gets to the point that matters reflect the same hate, where all is removed from me, by the ex/husband and his own sister social worker, abuse of power and profession, that I end up with 2 of the same matters (blogs, etc), because of the constant removal, non/stop, instead of one of each matters, like everybody else!-Incredible the bully notice that I repeat myself, where is a mind games everything in order for me to fall at the first time and the bullies to probe matters and win points, but even poets, journalist and writers repeat themselves. In law it probes that the ex/husband sister/social worker did not studied the career, but her own parents (type and research), as ignorance in a profession the reasons why the UK is in crisis, even training is offer, so no excuses!- I am not trying to win points, as obvious the ex/husband and his own sister social worker won the lot, but the bullying to me and mine, in which I lost unborn children, brother and everything!- At the end, I divorce the abuse of power and profession, because this is how all start with mind games, double life, pretending, lying ( and look where all finish, death, murders and scoring points and the courts hide all and fail society badly. Stop Bullying, full stop"- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.