Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Mistress of Prince Charles and now his wife Camilla has been done something good that Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales never did and killed in an accident as a result ..

Our Princess of Hearts for ever, Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales ..

アルハンブラの思い出 ギター名曲 タレガ Recuerdos de la Alhambra ..

This note comes with respect to all the Royal Family in general. I wish them well in their own life, as we all in the United Kingdom stand to lose everything including our respect (benefit cuts, bedroom tax, university fee´s, pensions, etc.), because of the same mellow-drama. This note comes as a result of a comment from a well known British newspaper called: "Mail Online". In which a comment was left in Charles, Prince of Wales FaceBook wall (16/11/2013 at time 11:05) with words: "Camilla has accomplished something Diana never could: she has made our future King happy and comfortable in his own skin. More importantly, she makes him a better man. Camilla has brought out the best in him"- I believe the UK citizens can remember full well all the ups and downs of both Princess Diana and Prince Charles turbulent lives, to someone trying to remove the excellent example of a woman called, Lady Di with someone that breaks marriages like Camilla, but not happy with the so call: "accident" now wants to erase Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales good name too. My answer to the same note below was: "I have no doubt in your own words the wonders of Camilla against Diana, Princess of Wales and this matter confirms what I already told the world of Prince Charles and Camilla that lost the life of a young woman, which is obvious Diana not Camilla, but why the murder?"- Why these two people (Charles and Camilla) could not marry "before" Charles married Lay Di, but now parading own love for the world to see and believe (but not me)?-If Prince Charles of Wales is fool enough to believe Camilla's love and tales against Princess Diana which was pure love to him years ago is not my problem, but him (see pics). Prince Charles would not find in a century again a person who would love him in the same way as Princess Diana of Wales, as you need to see all the goodness that woman displayed all over the UK with more than 500 Charities around her belt and loved all over the world, but not Camilla. I can not understand "love" when there is "murder charges" and trying to blame somebody else instead of them both (Charles and Camilla). Furthermore why to kill the life of a young Princess Diana of Wales, when she herself was going out with Dodi Al-Fayed and the jealousy of the matter need to destroy their own lives?-Prince Charles and Camilla were not married on that time, this certify the matter and "accident" that becomes a "murder" in a form of jealousy. Why Diana, Princess of Wales could not enjoy love with Dodi Al-Fayed, but Princes Charles and Camilla parading the wonders of such love, or whatever you mean that as love, that kills human people in order to obtain, what is not yours by right!? .. "Joy and contentment, I do not think so, because if that was the true, Prince Charles would not be displaying that for the world to see it, only an insecure person does that kind of display, someone that feels very guilty towards Lady Di and her murder!" ..The choose of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales is for him to keep do not make us to love a woman (Camilla) who gave Charles an "ultimatum" to kill another (Lady Di) in order to make her way. When Princess Margaret Winsor ( ) and Prince Edward VIII ( ) were not allowed to marry the love of their own lives, but abdicate, basically this killed both of them and died in poverty, excluded from the Royal Family and removed of own Names, Titles, Duties, but not to Prince Charles and Camilla allowed to do whatever they want, when both of them are full aware of the rules of own country, status and principles?-Now, who I am to condemn people of own actions, when those people are full adults and responsible of own actions and "ultimatums" in a court of law, because there is not one law for you both (Prince Charles and Camilla) and another different to Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and The Driver "accidents" and all will enter the same front door of my Lords heaven place. If Prince William and Prince Harry forgive own parents (Camilla and Charles), that is up to them and their own reasons and conscience, but I will not. I am not relate to any of those people in fact my country do not believe in Monarchy, but "Respect"-I am disappointed indeed, I was expecting better coming from Diana's own children, or at least financial support to achieve the matter to the courts, as I am not a solicitor. I am talking about the famous "accident" of our future Queen of England almost nothing, that becomes a "murder"- As that woman alone, Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales was worth gems on her own right, as her family background, forget the Royal life after, including the Al-Fayed family and the driver. I hope, I am a role model for my children of what not to do in life. I hope Prince Charles can learn. I was always impressed by the English Mothers who shop own children to the police station, when they break the law and for a moment or two in my 28 years living in the UK, I believe everybody was the same, but not to Lady Di, what a shame!!-The cover up is what makes Princess Diana family from both sides selling her own mother, sister, aunt, grandma, to a world of "Honourable", but living on her name. I am doing free advocacy to Princess Diana of Wales as she stands to lose all, even her own reputation barraged in the news, press, cinema, T.V. as you can read all the "hate propaganda" against her, when she is not with us to defend her own persona. I am doing free advocacy to the highest command in law of this country, which is The Queen Elizabeth II as Her world is collapsing and crumbling together with those two irresponsible people (Charles and Camilla) as they should follows protocol and her peoples paying a hard time with the benefit cuts, bedroom taxes, university fee's, etc, with the constant non/stop, interference of Prince Charles in Government policies, that are way out of his reach. When the Queen Elizabeth II swore duty to all Her peoples and beyond the seas: On her 21st birthday, in 1947, Princess Elizabeth promised, in famous words, that "my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service", but we stand to lose all today. As I mention the interference of Prince Charles years ago in one of my notes, today I prove it right!- I stand to lose even my blogs for the free speech that we enjoy in the UK nowadays and people went to battles of many battles, but for nothing!- I swore the Bible when I become UK Citizen and I intent to fulfil those words, to protect The Queen, Country, Land and Glory not matter what, but removed of all my Human Rights, falsely accused by the Trafford Council staff and the "Family problems" of the ex/husband, so how?- I will not be standing accused in the future by the Royal Family, Government staff, or "Family problems" of the ex/husband into tales, when it was not me who done the damaged to Queen, Country, Land and Glory, but the people in charge of those places. I lost services in the Trafford area, opportunities, jobs and everything, thanks to the representatives. The matter extent to the Queen Elizabeth II that gave so much to her peoples, to one of her own kind (Prince Charles and Camilla) try hard to destroy all her good work and reputation in the same way as Princess Diana of Wales, but not on my name, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.