Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Death of a Gentle Disabled - Kind Soul man "Bijan Ebrahimi": A Gentle Man Killed in his Neighbourhood Hell of Britain ..

Disabled, jobless and devoted to his garden, Bijan Ebrahimi was a "caring, loving and unselfish" man. But when he stood up to local vandals, he was smeared as a paedophile, beaten up – and burnt to death ..

Bob Dylan- Neighbourhood Bully with lyrics ..

Welcome to my blog as we expose (open) the true, sad, hard to digest and super vile reality of today's UK soils main problem and join a single (just a single) debate to exterminate, kill and may erase for good the neighbourhood of hell bullies. The modern racism in Britain and unusual cases of defame lie with our well adjusted racist society, that we habitat nowadays. Instead use the correct services called: "The Police" but pinned the community to the wall, in which services suffer badly with lack of good pay, resources, training and understanding own jobs properly, but helping only, exclusively and alone "who is your friend", the rest goes to hell!!- The lack of good pay in government jobs like the police is what make the staff to fall of the rails and that reason alone is our mayor killed, not the victims. The victims as we saw with Bijan Ebrahimi case, we stand alone as the police and neighbourhood works, join and eats together in the same plate, so the victims eat alone like Bijan Ebrahimi (and me)?-What I mean to say here is the victim (Bijan Ebrahimi) was ignored several times by the police staff and the council is placing an investigation into the matter, but just now that the man in question passed away (RIP), incredible this level of abuse of power and profession?- I am not perfect, nobody is perfect and the society do not want perfection in a job, only simple service. "A service stands as, if I request a Tesco staff for a packet of cigarettes, then I am expecting to receive what I asked for, not a box of matches, but to be request by the staff to pay the full price for a mislead of product by her own fault, then that is corruption, the same happens in every single job"- The mislead is what's kill Britain reputation at the moment, not the profession, but the lies of those professionals that stand together even in court. As many professionals lie in order to gain everything, even more when they have family in well places in society and for one million the lie. Trafford Council refused to investigate my matter last year in the same way the police to Bijan Ebrahimi and this prompt me to do my own investigation, even to study law. What I found will take your bread away of the wave of abuse, corruption and defame lie to my persona. I intent to sue the council for every single lie as they have a duty of care to protect and to tell me of the "family problems", but left me on my own. My daughter was bullied in her primary school, brother killed, sister detained under the mental health act and I lost unborn children by the same gang culture of the ex/husband "family problems" and well organised criminal activity of the government staff. I placed a Judicial review in London, but the council managed to bring the case (CO5411/2013) back to Manchester Justice Centre with 58 pieces of evidence and the matter do not include a full suit case of correspondence, more evidence against the Trafford council staff, but the judge rejected all (10/10/2013)?!!-The case itself (CO5411/2013) of Judicial review stands to bring the matter back again to London, incredible the level of corruption by the same government staff and legal fields!?-A waste of time, money, resources, education, principles, regulations, code of conduct, etc, against the professionals, but helped to cover the mess, by the same professional world, so when?-As I am exposing my case (CO5411/2013) with the cream in legal fields and many professionals educate in the most prestigious Universities of the world, while me, my books and lamp totally alone. I am a survivor, as I studied "The Bachelors of Laws" at home, with a second hand books, not like the solicitors, barristers and judges of the courts, earning millions, by the reputation of those privileges backgrounds. I understand perfectly the level of corruption in legal fields, not matter how much the professionals try hard to impress me or hide the abuse of power and profession. In my country we do not have this system, but in the UK which excuses we have for the abuse itself of the most vulnerable people of our society (Bijan Ebrahimi), as I am one of them (disabled, poor, unemployed, sick, families of low income, etc.). The Trafford council never imagine in a million years that they will stand to the same level, but my pride is bigger, as I lost unborn children and brother, also me, my daughter and sister bullied by the state (Trafford council). I want you to understand, that while I am doing my studies and research, also sheering my blog with you to read and