Saturday, 30 November 2013

John Major hits back to shocking (gang) culture of private education elite, over the UK ..

El Choclo  ..
A change regarding the United Kingdom Education, "U turn" an introduction of replacement for GCSEs in certain subjects  (English, maths, science, humanities and languages), as PE curriculum is reduced to almost cero,  from the system, in order to injure, hurt, demolish, smash, crush, demean, degrade, disgrace, take down and/or put down the humble well implemented education system by Government staff that try hard to impress us with Eton qualifications (with respect to Eton). When we can see results to our lovely country being crushed, by some of Government Ministers and staff new changes, that insist of removal of our human rights, instead to create rights for all in equal measures with no distinction. In the House of Lords - Court of Law and/or any other debate Houses, the ministers, residents, students, or anybody who wants to play a part and give own opinion in the matters of the state are allowed to write down own ideas freely, with no reprisals, but us writers - the media in general - the journalism itself, punished by Marxist, Hitler's, Stalin, Mussolini's, Franquist, Taliban's and Rasputin's Militant Government that takes all our birth rights away from us, instead to be open to debate. The idea of remembrance of the past is not for us to fall to the same low levels in the present of those dictators, but learn. The new changes in Government is taken all of us to the cleaners, not just in education matters, but the rest (benefits, bedroom tax, etc.) with super drastic measures. The British Queen, Country, Land, Glory, Constitution, Institution, Tradition, Legacy, Roots, System and even our believes or anything that is our British trade mark, but for sale and the separation is going to leave all of us open to abuse and may on the hands of corrupt people, instead of unite our country. Particularly our parents hard work with strong backbone values with little or non/consideration to the new system. Where innocent British people pinned to the wall with no mercy, unable to defend their own lives, but pay a life in interest, by constant interference of Government staff regarding education matters. The United Kingdom went to war of so many wars in the past (WWI, WWII, etc) but for nothing, as they wanted us to have what they missed in life, to no avail. The fallings into our jobs, education, universities, system, culture and the lot is the constant changes into our lives by the new ministers in politics, that brings own ideals into work, of what they believe is the "normal" but not all of us are born into silver spoon. Instead the British Government to say sorry: "I have made mistakes in the past", playing with our lives, rather than being afraid in case shows any weakness in the matter and lambasted by the show media. "The English qualification of the GCSE own by right/s of the student in the UK and not something to play with, but investigate the matter before any new implements, like EBacc. The college, university or employer should not use grades - qualifications of the students as mean of way, to select people (who is your friend), but by merit of the students. The GCSE is only an example of what our education system consist of in question of grades and qualifications passing at the present moment with the new system (GCSE-EBacc), not just the financial turmoil with the students loans but education itself. Where you can see most of the GCSE students got no problem to adapt the new system (EBacc). My question is what about teachers when marking the correct grades and may ("who is your friend") discriminate badly a student by any means or aptitude with old wives tales, interference of a third person/s, like/dislike the person or any other excuse the teacher may have, not only GCSE, EBacc, A-Levels, but also NVQ's, Bachelors of Laws, WHS/Post Office exam, as happened to me in the past, now, I understand better the present. "Because it doesn't matter what the student want to learn/choose (GCSE, EBacc, A-Levels, NVQ's) irrelevant to us, but to them in principles and should be respected. Where the matter of correct pathway for student grades/qualification should be an opportunity to all, in equal measures, regards of: colour, sex, religion, age, country of birth, sexual orientation, etc, not a privilege as we are paying education/students fee's/poll tax and not free. As John Major said: culture of ("who is your friend") private education elite"- Again the matter happened to me the selective assessment and several times in the UK not Mèxico (Mexican born, but British Citizen). As the ex/husband said we are corrupt, but who exactly he means, as We, Mexicans do not have his excellent system, but him, so?-
