Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mayor of London, Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson thinks equality is impossible, because some people´s IQ´s are too low ..

 Susan Boyle - Somewhere Over The Rainbow live Dutch TV dec 2th ..
Our Honourable Lord Mayor of London, Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson thinks "equality" is impossible, because some people´s IQ´s are too low.  It may reflect the person ability to perform properly (with respect), but need to make up for the shortfall of his/her own IQ's or Brains by insulting to whoever is on the way and those people unfortunately on this case and comments (Boris Johnson) went direct to us: disabled people. I had Meningitis when younger and I lost almost all my hearing capacity, not my mental capacity, which is different one to the other. Unfortunately, the lack of capacity by the UK government staff to understand the difference made us to fall into the "disabled category"-Somehow we (disabled) are the problem, when in reality is the full ignorance of the real fact/s, may as lack of proper education, but filled C.V. wrongly mainly as "who is your friend" more than, capacity/ability to understand and demonstrate knowledge into capacity of the job prospectus/requirements. Here, I am talking about government staff, not us, the most vulnerable people of the UK: disabled, unemployed, sick, poor, old, children, etc. As we are according to government staff the "problem/s" and unable to fix us, but not them, strange?!- When those government staff fail us badly to provide with benefits and jobs (DWP), health (NHS), etc, but us (since when)?- Unfortunately one of the reason why the UK is falling into pieces, when transferring from old (Queen Elizabeth II) to new (Prince Charles) changes of government and affecting David Cameron (MP) badly, as he is pulled with the plug. The government was not expecting this fallings when changes were implemented, but the results of many years lying from a job to a job, from father to son, etc, as those jobs are passed from generation to another. Where the parents does the research/typing and the child gain the career (sister of the ex/husband/social worker), maybe by cheating, but reflects today badly or not? .. and blame us the most vulnerable people of the UK (disabled, unemployed, sick, ill, poor, old, children, etc.), into lies (since when?). As their own lies open for all of us to see the matter, but targets vulnerable people (me) like disabled to hide ignorance of the truth facts (with respect) and shows badly with cuts, bedroom tax, etc. In the same way as Boris Johnson operations to have grommets inserted in his ears and the problem fixed, by not my ears unfortunately. The matter do not make me different than Boris in any way, form, shape or colour. I may can fail the IQ exam, not just Boris Johnson. The same mistakes are used over and over with UK disabled/vulnerable people, by government staff to explain their own failures, but used as cash machines to pay own wages, instead to give a voice (jobs) to disabled. The funny thing is equality officers represent disabled people, as I was member of Trafford council DAG, ruled by their own staff (Gaynor Burton) taking notes all the time. It's now that I understand fully well the why of taking notes, as they were using us for their own programs without our permission, consent and knowledge into the matter, or explain to us, what they were doing, but treat us badly (low IQ's) to hide their own failures (IQ's -Brains). According to the ex/husband council staff, "the worse of the worse-worse than leper-the bottom of the English culture-the liars/crocks/cheats/mislead/thieves and stolen family/children/fortune"-I am Mexican born (thanks God), unaware of the matter. We do not have this system in México (again thanks to God). I made an investigation last year of "family problems" of the ex/husband (sister/social worker), in which Trafford council staff  (Direct payments/Anita Jones) started the hate propaganda. The result of a judicial review (CO7411-2013), because the Trafford council staff of equality (Gaynor Burton) refused to help me, by protecting disabled?-The cruel reality of disabled people are bullied badly by small groups of equality/human rights officers, that's the bad bit to understand/swallow. We (disabled) are divide into a (sick) society of normal and disabled according to many government staff since the Victorians times, thanks to lack of proper education, understanding and knowledge, not me. Worse enough many victims (disabled, age, poor, unemployed, etc.) recluse in mental places due to lack of capacity/ability to understand each disability, or use hard/cruel regiment (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Taliban, Anarchism, sexism, corruption, ignorance, cruelty, lack of human protection/rights, etc.) to tackle the illness, which is wrong, totally wrong. I saw the matter with King George VI, a gentle man. I saw the case with Prince Phillip's mother a great woman of substance, both examples wrongly assess "medically"-The king George VI may died young as result of: cruel system (regiment), his brother (Edward VIII) bullying him with Hitler, smoke cigarettes, or the 3 together in one. The Queen's mother-in-law, Princess Alice of Greece, by 1930 she was hearing voices, as may tinnitus in the ears was the cause, but wrongly diagnosed, she was forced to go to an (mental) institution, separated from her own child (Prince Phillip). However this remarkable woman Princess Alice of Greece, won the "Righteous Among the Nations" at Yad Vashem, do you have an idea the why she got that merit?