Sunday, 16 February 2014

Another Storms Hits the United Kingdom: "Oh, Not Again the Bastardy Cuts, Bedroom Taxes, University Fee's, Unemployment, Poverty, Pension, Legal Aid and Benefits Riots Attacks" ..

"In order to progress we should put the real UK flood victims first: disabled, unemployed, 
homeless and poor - families" .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Vangelis - Beautiful Planet Earth [HD]

The UK storms had been hitting all over the country since I emigrate to the United Kingdom (1985), with drainage problems and lack of proper insurance. Where year, after year is the same storms, but what the rest of the country has to do with it?- When the UK Ministers hits the most vulnerable people of the community with their own storms rioting our lives, with bedroom taxes, benefit cuts, university fee's, unemployment, legal aid, pension and a wave of bullying, then who comes to rescue us and in law?- The Storms in the UK is a form of life in certain times of the year, some months more than the rest as we live inside of an island, because all depends very much on which side of the country you live on, while the government storms (bullying) affect all of us in the UK, not matter where we live nowadays it makes no difference!- The people who move to those areas of peril with storms every year, mainly are "rich and educate as you can see the houses, sizes, area and the lot", and not envy here, but I wish they know better and be responsible of their own storms and for once in their own life. I believe the affluent people are full aware of the pros and cons of the different areas of the UK. As nobody force them to buy a home on that conditions, place and environment, but mainly are in order to make sustainable income from property, so they are full aware of the matter. When I am writing here is not envy of the beautiful homes, area, place, or land, but to know where lies the line of responsibility of own life and the line of decency by the rest of people that habitat in the UK. As they are hundreds of UK poor people with nothing at all, not even a rent home (me). If you think careful those places that are hit with the floods, are the most richest parts of the UK as a whole in which, they should be having an insurance to cover the mess and by Law and repair drainage instead to ask the United Kingdom government for help, but their own council instead, as the most vulnerable people of the UK is waiting to receive help, badly in need!?- The matter is devastating to millions of people that comes with not roof over their own heads, proper housing, food, clothing, education, jobs, business, etc. We will never know if the same storms kills people that sleep on the roads, on their sleep, awake or on the run, by the size of the waves. As nobody holds a list of register people that lives on the streets nowadays bullied, with no protection in law, human rights, international laws or anything similar as we are part of a community, not invisible. matter of the cuts reflects badly not only to disabled/homeless/poor people, but including and non/extent the Military forces/SAS Officers, that are forced to live on the streets after returning from war countries with the bleeding and bastardy weather, but who cares?- (I am making a note on this matter) I worry all this effect of the floods direct to the rich, as if we are flossing in the money, while the Insurance should be able to cover the loss, but nobody give a cent to homeless people and since years ago, except Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and many people are in great need, also paid contributions (me). "Where we are sitting in a position of no-win/no-fee in law, but pure emotional blackmail that divide the community: rich and poor"-I understand the big problem of the floods and I sympathies to the people that lost all, as I am in the same position myself and unable to know reasons, but falsely accused by the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, with a wave of "family problems" since I emigrate the UK (1985)"- Today I lost all and all hide in secret laws?- The storms life that I had been living in my personal life since I emigrate to the United Kingdom (1985), with constant/non-stop/28 years of blame from lies of the ex/husband sister/social worker: 5 Boys and the River also tales, envy, hate and intolerance towards all that is mine were she killed my unborn children and brother in her river of spread and lies. Where I am waiting for the British government to have the decency and acknowledge the matter, murder and crimes. Where all mine deserve to be alive today in the same way as the ex/husband people, land and glory, but killed, rioted and perished in the lies, defamation, tales of the ex/husband sister/social worker, including his "family problems"-The same as me is the rest of UK citizens victimize by the government staff (DWP) and many are passing out, in fact they are "killing themselves" as they receives no help, status, education, benefits or family to aid them, but poor and their own lives in Storms. Here, I am not talking about the Queen Elizabeth II or any member of the Royal Family, but the divide class that we live nowadays. "In which one is to worry even if the victims are extremely rich and should know better by having an Insurance to cover the mess of floods and by law and another class of victims of forgotten society desperately in need of help and relay on food parcels/banks, benefit cuts, bedroom taxes, university fees and a wave of floods from the UK government, ministers, council staff or neighborhood. Where we do not mind to get the services, but the extent of hate propaganda from council staff to our community reflects badly, even with a simple ramp, as those services cost £40,000 in order to embarrass the victim (disabled), but those people represent the community as the social services and apparently they come with education?- When you feel yourself what the rest of us vulnerable people of the forgotten society feels by the constant non/stop storms of hate propaganda from the government staff to the community ( ) and me with the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, with any imaginary ideas, ideals, blames, spread, lies, tales, hate propaganda, emotional blackmail, domestic abuse, bullying, then that day another page will be born: "The Bastard Weather"- "It's important to be sensible to the needs of the most vulnerable people of our society, in order to avoid racism and discrimination"- Particularly those that feel the: "Bastard Weather", 7 days a week, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year, and every "BASTARDY year, after year" I am in the position to think that may the bastard weather comes with a connection of the constant attack to the Mother Earth , now calls: "FRACK FREE"-I am not an specialist in the matter and only done my research that may/may not be the true but need to consider, that if we are going to destroy the Mother Earth with fracking then to have the courage later to remember what we done to the matter. Instead to blame people like the ex/husband sister/social worker to me and mine 28 years ago and her spread killed my unborn children and brother. Particularly where "Deep Sinkhole Appears"in the UK out of the blue and hitting rich areas (?), but the same happened in America years ago and even the water gone!! "So let's be Frank here and talk FRACK FREE with respect to the Mother Earth and always remember what we done in the past reflects today, also our future and when all gone, gone!!"-So be it Fracking:


The UK Storms may came with Tsunami in many different areas of the UK and not reported, but may be the Fracking Avarice to destroy our Mother Earth As there is not an specific investigations into what could happens to the world in general, if Fracking Avarice wins. Now, if we dare to kill our peoples, pets and environment in general, then later try to remember what you done to the rest and be brave enough to acknowledge the charges in a court of law that do not hide the crime, criminal activity, murder, genocide and holocaust to the mother earth and my unborn children and brother.  

The problem is not palm oil but the extent of ignorance by those people that live one thousands years ago and believe in tales. My concern is the animal itself that are almost extincting, by the products some countries made out of ignorance, financial necessity and abuse. Where in modern times the use of palm oil can be replace with something else, instead to kill our own creatures for the bleeding oils, Rosario Castellanos de Parker