1-I was refused English language and Hairdressing courses, by south Trafford college, my sister lost her German education when spotted a wrong spellings from the teacher, but the funny thing was that she just arrived from Germany (2000), but expelled by Trafford college staff with lies?-
2-I was refused sign language, by north Trafford college (Talbot road), but hard of hearing person?-
3-I was refused NVQ's qualification as career for old people (skills solutions), as just before finish the course, the manager sacked me (2005), now working along with Trafford council?-
4-I was refused my choice of education in the Open University (2012). I end up with something else by the staff of the OU, because of the "area (Trafford)", but I am paying with students loans?-
5-I was about to be throw out of the exam/course/job of WHS/Post Office in Altrincham, when I spotted a corrupt marking in my exam several times, on the same paper. I mention the matter to the manager, but at the end of the day I lost the job, by the unrealistic targets, but targeting people (me) all the time?-All this comes from Government (jobcentre plus neighbour #11) staff, as the same matter happens to UK residents and is now in the open, while for me was years ago, but blame by the government staff and I lost all today. I can prove in law the matter, so no lies, cheat, or defame lie, but the sad reality of corrupt education system, that may need to improve. I want to take the Trafford Council to Manchester Justice Centre for a Judicial review (CO5411/2013) of 58 cases to me, plus a catalogue of CAB staff negligence and full suit case of letters-correspondence to prove the abuse of power/profession. As all comes from the "area (Trafford)" where I live, that removes everything from me, with no reason/s in the matter and legally corruption, as "I lost all"- "The constant removal of all that is mine by Trafford council staff of social services/social worker/sister of the ex/husband/neighbour (house #11), ex/husband "family problems", without my permit, consent and knowledge in the matter, but blame, based on lies of my reputation with intention to follow, copy all that is mine and remove after, steal and then bring to own premises. The action itself mean one thing and is the lack of capacity to perform properly at work and achieve anything by themselves, but steal/mislead/lie in their own C.V. no wonder the country is falling apart and their own lies exposed. As one thing is to copy and another different is to have my knowledge, with respect. The same matter happened to my children's education, when choose the wrong career path by continue interference of the ex/husband and his "family problems, vendettas, hate" that follows not just me, but the girls too education/friends/the lot and removes all from them, as well as me with lies, interference or just jealousy. The ex/husband "family problems" can not achieve this level of violence alone, to me and mine but the help of Government staff of Trafford council, even Gaynor Burton/Equality officer said that they are not part of Government (mislead?), so what the hell those Government bodies are? - Where do you see this level of abuse in Manchester, Stockport, elsewhere, but Trafford council staff giving our places to another areas, in that case the newcomers should live in Trafford, not elsewhere, as I mention before I was paying poll tax when happened. As all that was mine in the Trafford Area removed by the same blue culture. I refused to accept their own bullying. I got second hand books to educate me "private" at home with no tutor, particularly with the "Bachelors of Laws" - The unfair treatment robed me and my children of our own education and human rights in the UK selective system Where my children failed exams (apparently) by the selective Trafford Council staff of "who is your friend", rather than ability, but both girls proved to be Grammar Students, but stolen their own merits by racism. The Bullying of one of my children make her to perform poorly, never by her own fault, but the bullies that make her to be insecure at the time and she was used to highly the college ability as cash machine like me, to win funds to her school, without our permit, consent and knowledge in the matter. In the same way as me with funds to refurbish the Old Trafford council with the excuse of the DAG groups, but abused badly - never asked even once. I could not understand the matter at the time as I am Mexican born, but I spoke to the Head of the year on that time and police officers regarding my child bullying, the ex/husband came once and very moody. It is now that I understand all the problems that happened to my child mirror to me now in the same way, with the hundreds of things that I want to do but on hold, in the same way as my child on that time and still.

