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Gang Culture, One Blood: Sex abuse on children as part of gang culture, vulture and violence in the UK and spreading fast worldwide ..

 - You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have, Bob Marley. - Particularly, when there is not Laws to govern us, Order to safe-ward the community, Principles to abide and obey, Family Values as those bonds are broken by the government system: Police, Council, DWP, HM Revenue & Customs, Social Workers, Social Services, Social Worlds, Barristers, Solicitors, Judges, Courts staff, etc. The responsible people of safe-ward our community that breaks all norms of code and conduct, regulations, laws and even the whole complete constitution, into one: "The Professionals Gang Culture of Modern Britain", so don't complain of the crisis, Rosario Castellanos de Parker ..

Children Learn What They Live
 By Dorothy Law Nolte.
This is the author-approved short version. 

The Holly Circle of Power and Control by the Bullies: "At Home, 
on the Road, Worldwide and even on Professionals standards that breaks and hide the law, 
not matter excuses, aims or status. As violence is violence 
in law not matter colorreligion, disability, status, excuses or reasons and not on my yard, 
also not on my environment, or furthermore not on my name. Stop, full stop bullying 
with a Gang Culture: One Blood of ideas, ideals or misconception of the matters, 
that removes from our community of laws, human rights and protection!-
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  

As the children lost own parents not matter age is not enough reason or set of reasons, to use violence against humanity, because of the matter in law is not plausible: Violence in any way, form, excuses or shape, as the law exist, education/training/knowledge exist, the courts exist, the order exist, but to take or hide the law from victims still exist in the professional ways that make endless of groups of bullies then, a crime in law. As who is minding the children, society or professionals that rules the community?- A gang violence - culture is a group of people that work closely within each other and associated together, with compatible tastes of mutual (evil) interest, including antisocial reasons: bullying, sexual, intolerance, hate propaganda, racism, criminal activity, lies, slander, defamation and a full wave of problems direct/indirect to the community, that hide in "confidentiality acts" the bleeding cowards, including riots, while we do not worry the social matters, but the antisocial by those individuals that regulate us, an example to our peoples of tomorrow. 


The United Kingdom Crime Agency serious organised and concentrated around the cities of London, Manchester, Liverpool (Gangs of Liverpool states), West Midlands region, South coast and Northern England that stands for 65% homicides. Leeds, Bristol, Bradford and Nottingham command street gangs share suffering high-profile firearms murders with: "The Sheffield Gang Wars"-The Center for Social Justice identify Gangs in London which highlight the report, "Dying to Belong: An in depth review of street gangs in Britain", led by (the same man that kills the most vulnerable people of our society and DWP Minister by Iain Duncan Smith in 2009. We had examples of that matter that went open and viral worldwide and almost destroyed the UK, not by the peoples, but the professionals (misconduct) as well: 

Dale Farm Police Riots 19/10/2011,(when council staff ignore human rights) ..
Keeping Britain in flames is not the correct answer, (when police ignore human rights) ..

The historical gang culture in Glasgow (penny mobs), Scotland comes with history of gang culture 6 times as many teenage gangs as London. When in Particularly to engage acts for delinquent criminal activity even as thieves of peace in which antisocial behavior and purpose direct to society in general: children, adolescents, adults, old, squad, shift, laborers, council and government staff, not matter color, sex, religion, age, disability, status, etc. As v.i.o.l.e.n.c.e is the same destructive force, including sexual, see no frontiers, surpass any language and worlds, even age:


Where our children's see abnormal behavior as normal standards ( and kind of conduct in life, losing even respect to parents that use them as trophies to win settlements in divorce and when all is over the matter become: forgotten little peoples of our society. A big problem of society later on and in life, as no parents or family to watch over own children not matter age, because those professionals became too big own egos to be stopped by parents with any kind of criminal activity to society, so how we control society nowadays?- The power is passed from parents to children, as many blame them of mental disorder to hide own "family problems", we saw the matter with Margaret's Thatcher own daughter: Carol. The matter reflects on the job as a career I was doing years ago and I was to blame by direct payments/council and government staff, when in reality was the matter: "family problems" of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker that hide in "confidentiality acts" and in order to remove all from me, with tales. Where the ex/husband sister/social worker said to me years ago, that her own mother was senile, the ex/husband was loco, my own sister was detained under the mental health act I was to blame, but trying with mental capacity 2005 in order to silence me, but nobody controls the professional misconduct?- In order to control, full control society ( by social services, social workers (sister of the ex/husband), neighborhood (house #11), government staff (house #11), police (house #11), solicitors, transport (ex/husband Manchester airport), and "family problems", but who control society from us?- Where I lost all even unborn children and brother by the ex and his own sister social worker lies, tales and defamation of my persona, but hide in "confidentiality acts" and tales. Where we request the matter in law, under the section 63 (3) of the constitution reform act 2005 for "good Character"- "The lack of luxury of Tradition" ( that the UK society is losing badly and a big problem in care practices with mental issues (problems) from the professionals to us, ( I mean to say this matter as the stress that millions of families are living everyday by the social workers, social services, social world and legally in law (, well is out of question!!- "Professional Misconduct, but who controls those forces?" ..

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There is too much tales of mental illness that in reality is all down to stress within that environment, that in order to survive, you need to come out of those sick places of society, that hurt with any reasons, when the law is there and they are professionals?-I suffer the intolerance with the "family problems" even at work, as they visit all that is mine, even groups at Trafford council (DAG), without my permit, consent and knowledge, that should be equivalent of an ASBO, but I lost all that way, by duress of Hitler Regiment, lies and tales, stealing all mine. Where we feel confident and said: no to gagging law for the same matter and level of abuse of power and profession, to protect our peoples and community standards. Particularly when parents of the ex/sister done the research and typed the university career, then do not complain of crisis, but enjoy the fortune of lying to society as nobody controls?!- "Now can you imagine sexual deprivation within our community and innocent children in the care of professionals, where I am doing advocacy in law with no charge whatsoever in order to safeguard our community of further damage?"-

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Where I want my own children to understand that the domestic abuse, violence, harassment, bullying, criminal activity, gang culture, breach (of anything), spy, stalk, hate, abuse of any kind including sexual nature and corruption can not be hide in law, or else happens to our society and expect the lowest of the lowest. The matter is horrendous indeed and not a good example to my children or any children's of tomorrow not matter age, but helped by the social regulations, government staff and criminal activity of the racist society, even abroad. "I had to sign a document when I hosted Spanish children in which, I acknowledge the ex/husband the matter, to be used after to blackmail, lie, tales and abuse to me: "In which he said I called him, paedo?"-In the same way, I had to pay for the ex/husband own system, regulations or even dental treatment and pains, but I do not work for the NHS, but his own sister/social worker, in which he lost his own leg, work, pension and the lot, like me the rest of the UK country, peoples and vulnerable society, that need to pay for the faults of professionals misconduct. Where the UK worry of losing the NHS but who worry of the murders, criminal activity and total abuse, within the system by lack of control direct with the professionals misconduct, anyone!?- I admire the NHS Minister Jeremy Hunt for tackling the matter at the first time and on the spot, I wish the rest were the same, because who would like to see own family perish on those environment of safe premises, standards, environment and even backgrounds with years of excellent reputation?- Including the legal aid system, filling blank cheques, by the legal professionals and I forced myself to learn the law by the level of abuse within those legal places, or perish with the rest of UK citizens, without mention the protection in law to the Queen, because I swore the law, when I become UK Citizen"-

St Johns Buildings Chambers:

Trafford Council ..

Royal Courts of Justice and the English Law ..

