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Drummer Fusilier and Professional Soldier Lee Rigby killed as: "the soldier that was spotted first" ...

Leonard Cohen - By The Rivers Dark ..

Drummer Fusilier and Professional Soldier Lee Rigby (RIP) killed as, "the soldier that was spotted first"- Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was killed in Woolwich on 22 May 2013 (RIP).  Lee Rigby death in broad daylight after first being hit by a car, then attacked with weapons. Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, admit being the killers but deny murder - claiming to be Soldiers of Allah on a Military operation, but found guilty of murdering Lee Rigby (19/12/2013). I want to know what my Lord's love for Humanity has to do with the murder of a Soldier (Lee Rigby) with a wave of tales, to justify the crime in question that the offence was explain to the Judge at the centre Courts, from the same criminals (Michael Adebolajo, Michael Adebowale, etc.) in order to mislead, lie, cheat and trying to get away with murder. Yes, I do understand about Muslim, Allah, Sharia Law, Islam, Christians, Judaism and with respect, also Moses-The Father of all Religions, etc. I am full aware of what some of those religions can do to own people, can you imagine the rest of the world?- In fact, I do not hold any religious matters even when writing, as one thing is my Lord and another very different is murder. I am Israel Online Ambassador, considering that I am Mexican born, British citizen and currently fighting for Peace of the world. I believe that we are all, brothers and sisters in life as the Holly Bible said: we are descendants of the same Father of our Creation: Abraham. The United Kingdom holds a multicultural society nowadays and many comes from far away countries, that even back the times of Jesus Christ, as we can see Syria country itself with own language, tradition, costume, but causing turmoil with the first world countries, leaders and people. I help to highly the matter as much as I can with my writing, but I do not hold the power of the world and I will never impose my Lords commandos either. In Law, we have to consider two sides of the matter/crime and reasons into why of the murder, otherwise the matter is not law, but corruption!!-We all understand that a young man was killed in the worse possible way RIP (Lee Rigby) in London, we have the prove into the matter to convict the criminals, including the witness, but we ignore the reasons into why of the murder because: "the soldier that was spotted first" is not plausible in law. The first side was found guilty of murdering Lee Rigby (19/12/2013), but the other side words of the extremist people (Michael Adebolajo & Michael Adebowale) that comes to the UK in a form of war to kill, but ignore the reasons why of the crime, instead to learn the mistake of our own actions abroad, to avoid again the same hate propaganda, in the UK. Here, I am talking about your taxes paying to murder millions of victims like Lee Rigby, but in far away countries (Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, etc.), that are in wars with the British and first world leaders. Unfortunately, not matter how sick, barbaric, heinous, brutal, unjustifiable, out of this world crime, as the criminals themselves (Michael Adebolajo/Michael Adebowale) and their own mind, hearts, spirit and souls (Soldiers of Allah), but in law, those people got a point that nobody has been able to see or spot out of blindness: “soldiers” attacking an enemy in the war between Muslims and the British public .. "We may ask: what the hell is that and I ask what my Lord has to do with the crime itself ?!?!-" .. As we do not see what is happening in their own country (Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, etc.), thanks to your taxes (cuts, university fee's, bedroom taxes) and time to take conscience of the matter. It is time to grow up and be responsible of our own actions anywhere, we walk in the world. In the same way as the Queen Elizabeth II has been able to show respect to the UK nationals and the world itself. The Queen Elizabeth II country need to follows Her excellent example and stop blaming the others, because if we go away to kill (Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, etc.), then to be strong enough, to be responsible of the murder/s in foreign land (“soldiers” attacking an enemy in the war between Muslims and the British public ..), in the same way as the criminal/s (Michael Adebolajo/Michael Adebowale) that comes to the UK to kill. Particularly, of what is happening to them in their own country by the first world leaders, but there is not reason to justify a murder, any murder and do me a favour to leave my God alone. The reason/s why hundreds of millions of foreign nationals are living in the UK ), as their own country (Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, etc.) habitat with endless wars in order to steal their own living and resources(oil), but hide to the rest of the world the criminal activity, by the same repercussion and sick, barbaric, heinous, brutal, unjustifiable, out of this world crimes to their own families very much in the same way, as Lee Rigby (RIP), that their own words are an eco and mirror of those cruel murders and the victims got no voice to represent them, except two criminals (Michael Adebolajo/Michael Adebowale). So please spare me psychiatrists, magic, fortune tellers of tales, Rasputin's and with much respect to anyone, who has been a victim of unfair system (me), that surpass any level of decency. Where the main problem is work for illegal nationals in the UK that are claiming benefits and no paying taxes the lazy bunch ), but work is removed with no reasons into why by the UK government (me/UK citizen?) and shops fined £10,000 for each illegal person that work for them and any foreign people are exposed to the worse of the worse, including stealing the living of the residents with the inflows. So, how do you want the menu Sir: with or without work?- The UK is a place, where nobody wins, regulate to the extreme, including taxes!