knowledge the matter. I want you to see, where all the bullying comes from direct to your life and in order not to take your own life, but to take the government or the bully to the cleaners. Where I am standing as I am writing also learning fast as you can count to ten, as the courts gives you time, and time I do not have. I am Mexican born, not British national only citizenship. I am not register as Solicitor, Barrister or Judge as the Courts request to take priority in the case, unfortunately this matter is a requirement even in the UK, also to hurry and speed things up, plus the government removed all my human rights in the area, falsely accused like hundreds of UK nationals, including Bijan Ebrahimi, but unable to know reason or set of reasons, as the professionals hide themselves in a wave of abuse called: "confidentiality acts"- Where our prisons in the UK are full of innocents victims, or for minor crimes. The whole UK stands falsely accused by their own government staff (DWP), when they have training, support and knowledge, not us, furthermore we do no hold the government files or computer system to do such acts, but a big defame lie ?- I had been taken years in research in the matter as I was a victim myself, by the government staff, with "family problems" that I was not aware of the matter. In the same way as me, the rest of us mortals in the UK stand all alone, at the mercy of this corrupt system. What I am surprise to find in the matter is that "Government Staff" unable to control their own staff, bodies, environment, regulations, rules, statistics and even reasons of failure, for that reasons alone frighten the hell out of me of the same abuse of power/profession, lie of the job that they represent, plus ignorance of the same matter. Real statistics of failures of government staff that speak open of the same matter, not just by me. The NHS system is failing behind, extremely bad position and killing hundreds, the matter is not funds, but abuse of staff within the system, or probably a mixture of both, but no reason to kill. I am please to say that I found at least one Minister that is ready to speak of the matter in the open fields and is doing the best possible way to commit to a better standards of the NHS. We are standing as disabled person myself in the UK, with extreme regiment. As a Mexican born this frightened me as I do not how to deal with the Hitler's themselves, plus changes of the UK system due to failure of own government (DWP, etc.) staff, that left us (disabled people) in the hands of (ATOS) French company and Tribunal Courts with appeals, but victims killed in the process of abuse that those jobs brings, plus the new changes?- The UK government earns a kilometric salary and if they fail to delivery the job, then what next?- We are not expecting perfection, but a simple service as explain before. What I see the problem is many of the Government staff are recruited by own parents, family and friends, not by aptitude of the job they described in their own C.V. and the matter costing millions in lives and money, plus staff receive the best training in the market, so no excuses. The problem is reflecting with the new changes in the UK system of today, crumbling into pieces by the lie of the staff, when in reality they do no know how to do the job. The matter reflects very much with the true fact, as the DWP staff is sending benefit claimants to ATOS exams and Tribunals to appeals, the NHS staff is sending innocent people to another life before their own time, the HMRC staff do not collect the correct taxes and the financial crisis is about to explode any time now. I could carry on telling you the rest, but all those jobs performed by people own inability, even if they received the best training, but passed the exams as "who is your friend", more that the knowledge of the matter itself. I do not worry about those people, but what that silly attitude in todays world does to other people reputation. Here I am talking about the Queen Elizabeth II. I become UK Citizen and I swore the Bible to protect the Queen, Country, Land and Glory of the UK. I hope, I am doing the job I said I will, nothing else. I do not care the rest. The country can fall into pieces, by own lies of the professionals that should know better, that is not my problem, but it will be my problem, when the same liars continue lying the matter, but the Queen I worry the most. I believe strong The Queen Elizabeth II do not deserve this falling of own country as a repayment for all the things she done to her peoples, after taking all of you out of the Victorian times and dark ages.  