- In our XXI century, we saw the case of Susan Boyle who according to her family, a disabled person herself with no status and for many years kept in the dark, by the manipulation, jealousy or even control, but singing like Angel since younger. A worldwide famous singer Susan Boyle, who her own family lacks capacity (with respect) to understand that: brains and IQ's is one thing and another very different is the voice of an Angel. The same happens to me with the "family problems" non/stop interference of the ex/husband and his family (social worker/sister), that use my family, friends, children, etc, to win points all the time. The reasons of my divorce to all of them and for good, into my (private) life, to be ruled as I want, as I was born in Mexico, not UK, only British Citizen and my daughters comes from my womb, to lead a free life. I want to work in whatever I want. Study whatever I want to. Develop in any atmosphere I need to, without the reprisals, with respect to all and follows the rules of the country and own laws. Unfortunately that is not the truth. Where all I do in the UK is scrutinise, blame, accused, spy (emails), stop with lies, neglect, mislead, breaks (clothing, phone, etc.) in order to study, cash, eat, work, win points, lie, hate, as may the bully lack of capacity, IQ's or Brains (ex/husband and his "family problems" and groups of helpers), as I can not see any other reason/s of the abuse of power and profession. Where I have to use two blogs, or two of the same matter as all that is mine by hard work is removed with no questions asked, except to steal, use and gain, by the same government staff or "family problems"-The brains-IQ's are not on the legs, heart, hands, ear, but on the case of Susan Boyle´s own voice. The envy, manipulation or control to overshadow Susan Boyle by her own family, in order for her to lead a successful life was too much for all of us to see, trapped alone in a hole with no way of parole or means to show the world own talent, ability, brains and IQ's except now. A waste of life by the over/protective family of Susan Boyle that need to cash, not the disability/incapacity, but the ability. The second people that stop us disabled people to perform to our own glory and great performance in society is not just the family this time, but the Government staff as mention before with their own army (social workers, social services, social world) and our Hitler's of today. We see government staff (social workers, etc.) earning a career on our Holly names with healthy (without our permission, consent, knowledge, etc.) salary, bonuses, prospectus, respect from the society, except us disabled people - pinned into the wall and harassed (benefit cuts, etc), even with IQ's. The stigma on our society is extreme indeed, with no laws that shows respect to us disabled people - society in general as abuse happens to all of us residents of the UK (10,600 killed +), in equal measures, regards of: colour, religion, sex, disability, etc. Unable to perform properly in society has nothing to do with IQ's, brains or disability itself, but lack of education, from those that rule our world. The lack of friends in government places even with education, the system do not work for us (me), but "who is your friend" wins. I have no friends, all stolen by the Trafford council, or "family problems", as mention before. The matter reflects with the vast amount of staff that works for the government, maybe much more than we can actually support financially, than ability for those friends/government staff to perform properly at work or understand the aim of the job description in the C.V. ..not IQ's/Brains, Magic, Rasputin's or Mambos jumbos, but knowledge and before you said anything all my notes, research, work is free out of respect to The Queen. I believe strong that The Queen Elizabeth II do not deserve this form of payment by her own people´s, after she removed the Victorians times from British life, to become Honourable, Lords, Mayors, Doctors, Dentist, Solicitors, Barristers, etc. The abuse of power and profession with lies and bring that world to work may affect the services badly (NHS, etc) as taken as war zone. People of respect into our society and abroad, but not to act bigger than The Queen, Herself. I am not making this up out of envy as I am unemployed, but the sad reality of today. The matter is there for all of us to see the way the country goes on sale, as nobody knows how to perform properly at work, with the new changes or any excuses. The jobs performance of friends/government staff is there for all of us to see with bedroom tax, unemployment, university fee´s, cuts, etc, but earning millions in revenue. The matter affects badly as mention before, MP David Cameron, as He, Himself do not understand each department fully well or how each department should work, because basically, that is not his job, but delivery to The Queen Elizabeth II the highest notes of his staff, not the paperwork, troubles, pain, crisis, financial turmoil, misery, deaths (10,600+), cuts, bedroom tax, food banks, poverty, unemployment, etc. We do not want IQ's, brains, racial stigma, racism, oppression, but results, respect, tolerance, service