-I want you to know that the UK citizens (me): unemployed, sick, disabled, out of means, work, education and poor are treat in the same way as any illegal emigrant and living rightful in their own country (UK), but called all the names under the sun ) and removed of all birth rights to give way to foreign nationals with bonds, that steal the living of the UK. The extremes of both worlds kill by the same neglect, when removal of benefits, that many take their own life, as they are exposed to a world of uncertain, that lack of services, or protection in law!!- So again, how do you want the menu Sir: with or without work, because we are all mistreated by the UK Government staff, that are somehow overpassing, The Queen Elizabeth II, with Hitler's, Stalin's, Mussolini's, Franco's, Rasputin's regiment and ideologist mind, heart, souls and spirit, instead to live in peace. We saw it years ago the war with trade marks, removal of millions of business from eBay, now the business are on those places (thanks of Chambers of Commerce) making millions out of the tax man, closed retail shops and out went our living (small business). The money generate from retail/shops on the road was paying the council in general, now the council staff are taking the money from tax payer that by law is for the community (benefits, care, etc.), but to pay own wages ( ). The matter makes the UK government problems further, instead to cut their own workforce, not services. The government staff do not think for a moment or two of the damage in the future, except to fill pockets. The online services of eBay was create for the community (small business), not big corporations (chambers of commerce), but stealing ideas (mine), then after imposing trade marks to control and calling us or the Chinese people (with respect): corrupt, illegal, against the law, forgery, fraud, etc. Now the abuse of the trade marks to small business, reducing own merchandise to a minimum is a thing of the past, not even an apology to hundred's of people out of work by the same Government staff lack of knowledge in the matter, but caused financial crisis worldwide out of (envy) ignorance and reflects on The Queen's speech. The UK government staff destroys our living, families, job, business, life, income, system, constitution, with anything, including trade marks. Somehow now the Prime Minister is making business with the country (China) that was called all the names under the sun and insulted to the core and steal  our ideas of the small business of eBay powerselles (me), without our permission, consent and knowledge. "Where business should flow without the hiccup's or envy and then you ask why people acts or reacts in a very aggressively way/s, as it is always us the "problem" but not the government staff, stealing all that is ours by law?"-Facebook was made by the community, now goes to the same way as eBay and the rich sitting in that place as well, making millions. I am unable to understand why the big business corporation worldwide cannot make their own places and made it successful like eBay or Facebook, but stealing all that is ours all the time. I had been studying at home the English Law over a year now in order to understand the English way and survive the hundreds of points, lies, misleads, hate propaganda, intolerance, deceit, corruption and violence to me and mine in the UK. The same as Soldier Lee Rigby (RIP) family (with respect), I lost unborn children and my brother, jobs, business, services, education, lives, marriage, country of birth, family, friends. I lost all, even the area where I live went with the abuse. I openly cried of the extreme pain to lose my own kind at the courts like the Soldier Lee Rigby family, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker with the help of solicitors, barristers and judges of Manchester county court were trying to frame me with a mental capacity 2005, only for expressing those feeling in the open places. My unborn children and brother perished and went with the lies of a bunch of: liars, haters - preachers, cheats, misleads, magicians, clairvoyants, rasputin's, fortune tellers of tales, intolerance, stalkers, spies, etc. So as you can see not just us foreign people that commit criminal activity or disturbances to the country, but groups of UK professionals to us in the same way or worse, trying to get away with murder in law and they wins due to: "confidentiality acts", so all is keep in secret, even with Democratic Government. My unborn children, I never meet them, but removed before I left to Mexico, by the lies of the social worker/sister of the ex/husband regarding my reputation. In law, I will made myself to be responsible of my own actions, when I do agree - consent and I am full aware of all my options, without hide anything from me, "before", I decide to go with the matter, not matter what is the case, form or shape, not when I am forced into the matter, to please "family problems", as this was the case and reasons of my divorce. Where I was removed from my womb, all my Birth rights, including my unborn children. My brother also perished in the "family problems"-I was close with my brother. All my family was very close with my brother. We all in the family miss our brother and he left a young boy with no father. The murder happened in my native country Mèxico (23/8/2013), by the same groups of "family problems" of the ex-sister-social worker, that travels fast, lie and incite hate and my brother perished in the same way as Soldier Lee Rigby. The cunning haters and their own groups of hate preachers, that went against my unborn children and brother, that perish in the hands of those people that lost their own ways, decency, respect, tolerance, values, education, good manners in life. When all of those people that helps the "family problems" to gain own achievement, teaching young generation (my children) to follow the same ways of pattern and hate propaganda, then we ask why, we have the disturbances, riots and unbalance of values, respect and tolerance in the country, as happened to Soldier Lee Rigby (RIP). I came open in the hope that my children do not follow the same pattern of "family problems", not to show off myself, but to expose the crimes. I am hopping that my children alone, by themselves only, with not interference of nobody (ex/husband family), except