Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The tragic death of General Secretary of Britain's largest specialist of Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT): Bob Crow - The Dinosaur ..

Richard Clayderman - Strangers in the night - YouTube .. 

 I do not know what to say regarding the matter of the hundreds of moving tributes to Bob Crow (RIP) and with sympathy to his own family, that one moment he was fighting workers rights and the next moment, he was fighting his own rights for life.  I am speechless of the matter, as he, himself, Bob Crow do not look poorly to me in a any way, form or shape. I never meet Bob Crow personally, but on the press photos, by the continue fighting the rights of the UK citizens. The matter do not a-merit the sudden death of Bob Crow unless clashed with others of the same people and groups or divide union groups, as I ca not see reason into the "sudden death (13 June 1961 – 11 March 2014)" of the Dinosaur/Bob Crow (RIP). If I have my way, I would like to know more about the sudden death of Bob Crow in a post-mortem-evidence-examination with all our respects to his own family, but we need to get to the bottom of the matter and to leave no stone-unturned. The RMT Union boss Bob Crow dies aged 53 after suspected heart attack: Medical staff spent an hour trying desperately to save his life. But he (Bob Crow) had suffered critical heart damage as a result of an aneurysm and could not be revived!?- We ask how on earth the matter happened on NHS Hospital performance, as the same matter happened to the ex/husband father and the staff refused to perform anything to him for the same matter, but the Dinosaur/Bob Crow was his first time - heart failure (RIP) and received treatment?-We do not know which kind of treatment was applied to Bob Crow and what's the rules on both circumstances of heart failures: "Aneurysm"-Signs and Symptoms of an Aneurysm: sudden, severe pain in your lower abdomen and back, nausea (feeling sick to your stomach), vomiting, constipation, problems with urination, clammy, sweaty skin, light-headedness and rapid heart rate when standing up ( ), but the RMT Boss, Bob Crow was feeling flu symptoms hours before he died at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leystonstone, East London and unable to understand reasons? We would like to open an enquirer and a full investigation into the matter with the NHS staff of the Hospital performance, as one matter do not same to be the same as the original pain or illness of Bob Crow. I refuse to lay the matter in law, but to do advocacy on this man Bob Crow and to know for sure the reasons of the NHS staff performance, with respect to the NHS staff, but a man died: Bob Crow. As today (12/3/2014), I went to have a dental treatment, but I need to wait another week or so for more time before, I can get access to dental treatment by NHS staff. As if the services are hijacked by the continue groups of government staff (NHS, DWP, etc.), that manipulate all of those services for us to gain access to health, with little respect to any of the victims. On the waiting room a lady was holding a single tooth with a badge of the NHS and I wonder if the matter is not the same "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker (NHS), that brings problems everywhere I goes for me not to gain access to any services in the area or justice, as he told me: wherever you goes I will be there, if I divorce him. As the woman on the waiting room told me of people gets years before any dental treatment (NHS), so surely all the United Kingdom services are hijacked by "who is your friend" gets services and the rest waits or killed, of groups from professionals that bring problems to us, instead of receive health, that they do not respect even their own mothers?- "I am talking about small groups like the ex/husband and his sister/social worker that use/abuse the UK services (NHS, DWP, etc.) as if they are the owners keeping people against their own will ), also neighbor (house #11)/neighborhood/job/center-plus/friend of the ex-husband ( ), council staff (Gaynor Burton/equality) and their own "family problems", not the rest of the staff, but the rest need to pay the high price, as all the services are on sale and not by me as I am unemployed (see NHS scandals)"- "I do not care about the friendship, but the failure of the system, thanks to all of them professionals that manipulate the services of the state badly, to no repair"-The law is powerless as there is not laws to control: "family problems or domestic abuse/violence, even violence at work or from receiving government services as mention before with the links" and even after divorce (me). As I need to use this system to help me, but even the internet at home gets manipulate, my laptop affected/infected and my room lock for the same lack of privacy, intimidation and bullying. Where my clothes/tumble dryer/sleepers broken and the children gets the blame in order to help the father, as their own friends are selected by his own sister social worker that works with young people or with aid of the council staff social services (Trafford)?-Where as former career and worked of those environments and I can fully vouch for LIBERTY, as nobody can steal the freedom of the rest in order to eat from them in this case the social workers, social services, social world ( ) gets the full pampering treatment in society: university career, excellent reputation/wages/remuneration/promotion/life the lot and the rest lock in time for the prime donas to live super well and what about the rest, locked - killed  alive - in life and so time to change: "People are being deprived of own liberty, unlawful detained in law and with little or nil protection of the courts and police or people of respect"- I understand that dentist treatment and heart failure are two different things, but I am asking here: the performance of the NHS staff, nothing else!-As me and hundreds of little's me in the UK, including Bob Crow (RIP) and the most vulnerable people of the UK society own lives are used/abused by the same systematic system of the professionals, council and government staff ( ), even the Unions representatives or MP'S stand no chance ( ), we are all vulnerable to the system in a very frightening way/s. Where The Queen Elizabeth II gets blames of a system that backs the Victorians times ( encapsulate on time, but what the hell She has to do with it, as She, Herself has been trying hard to get rid of those times and today, the UK is not the same time, but moving to modern times (thanks God!), and thanks to the Queen Elizabeth II. So please back off and find the correct killers, murderers and bullies of today society and leave The Queen Elizabeth II alone, as She done a lot for this Country, Peoples, Land and Glory, where the UK is the "envy" of the whole wide world, including the commonwealth of nations. We are trying to bring to the attention of the unions as the professional misconduct cannot be negotiate and continue hide, but need to deal at the courts, to receive the law. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even the ex/husband and his own sister social worker, together with their own professionals helpers from council services-government staff-groups-family problems-partnerships-neighborhoods-friends-vendettas-cosanostra-personal own issues-etc, living in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide, including and not extent the rest of the country. "Professionals that should know better, in any field or work relate"-As professionals with full capacity to understand malice and where they want to go with criminal activity and not to continue using work or any other professional fields, standards, laws and regulations to own advantage, that destroys humanity, with continue attacks reputation of another able or disabled person, unable to respond back, as those cowards hide with "confidentiality acts" and killed my unborn children and brother with spread and hate, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

The professional misconduct do not matter in law!?-