and furthermore equality to the country in general regards off background, colour, disability, sex, age, etc. In other words and in plain English we want freedom to lead our life the way we think better for us, not pinned on the wall for the others to eat, work, study, even disabled, colour, sex orientate, trust from the government to express ourselves freely (like Susan Boyle), in exchange for us to behave according to the law. The third people that stop us disabled people to perform to our own glory and great performance is not just the family, staff of the government (social workers, etc.), but society itself, castrating us since birth or as result of illness (any illness) and left us in the corner, with anarchist attitude. Anarchism stands for a single person, stigma (disability, colour, religion, sex, etc), ID, country, continent, or anything that gets pushed out/single out from the rest and many times hurt badly, by the same system, society, politics, government or institution, with loads of prejudices, lies, old wives tales, racism, hate, intolerance and even hide criminal activity. Boris Johnson's mother Charlotte Johnson Wahl said: "When I was three months pregnant, we travelled to Mexico City by Greyhound bus. It was very uncomfortable, I was desperately sick. We stayed with a man called Boris Litwin, who drew me aside and said: You can't travel back like this, here are two first-class air tickets. I was so grateful, I said: Whatever the baby is, I shall call Boris (Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson). The following note, I wrote in response of "Mayor of London, Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson (28/11/2013) that thinks equality is impossible because some people´s IQ´s are too low, maybe he was talking about himself, with respect, but he should show us some kind of respect. My response was: As Mexican born, I found the matter out of respect to all of us in general particularly disabled people and made me sick in the same way as his mum while in Mèxico travelling by bus, than I need to catch the next fly with his insulting remarks of equality and IQ's. I can not comment on this man - Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson but on my defence of a disabled woman, with may/may not low IQ, but definitive low hearing on both ears, due to meningitis when younger. Apologies, I cannot sue nature or may hold 100000% responsible for me to catch the illness when younger, but survived in the world that way for a long time. In which, I hope Boris can understand the present situation of the cuts of so many disabled people in the UK and the dilemma we are all facing in this cruel racism approach to our living with different positions in life, for me the matter is bleeding difficult, can you imagine the rest?-I hope indeed that with this in mind of the low IQ, "with respect to all disabled people, including me"-As we are not all disabled people (including me) blessed with Lord Mayor of London "brains" to many of us people disabled, but facing a bleak future in which as he noticed by his own words (low IQ) not mine and advice may remember to David Cameron of his own son Ivan (RIP) could be in the same position as many of us "Ivan's with the cuts (with respect)"!-I was invited Monday (25/11/2013) to London (thanks) to one of the disability groups, as the UN creator failed to attend. What I found was more than words can describe in the meting, the thing is those people and me, are not rich like David's Cameron children or blessed with Lord Mayor of London brains, but suffering badly. In the meeting all the disabled people including my brains and IQ´s were allowed to speak and have a say in the matter, to be honest with you, I was about to leave the room as it was sad, the lack of support by those people that represent (equality officers) the disabled people (I am unemployed) and it broke my heart. The people that represent disabled are "normal"= equality officers and earning a rich salary contrary to us disabled = "abnormal" according to the UK health standards. Professionals can lead a normal life when working with disabled people, not like us disabled citizens applying to hundreds of benefits and exams also exposed to hate propaganda and campaigns. Again, if for me is hard the cuts, bedrooms taxes, unemployment exams and hundreds of complicate DSS forms, can you imagine the rest of me, "disabled people of the UK, with no careers, helpers, etc.?"- The high and low IQ of disabled people at this present time (Nov/2013) is irrelevant, when lack of proper education, tools and background of funding to survive the mess is cut out of the blue, with no reasons at all. As we, disabled people were kept in the dark for so many years and suddenly out of the blue, ATOS are performing miracles on us and saying that we can work and them?-As ATOS hold billions in payment that can be used to train disabled people, to be the best, not bullied?- I cannot let this matter to happens to disabled people of the UK, but our duty of care to help the most disadvantage and give them their own voice back, as it should be. I intent to do so, even with or without IQ at all, with respect to London mayor Boris Johnson and all the MP's of the UK.  I hope you can understand that people are not measured by Brains, IQ's, or Tales, but by what those people can delivery to the world, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.