to read my case and may choose right (me) or left (family problems) in life, or vice/versa. I gave my children's life, but I got not rights to interfere in their own walks or paths in life, except to guide them, so whatever they choose from now on is their own choice/s not mine. I put good foundation in their own hearts, in which to love and respect their own father's family and mine was one of them. I believe, I did the right thing and shows for everybody to see the good seed. I believe strong that my children knows full well the right/s and wrong/s of everything and respect, tolerance and peace within themselves and the world is one of those values that I implement to them since young, including and not extent with all the colours of the rainbows, age, disabilities, religions, sexual orientation, etc. However, I am not responsible of what comes "after", when their own father "family problems" use their own family, friends, groups, jobs or anything, but telling them all about me/or them, nagging non/stop about me/or them, etc. In fact I am not accounted in law for the "afters" in which may come when divorce (may 2012), by the continue "hate propaganda" of the ex/husband "family problems" scoring points, to me and mine, in which the UK law is so powerless to put a stop. The divorce was a fine line that said clear and laud that I will not tolerate any "family problems" of nobody. I hope my children understand the real meaning of the problem itself and not to be framed, abused or conned as I was, by their own charismatic worlds of the father and his "family problems"-In which the ex/husband mother told me after I arrived from México (1983), that her children fight all day long. Since married the ex-husband had been separate from his sister, but use me to continue bullying. I was made to be the problem, to hide the real problems, as their own mother said: they are as bad as each other (ex-husband - sister-social worker). I do not want my children to learn this life and the reason/s why I came out in the open, to expose the "family problems" of the ex/husband. I want my children to be aware of the real problems, but nothing score points of: "killers, liars, cheaters, magicians, rasputin´s and the likes"-I do not mind the full contact with family, but when we are all aware of everything. I am not here to score points, but to set the record straight. I am exposing abuse in the open, for my children to avoid the same mistakes as me and to avoid the same fall as I did. The sister of the ex/husband for years had been accused her brother of a bully (problem), but in reality is the sister (see card) and the mother helps, or the 3 liars works together. When we got married, the ball was passed to me. I was the problem?-The ex/husband do not visit his family (mother/sister) alone, without me (in the past), or his children (present) to shield him. I am not trying to cover nobody, in fact I divorce the lot. I would hate the ex/husband and his sister/social worker start using my children for the same vendettas, by the low life standards. Where the "family problems" of the ex/husband are in everything that is me and mine, even as a private matter, but against the law and is a crime, solved by "confidentiality acts" of the ex/husband sister/social worker. They have no decency, respect or care, into my business, without my permit, consent or knowledge into the matter, but used, conned, lie and even frame!-I went to a "court hearing" (13/12/2013) and Trafford Council provide me with a Spanish translator with disabilities, like the ex/sister/social worker. If I wanted the ex/husband sister help, I would be asking her, not a translator, but I never did such thing, so it was imposed to me, by the "family problems" and well programed "circus of the council staff," where they put similarities to mislead. What if the ex/husband sister was on the case and a hard of hearing person (me) was with her (misleading) as translator, also her own matters was not made private anymore, because I was hearing her past life and troubles!?-The court hearing was very important to me, as prove in law that the "family problems" follows, stalk, spy, interfere into my private life, non/stop, without my permission, consent, knowledge and for more than 28 years, with false accusations of: 5 boys, the river, disability, etc, as the aim is to hit me badly, without thinking the consequences "after"-I do not care the matter as I am disabled myself, but my unborn children and brother. This is what happens to me on any matters that is my sole concern, private life and since I emigrate to the UK (1985). Where the ex/husband and his "family problems", always need to be at the centre of attention, care and protection, mainly when it suit them and the hell to me, my unborn children, brother, pets, etc. The constant monitor of my life by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, that who monitor the "moral standards" of those people (ex/husband, his mother and his sister/social worker) that teaches my children the same low standards. Who monitor those people that represent the country "professionals standards" and system, but passing the Queen, Rights and Laws over them with mislead, hate and lies. Pretending me or whoever is the victim to be the problem, when they are a problem to the country, very much like the Philpot's family, not by benefit claimants, but "family problems"- "Anybody that lies and promote hate could be someone that holds no country of birth, colour, disability, sex orientate, age, religion and the victim do not necessarily need to be of a "certain" requirements, but "spotted first" by criminals like Soldier Lee Rigby and my unborn children/brother (RIP).  The bully inflicts pain and that's the aim/target and not necessarily with weapons, but spread - kills too. I wrote last year to the work of the ex/husband sister as someone need to be responsible of this criminal activity of her against me, that she studied the career of social worker, to inflict pain to me and mine, but covered by the same "confidentiality acts"- We live in a country that you can not buy the law .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

The law can not be purchased, that is not a law but corruption  ..