Sunday, 19 January 2014

Edgar Arias Tamayo and 51 Mexican people waiting for appeal to the Texas execution laws, to avoid the death penalty ..

To oppose the death penalty is to defend life ..

Margarita "La vida es un carnival" ..

Texas execution laws in America would violate international court ruling that deny consular rights after arrest for 46 years old disabled man, Edgar Arias Tamayo, who is a Mexican National born of my native country of Mèxico. Edgar Arias Tamayo has not received judicial review up to date January, 18, 2014 and his case/issue depends badly, the International Court of Justice order, but the man in question ready to be executed on 22/1/2014, breaking American legislature, justice, treaties between our nations and worldwide laws. “Edgar Arias Tamayo deprivation and abuse when child after head injury sustain when he was 17 years old, develop behaviour problems that worsened on drugs and alcohol and on 2008 a psychologist put Tamayo’s intellectual function of, mild mental retardation range, which would render execution unconstitutional under US laws, to no avail”- Edgar Arias Tamayo was 26 years old when arrested (31/1/1994), charged with the capital murder of Officer Guy Gaddis of the Houston Police Department, who was shot in his patrol car a few hours earlier, when driving Edgar Tamayo and another suspect to jail following a robbery outside a night club. “There is no mention of the another suspect that was travelling in the car with Tamayo, on the fatal shooting day and if he/she was carrying a weapon, as who killed the American cop?-In my country Mexico within our Constitution and enforcement Laws is a crime to carry a weapon anywhere in Mèxico or worldwide and here, I am talking about 1994, not now. In any notes available to this matter, No mention anything of the other person/suspect that was travelling with Tamayo on the fatal shooting day, as the question still prevails today 2014, not only back 1994, but today as well: who killed the American cop and where is the probe, weapon, or evidence that Tamayo acted unlawful and alone in the matter, as there was another person in the car as well, not just Tamayo!?-  Now, if the weapon was from Tamayo with probe in the matter not just lies, then where is the receipt that he got the item in America, because in Mèxico back in 1994 was impossible to buy a weapon on my land, in fact against the law. I want to remind the American country that back in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed, also the Mexican Army was trained and since then, my country lives in blood, wars and drugs, but America is not charged or liable for the crimes!?- John Kerry warns of Texas Plan to Execute Tamayo may harm American ties abroad (Mexico). I want you to understand that any commerce between nations was just starting in 1994, In order to obtain weapons, while in America the law is different and weapons are normal form of defence that comes within the American Constitution. I am unable to understand why America sells weapons to anybody of any capacity, age, ability, disability, or reasons to carry one, against another person without laying the law first and sign a paper of understanding the country rules, regulations and to be aware of laws to abide/obey and not just another toy to own pleasure, as those items, necessities, commodities or however you call the firearm, kills!-The time arrived to make any Nation in the world to be responsible of the items that are allowed to buy/use/enforce in their own country, but not on my country Mexico and the accident of the American Cop became a sad reality, but an easy item to buy, may avoidable crime, with proper regulations in place, so who is to blame here?- Where the matter comes with no weapons, probe, or sufficient evidence in law regarding the murder of an American Officer, Guy Gaddis (RIP) by Edgar Arias Tamayo, also 51 Mexican cases lays very much the same way with no form of legal representative in law or form of defence, as the American law and constitution demands, then that is not law, but corruption. The International Court of Justice orders American Courts, to review and reconsider any convictions or sentences of 51 Mexican nationals subject to same case as Edgar Arias Tamayo that violated article 36 of the VCCR in the cases and sentenced to death in the USA. “I am unable to get names and cases of the rest 51 Mexicans detainees and may do free advocacy this way in order to help and assist”- Mexican nationals that fall into the category of unemployed without their own fault or misconduct as 51 Mexicans detained including Tamayo, but label as one, when in reality many born poor, uneducated and with very little chance to do anything bigger in Mèxico. As I explained before, with the North American Free Trade Agreement all gone to foreign lands, not to us Mexicans Nationals, but to enrich American life and it looks as forever, since the colony arrived to America is us Mexicans or American Natives that holds that big enormous weight, but what about own American Nationals and for once?!-The abuse to my own Mexican peoples falls either way: as working for peanuts in America and to be afraid all the time to be deported back home or to be detained for a murder that may never commit to own government pleasure that earns super salary on our holly names. So whichever way you want to see it our rich - beautiful country of the United States of America, including our precious land that was stolen from us back in the 1800’s with the excuse of the American/Mexican wars, but wining. Now America keeps coming back for more land and riches with treaties to own mind: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo/North American Free Trade Agreement and take what is ours, by right. Today We, Mexicans need passport, visas and permits to live, work and study to follow American regulations or risk end up like the 51 detainees, including Tamayo or losing our life, respect and opportunity on mind, but when the new colony arrived America no documents as probe was a necessity, but murder of 400 American tribes as a thank you, to own their land!?