The lies is what destroy the system itself, nothing else, but the lies (cover up). The failure of own jobs, or panic to make a simple decision, reflect with the amount of expenditure for silly things, while the rest are starving to death living on bank food. I see benefit claimants as passing the parcel, from hand to hand, as nobody knows how to deal with the matter. The new system is in full motion as we are felling the process with benefits, bedroom tax, university fee's, pensions, ATOS and unemployment exams, etc, but nobody knows a thing in the matter and the cover up is costing the country millions in pounds and lives, while starving the rest by own failures. The old system was the best in the world and created by own citizens, with the help of the Queen Elizabeth II, in order to stop the wars (WWI, WWII, etc) and become the European Union. In principles the old system stand the best in every single way, including humanitarian to own people. When doing the government "new (Prince Charles) system", as the "old (the Queen) system" still very well implemented, strong as ever and ruled by itself, that everything is falling apart into pieces, by the transformation of the new system, because nobody knows how to deal with the matter that the lies are coming out. Including, what Prince Charles is doing in the place of his mother (old system) with the new system, while he is not King just yet and may this explain the constant interference. As I mention years ago and I was right of his full involvement of Prince Charles into government affairs, while Government and Monarchy are ruled apart!?- The funny thing is with the new changes, the UK government was not expecting this kind of failure by own staff and find difficult to deal with the matter, even in the European market stand to lose all, by the new generation. The children of the old generation, who are professionals themselves but never went to war, so unable to understand poverty, famine, hate, racial discrimination, but mean themselves, that lack of principles and before you said anything all my work is free. Particularly when the parents done and typed the research and the child won the degree, as the ex/husband sister/social worker to kill my unborn children, with her lies and hate. I am not the only one with the racism in the matter and hundreds of UK families losing own family nest in the same way as me in different ways, means and forms, by the social world (social workers, social services, etc), that lack the luxury of tradition, but hurting the rest.  The CAB staff called my case an "unusual case" as I am still sharing the home with family, when the services removed from me by the Trafford Council and local Government, by the "family problems", that if they do not remember well is not my problem. The same way as Bijan Ebrahimi the system failed us badly, with domestic violence and even placed an injunction at Manchester Justice Centre to the ex/husband, to no avail. As Bijan Ebrahimi, disabled people or the most vulnerable people of our society got not a little chance, against goliath (UK government). We are over - taken by the majority army of social world (social workers/sister of the ex/husband, social services, neighbours, careers, police, courts, nhs, dwp, etc.) in the government places, that separate families from children that we have the result of the abuse itself, expressed in murder charges to our well adjusted society to a gentle man: "Bijan Ebrahimi"-The Government is trying to blame the most vulnerable people of the UK society with removal of benefits, work, education, but we are living in a community, not separate when it suit them and blame the rest in order to save own jobs, or demonstrate the lack of efficiency in the matter. I demonstrate the same video over and over, as I want you to know that those people in government earns a fortune, not like me that my work is free in order to help the Queen Elizabeth II, as her world is about to collapse thanks to own staff lack of management. When government staff comes with years of work experience in the matter not like me doing the research in months, but earning a small fortune by using anything (me) for free and the country still falls into pieces, because is not the same to read the matter (my stuff), than to write the matter and express little of the same knowledge, with all my respect. Failure is not acceptable, when more than 10,600 lives killed as a result of poor management of the UK government (DWP) staff, Bijan Ebrahimi killed by the lack of help from the police and only God knows how many more victims, plus the NHS victims that the only measure to control the holocaust in the UK abuses of power and profession is to open an Investigation, direct to the International court. The case of Bijan Ebrahimi the neighbourhood victim is not the first one (cover up) and then after mine, where my sister was detained under the mental health act for a silly act. I was about to get a mental capacity act 2005 thanks to "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker with the full help of our neighbour (house #11), neighbourhood (house #11) and jobcentre plus staff (house #11) and the reason's of my divorce, by constant-nonstop domestic violence and removal of all my jobs, services, education, etc. Where