I teach my children both in Primary Education and somehow both of them become outstanding not by me, but the words of the Headmaster of Saint Bede's College in Manchester, that expressed the matter. The college cost money (Saint Bede's) but if my children continue in Trafford area any longer with the bullying, the cost in their own mental health could be worse. On that time, I studied the matter careful: my children health by the bullies or pay somewhere else, so they can learn in peace. I was hoping my children may become something by own achievement, but as mention before the education jeopardise as one of them was doing science and the other business, now art and music, to break her ears like me?-It is/was all planed by the "family problems" of the ex/husband family, that are in constant interference of spoil our lives with the help of the Government staff. In the same way as me with my bachelors of laws by the open university, becomes a laughing matter, now I am studying something else, even if I paid school fee's, poll tax and university loans?-Except in 2008 the ex/husband received his pension, that was the only time he helped with the school fee's, not that I am charging, but at least a merit. I spoke to both children's education teams in which St Hugh's Headmaster told me that he will sue me, if I carry on speaking slander, when I was requesting to have a proper investigation into the matter of "bullying" of one of my children and both apparently failed (in the same way as me) the 11 plus exams and all was done with the help of a simple letter?- In the same way as before, today, I have cero friends (as all removed by "family problems") to be accused openly by the Headmaster of Saint Hugh's regarding the matter of "spreading" and to whom exactly, except, I made him a letter?-The Headmaster of Saint Hugh's need to provide the letter that I wrote to him requesting the same matter, in order for him to accuse or intimidate me that way with fear. Can you imagine to small child as mine of that kind of bullying and unable to defend themselves of the pressure?- It is now that I am explaining in public of the same level of "hate" before and accused, when it was a letter, now I am using a blog, because I am a hard of hearing person and this is my way of communication with people like him. As a mother, I have a right to protect my children in any way, form, shape, or age, as God helps me. I want him to know that I am still waiting for him to take me to the cleaners, as I was only asking to investigate the matter or explain the way the failings in education, but don't worry, as I done myself the investigation. I understand very well the education selective system, but not before and we lost a lot in Trafford area. "As a mother I have all the rights, even if my children are old or young but to gain compensation for their own assault (bullying and lack of education), so children can understand what happened to them and may carry on life, but stuck in limbo, even with the wrong education. I was left alone to carry the burden when the Trafford council gives the same level of education as Saint Bede's college, but without the pay, but I was paying poll tax/house bills, now university fee's, so why the racial discrimination?"-At the end both children need to be move out of Trafford area and place in Saint Bede's college in Manchester. I am full aware of the sex problems with religious affairs, but not all of them are the same, so why to condemn the rest and the school performance, by the puritans!?-As my Lord said: Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone"- Here in this paragraph, I am talking about education and bullying that need to be acknowledge the abuse and stopped, not sex abuse of any kind. My children have human rights to gain education in peace, in the Trafford area where I was (still) living and paying taxes (poll tax), now unemployed. The college need to tackle the sexual stuff, not the parents. In order for my children to be move to another area and may receive education (St Bede's College) in peace, deny in Trafford Area. I have no words to say "thank you" to "St Bede's College", as they were like a second family to my children. I am not religious of anything now, but I am giving  merit, where merit belongs. I was left totally alone (me/Rosario) to pay school fee's in another area since day one (St Bede's College) as a Mexican born, not British except citizenship, hard of hearing and living in Trafford area. In the same way St Bede's College is accused of sexual stuff and left alone the place. I have two children that speak wonders of St Bede's College, not just one and this matter alone is enough against those people that may want to corrupt the education system of St Bede's College with something else (sexual stuff). Legally both matters (sexual - education) are separate and none belongs to the other. I cannot understand why to take on St Bede's college and their own education system which is the best, when the matter of sex abuse is different and do not match together?-It is important in life to divide matters and stop false accusations to innocent people, by those puritans that think matters happens to you, when sexual abuse by priest, a common matter worldwide. I do understand the matter of rape, in fact I was a victim, but here is about education/bullying, nothing else, even in my country Mexico we have the same problem, but those things happens and need to deal with the police, not us, parents, school, teachers. The Council, Schools (St Hugh's/BTH) and the MP of the Trafford area, in which the third one wished the best to my children, but refused to take the case as hopeless.  I hope the same goes to him now, as we are all coming out in the open with the abuse of education system and without reprisals, but my children were racially discriminate in their own hands and full aware of the abuse of power and profession by Mr Brady selective few system, when education is for all. I raised my children alone, as the ex/husband was working most of the time at Manchester Airport (1987), only 2008 he left the job, to continue as self-employed, maybe for a reason. The aim of government staff could not be achieve against me and mine, without the help of the ex/husband and his "family problems", that sells anything in order to cash, even the memory of his unborn children (mine too) and reasons of my divorce. I would like to comment that the present education system in Trafford area affects innocent children and only benefit the few children's of Gods divinity selective educational program, by my own experience more than anything in the world.  I think the matter is wrong. The Trafford Area won improvements including own building (Talbot road), a few new schemes for disabled people were open (Sale area), including the Library in Stretford, Urmston area renovate, Altrincham (new transport), mostly by Trafford DAG groups (I was one of them), BTH school won a massive amount in improvement, when my child was there, soon after the photo (see pic) and not Conservative MP (Brady), or ex/husband "family problems", but cash on me and mine and time to give the merit, where merit belongs, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.