-“-Edgar Tamayo had the right to seek consular assistance “without delay” after arrest (1994), as required under article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR), but he was not advised of his rights and even after a decade (2014). Tamayo’s trial lawyer failed to present evidence of his incapacity, plus request evidence of weapon belongs to Tamayo back in 1994-2014, as the law request?-I am unable to understand how the Texas Execution laws can act so lightly, without using the last measure, the same for the 51 Victims and the rest of Mexicans living in America, but unable to gain access to laws, justice and pardon by parole, when no enough evidence. America is one of the few countries in the world, where they still use today any mean, way or form to execute/punish own people even if the matter is outlaw - outdated - out of question legally and since the 1500’s century times. The Spanish expedition lead by Christopher Columbus end up in complete different direction or route which was not the Far East, but the American Continent. When the first colony was settled in American formed constitution, laws and regulations (4th July 1776) in order to control order, law and emigration entering from all over the world and everyone was coming from different: culture, language, colour, religion, status, age, but today any form of execution is out of time. The only answer on times of emigration from foreign nationals to America and gain control was by using drastic measures: hanging/capital punishment/death penalty/execution by electrocution using the electric chair (Thomas Edison) in 1881, also by lethal injection, etc. The methods to execute people nowadays using the America law looks very much the same as the Inquisition times in the 12th century. I am placing my country Mexico in state of war for the same level of abuse against my people by the same financial world and trade, but my question is: who We, Mexicans are against to, for the numbers of crimes in our people, that is not possible to continue this way and may break the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as all was lies, we still in war! I, myself feel comfortable with the colour of my skin, or those people that skin colour different to mine, as it should not be a passport to gain a better standards of life, but live. Where I ask my Mexican people to set an example, as if we want proper legal system in a foreign country to any of us in times of peril like Edgar Tamayo, then we need to do the same to our host country people, in this case is America, because the case of Trayvon Martin was another of colour preferences and the Mexicans won, where crime was committed and I, Mexican born repel any kind of corruption, apologies but not to me. Edgar Arias Tamayo is a Mexican born man, not American citizen and so the rest of the 51 cases, that wait for proper American law to apply/review/appeal, etc. I understand that the Texas Law apply in this case and so reasons of why the death penalty was imposed, but Tamayo has not received judicial review up to date January, 18, 2014. A consideration into the matter should be allowed in this case, or when the life/death of a person is hanging in a tin line of decency, because how many cases after the person pass away find the Courts were wrong, that the person charged with felony was in reality a free man/woman, but sentenced unlawful by the American system, or any other system in the world. “I respectful request that the relevant bodies of the appeal/review and in this case Edgar Arias Tamayo, to be allowed and granted, including the 51 cases waiting to receive the law”- I respect any decision of why the Texas execution law refuses to take the International Court of Justice order and only ask for a review of the matter of Tamayo and the 51 cases using American Constitution and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as the law allow, any law. I want my peoples particularly of those of poor background and unable to afford proper laws when living in America, to fight back the unfair American system as the law cannot be purchased, that is no law, but corruption. According to the American Constitution anyone living in American soils can apply for free legal advice and representation and even request that the law to be allowed and even granted, including and not extent for appeals, reviews, or anything that the person need to probe status. Particularly when using the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as a whole that protect us, Mexicans, not Americans, when living in the United States of America. ”-As I mention before, we respect any decision of why the Texas execution law refuses to take International Court of Justice orders, as we Mexicans are in the same way with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo or the North American Free Trade agreement, that comes to my country and destroy all that is our by law and since the documents were ratify by the American Congress, with the idea to steal more land and accommodate the new comers/new colony and us Mexicans losing land, prospectus, rights, status, jobs, education, living standards and freedoms of movement within our country, years ago was America, now is Mèxico. Now result that we Mexicans are the foreign people living in America and not the new colony and the same happens to the American Natives with less rights, compensation for the holocaust of 400 Tribes, stolen land and respect to the mother that gave birth to America, which is the American Natives and if you cannot respect your own mother, what the rest of the world can expect, bullying, hate, anarchism, racism, intolerance, lack of human and civil rights, etc. The idea of the appeal is not to leave anything hanging in the middle, as some reports speak of violence from Edgar Arias Tamayo to the community before, he was charged with the capital murder of Officer Guy Gaddis of the Houston Police Department, who was shot in his patrol and other people report Tamayo as to be incapable, but nothing a-merit murder by consent and no reasons. The incredible matter to believe is that Tamayo was handcuffed, sitting in the police car and from there he reached his pockets and shoot the police officer?-I do not about you, but I do not believe the tale, as it is impossible to shoot somebody with the hands handcuffed, let alone to reach for the firearm without a help, also there was another person in the police car together with Tamayo, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.