I am outnumbered by liars of my defame reputation, in the same way as Bijan Ebrahimi. Where my personal life is attacked, molested and hurt, like mobile phone's and computer battery that works on and off at home, on the road, elsewhere, according to ex/husband moods that monitor my persona and constant hurt all that is mine, in order for me not to have anything to prove to the courts. The reason/s of what would happen to you, if you gave an inch to neighbours of your life and they will take the whole lot in a wave of hate, harassment, murder and criminal activity, by the same paranoia - inflicted society. The street (our street) attacked so many times and burned (3) cars of neighbours by victims of their own jobs in government (neighbour #11), but I was to blame with spread. It is clear the amount of media coverage by the press nowadays, when government staff (NHS, DWP, etc), attacks own people and the reason's of our falling society values, by the lack of police, order and laws, not by me, Bijan Ebrahimi, Jeremy Paxman, or whoever is on the way, but them. I apologies on behalf of whoever lose their own limits in the matter, but can the Prime Minister, David Cameron apologies to us, for the same failures of his staff and endless excuses of why not to do the work, while years ago was Yes, no problem and respect?- This is what I said if the system fails us badly, then close all the places of police, courts, order, laws, as everybody is taken the law on own hands and burning our personal matters (cars) by the confusion of home addresses, but blame the rest (me, my daughter, sister, etc.). I am trying to prove matters as for years, I stood accused by the same UK government system/neighbour/neighbourhood and "family problems"-I lost all, even lives, as Bijan Ebrahimi, as he is our recent victim of modern British murder, by cowards that followed him all over the place and wrecked his reputation many times and acted like Hitler's, Stalin's, Mussolini's, Franco's, Taliban's and Rasputin's themselves, by a Vigilante bunch of cowards neighbours that may face jail after convictions over murder of disabled gentle man (Bijan Ebrahimi) wrongly accused of paranoia  (paedophilia), racism, hate propaganda and Intolerance in our free to express UK soils. A country that went to war of some many wars (WWI, WWII, etc.) and won the lot for nothing, as we stand today pinned in the wall unable to move, act, express, laugh, cry, eat, dance, talk, etc and face deportation, humiliation, removal of own human rights (benefits, jobs, business, education, etc.) or face murder. A typical modern Britain for the lack of the correct resources of Government staff that are hired more for "who is your friend" than the ability to perform properly at work, when wrongly filled a C.V. but helped by their friends to get the dream job, then please do not complain of any kind of crisis, this is your own making not us. When I am writing here is small groups not the whole UK citizens that live (survive) in the same environment of us and make things so complicate in order for us to leave the place, remove all from us, or take the law on own hands ready to kill, as "innocent  Bijan Ebrahimi"- I am not culprit of what people reads on my blog and try to make out of the matter in order to hurt own flesh, blood, country, land, glory. Our question is: who is next in the line of hate propaganda, by a sick society that mislead the rest by their own job position and wins points, instead to be locked, but us. If this is not the true, please tell me why of the single amount of numbers rocket and raised so high and fast, that we can not cope with the demand, even with 90% of professionals that should know better, but blame the rest for only minors crimes, that can be tagged, monitor, check weekly, etc. I am talking about false accused prisoners, as we stand as 80,002, but we are living in a super well adjusted society of professionals sheering a tiny small island, so how?- The Mental health hospital beds increased with years, without mention the amount of deaths under the water - washed so well, that nobody knows of the criminal activity, died by numbers, not by days. The break up of hundreds of families and removal of own children from natural parents for no reasons at all, may the culprit could be traced and raise in a Third Hitler's home. similarity happens one in a million in time history, but today, incredible?!Where Europe is crumbling and falling badly out the rails by own Government and staff with similarities, as the rest of the European countries. The CAB staff calling my case an "unusual case" and I wish to know what exactly she means by it. When in my country we do not kick our children from home, but Trafford council with me, as given priority to the ex/husband. I am trying hard not to break my family after the divorce, which consists of my children, by the despicable me own Government policies that separate families with any imaginary excuses and target us (vulnerable society) all the time, that today you have the result: "A Broken Britain-A Divide Country" not by me or Bijan Ebrahimi, but the UK government system. I lost unborn children and brother, sister detained under the mental health act and daughter bullied, that I can see bullying, before reach me. I hope you can excuse myself of the way I act, before my time, but I need to make sure is stop the bullying, as lack of services to me, as Bijan Ebrahimi, nothing else!!