The course of treatment is to seek help within the law, but all the helpers of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker hide in "confidentiality acts or who is your friend" wins the lottery, as they work together, hide together and protect each other together. Afraid of the outcome in the matters, as they are all close as one. "I do not question friendship, even if they stole all mine, but criminal activity"-Where all my claims in the UK courts based on family problems and not the lost, racial discrimination and personal damaged to me and mine even at work, by law the matter is corruption, even the cover up by "family problems" or legal fields. I don't have problems with my own children, because I listen to them and I hope, they do listen to me with the same respect, but may acting on behalf of own father "family problems", taking sides and in law classify as: Gang Culture, One Blood. Including helpers that cover criminal activity, assault and intolerance to the community by framing people, particularly children and old, selected by the social services, workers and careers. They are and represent dysfunctional world that we live nowadays, direct to society that plays a mayor part in the destruction of our normal environment, separate families from own children's, destroying values, foundation, norms, laws, regulations, rules, even the constitution into two and leaving the door open to adults to come and abuse children even in sexual nature but where is parents? "What is the normal standards nowadays, as children's cannot be children, people cannot be people, families cannot be families or choose own career, work, path in life by the selective dilemma of society prejudices, racism or bullying by "family problems" of the ex/husband that use the council for help as if "we are in war?"-We develop in full control of the system, even selecting or removal of our children's friends, education, work and benefits based on lies, tales or defamation and become friends of own parents, in order to manipulate, control, check whereabouts and help, but who is at war!!?"- As the idea for the bullies is to inflict power, manipulation, pain, control, hate propaganda, intimidation, coercion and the groups are connect into each other anytime, anything, any-moment, anyhow, anywhere, it does not matter, what matter is the high level of control and violence, that paralyze our society and victim/s with fear and that is the whole aim, nothing else except: "control", full control. Partnership into an organization that works together in groups as gangs culture, but in a more cooperative relationship between people, groups, cities, charities, business and the lot that agree to co-operate, create (violence), encourage, strength, associate, share, union, participate, company, firm, church, society, movement, industry, public sector, food, capital, jobs, market, marriage, neighborhood, into a state of more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world as partner, but the reality in the wrong hands is criminal activity. Where 3 cars were blow up to neighbors, my sister detained, another neighbor suffer violence when shopping ( and me and mine (unborn children and my brother), but ignore the matter, but for me is important probe of "family problems" trying to place a blame to me of my sister, council staff, neighbors, etc. I believe strong that Partnership, Gang culture or Neighborhood (or the 3 together) may was create to resolve issues, abuses (sex, bullying, domestic, etc.) or hide ASBO in society, from professionals (misconduct) in order to control, full control the area, community or environment. So why do we have the police, law and the courts, if everybody is taken the law to own advantage?-What's fright the hell out to me may the way, we are govern by bodies that are unaware of how each department works, but working on such places creating a (better/worse) world, but if they ignore the matter, then how that world will be create?-The gang culture and violence (sex, etc.) can be very intimidate and the matter itself full of violent environment that the only way to suppress the pain is by drinks, drugs or relate issues. As the bullies comes with any aim or force, to fright the victim and in this case small children, that lacks of proper family circle, as families are torn apart ( by the system (social workers, services, council, etc), forced not just to sex, steal, kill, rob, or commit criminal activity in society, but blame and unable to get the person in charge, because those people may work for government or people of respect that hide criminal activity, so how?-The HCPC refuse an investigation to the ex/husband sister/social worker ( towards the violence that I received in her own tales, lies and defamation, then again do not complain later, when the matter happens to you and yours, because there is not one law for you and another very different to me, all apply the same equality in the community, as we are not immune to the law, otherwise let's close the Chambers of Laws, Courts of Laws and those that represent the Law. As nothing works, as you can see the Gang Culture, One Blood: Sex abuse on children as part of fallen society ( that hide the violence, but nothing protect. I hope my own children understand the the level of abuse, consequences in law of the matter and violence cannot be hide, as many things that happened to me ( or society, based on lies, tales and defamation brings devastating consequences and rip off society, because the law is to aid, repair and protect the community, not against.

Unfortunately, if this matter happened to the community, then the social workers, 
social services and council will be the first people to remove children from families 
and then the circle of abuse (sex) would start,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  ..