-I keep the Disability hate by politicians to us, in my heart ( ). Neighbourhood hell of hate from own government staff to UK residents behind the doors, that should protect us not incite ( ). Including the Vinnie Jones ( ) and Philpot family racism with respect to every one of their own children that perished RIP victims of hate culture like me and mine, unborn children and brother( ). Mr Jones racism in the UK is not acceptable and working hard to eradicate the full illness. The incitement of Hate in any way, form or shape is out of question for this century and should be a crime in Law with no parole, no matter reason/s. The hate belongs to a Victorian mind, not mine. The UK since the Jones were born and today is like the distance of the Earth to the Moon, as the world keep spinning around forwards not backwards. The Police works together with the Neighbourhood scheme, so forget any help with them for the Bijan's Ebrahimi cases (RIP), as they sold our exquisite system to those cowards, who call themselves neighbourhood schemes and works only for: "who is your friend", even stands to wins cases together in the malice. As soon as you are accepted into those circles, that is hard to come out of the violence. I can prove this matter in any court of law as I was married to one of them, now divorce. I believe strong that with a good salary direct to the police staff, we may can kill the problem/s and eradicate for good the neighbourhood scheme as we are living within 90% of professionals, to be accounted in any court of law for own actions and use the correct channels that represent our Police force, not group/s of people with criminal activities, minds and lies. I feel sorry to Bijan Ebrahimi family as to break the bond with neighbours and the police is going to be very hard and millions of pounds, throw in the bin by the constant courts hearings, investigations, etc, that protect professionals with a wave of "confidentiality acts" and abuses of power and profession and not the victim (Bijan Ebrahimi). Instead tackle the disease of our society, which is very clearly to all to see it and calls: "racism, hate and discrimination" in the community. It is important to use the money wisely and instead of expending millions for a case that require better pay to Police staff to come out of the corruption (with that condition) and remove neighbourhood schemes, as they kill with bad spread, as we saw with Bijan Ebrahimi case (and mine). The council of Bijan Ebrahimi case should do the investigations, process and court fee's, or any other expenses by their own pocket, not the tax payer by ignoring the pleas of Mr. Bijan Ebrahimi several times. As the police should contact the local services, for the same matter in the past (disabled man/Bijan Ebrahimi) and at some point. We need to stop this case happens again, by the police, neighbourhood schemes, council, or to whom concern the matter, all together as professionals with training into their own jobs should be account in any court of law and use the law appropriately, as fallings into the state is not plausible in law, not even money should be a case of hate. We need to set strong values into our community back again and to teach those government staff, that bullying is not acceptable in law anymore. It is time to divide the matter properly and see where the problem/s lays, comes and goes and who is dong the criminal activity and remove the Third Hitler's of our society (neighbourhood schemes), as with a good amount of Police Force should be enough to tackle the matter. Including to add extra help from our unemployed Military Forces, that at the moment find hard to get a job, and the Queen, Country, Land and Glory owns everything to them and act together into one with the Police force in Britain and may Franchise the services if all comes ok abroad, that the world need so bad with their own excellent example of the Military Forces and our Old Police Force tactics  Stop the Hate propaganda like the "Bijan Ebrahimi", as many Vinnie Jones of today and their likes, infects our environment with hate, but only a few good men stands besides the English community free of hate and coming out to set the good example and values to our society of today, that got broken by the system separating parents to children may got into the wrong groups in the past, but today is different, with thanks to Tommy Robinson!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.