Friday, 27 September 2013

The Job centre plus was set on fire by their own staff for not eating properly ..

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - RECUERDOS DE LA ALHAMBRA  ..

It is sad indeed that today's situations is not the matter of Labour, Conservatives or the so famous Liberals, UKIP and those that make a joke of the System in a Racist way, but the whole Country as we are standing alone, totally alone and with a criminal record for the bullying. Pushing people to the extremes is the maximum duress and the most heartless act to own people, closing the doors on them and left them to starve with no jobs or progression, simple no right the matter! At the mercy of bullies staff of the UK Government, while the Ministers are making promises that they are not going to delivery in the future, but want to present by the next General Election. Not now, that we all need help badly, but wait another long year or so more and the country falling apart into pieces by the Burocracy and Autocracy of peoples of Authority, that use their own promises to us, as their own meal ticket for next general election?- Professionals unable to do their own jobs properly due to parents done the research and typing and somehow they earned the career and earning a kilometric salary, not happy with it, they bring own "family problems" to work. The UK system (European Union, etc) one of the best systems in the whole wide World, who was create out of pain by the elders that went to war (WWI, WWIII, etc) and wanted to give the best to own children's, for this young generation to finish with the matter in one go and little respect?- The problem lies on the lack of UNITE of our UK country, but making hundreds of Victims fall for the same corrupt system as they are left alone as mention before, so where is the Democracy, Respect, Tolerance, Protection in Laws, Code of Practices, to the UK peoples, from the Professionals?- Who regulate those Professionals code of conduct or we are alone to their own devices as usual, because the Ombudsman hire a cheap regulators?- On the top of that those innocents that are starving get a criminal record, instead the things they need and ask, like the foreign people and on the time not tomorrow or when they burned the place down out of despair, poverty, etc?- "I am not doing the hate preach, but standing for me and mine Human Rights. "As we are all one community not divide into many pieces, groups, neighbourhood, partnerships, etc, but acting as one, otherwise buy your own Island. The difference to buy your Island is when you can not stand a multicultural society that we live nowadays, due to hate or feel divinity of God. As I was bullied by the extent abuse of the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, that she studied the career to get on me and mine, that I request today "space/respect" as she stole all that I ever have with her spread. How many people of all backgrounds is the same?- What makes my blood to boil is that the same matter do not happens to Foreign people in the same way as me, but helps in everything: Housing, Benefits, etc. In other words a RICH life to the UK nationals is a dream, but robed from the State?-I am a foreign person born in Mexico with British Nationality and in any moment or time, use/abuse the country hospitality, never, but worked!-I had been living in the UK 28 years and contributed the state on my own ways and possibilities, but I feel the system is not right for me and mine. I need to address to the proper regulator system, anybody knows where is the person in charge nowadays?-The ways of UK Government towards us/the Country as a whole is out of question and fall totally in the wrong hands, places and moments. Where the Professionals that swore to protect Queen, Country, Land and her Peoples, but using the place as a war zones, to bring own "family problems" to work, that is protection in Law, or breaking the Constitution?-The NHS is on sale by the result of so many murders. The Government staff (DWP, NHS, etc) is driving people out of despair, by the lack of understanding the job properly and leaving the country dry with any excuses: bedroom tax, benefit cuts, university fee's and bullying us the society?- Where some Professionals abuse own power and professions to the extremes, those people that the country relies on them badly and for help, but protect by "confidentiality acts"?- "In other words the UK Nationals are on the hands of bullies, small groups that act with no care in the matter but intimidate the state badly and when we said badly, we are in the bottom"-We need to burn the place down in order to eat, you call that Justice and on the top of that we get a criminal record, for the abuse of professionals to us?-We are the criminals, not them?!-I normally sign anything as my own priority is the most disadvantage people of our society, including the Disabled as I am one of them, but this one definitive no. I, myself, wants and intent to lead a normal life for Disabled people as I am one of them, with no "Cumulative Impacts of Anything" and let alone the constant interference of the council services, social worker and army of Hitler's, Mussolini's, Franco's and Stalin's that monitor our lives as if we are their own possession. How much money we cost them and can we see the receipt of the purchase?-Where those Professionals (small groups) treat disabled people as their own Meal Ticket with Assessments. We keep complaining of the assessment with ATOS/DWP/NHS, etc and then now you want: "Welfare Reform Acts" which is based on Assessments, in order for those people to get the kilometric salaries and us the crap, abuse, hate, intolerance, bullying, cents, miser life, etc and not them?-When things get like ATOS/Unemployment Exams again then, who is going to come and help you, because I am not going to be here on Earth/UK for ever?-I need a Job, Education, Protection in Law, Constitution, Human Rights Acts, Opportunities, and Services and when all of those things fall me, then what is next for me in the UK?-As the Queen Elizabeth excellent example during the World War II to stay in the UK was super, but she has no worries of salary to pay bills like me and I am not a charity to nobody, let's alone without my permission, consent and knowledge in the matter?- It´s time for a change to EQUALITY life free of walls, impacts and cumulative assessments by the Social care or Careers world. Disabled people FREE with a respectful life and in charge of own life, away from the nanny state, harassment and control of our own environment. As 90% of Disabled people can do own things and hire people to help them not to come and assess them?-The wasting money of those third people that stand as a wall for all of us to fall anytime, instead to do own jobs. Disabled people need to choose, if wants Full control of the nanny State (careers, council, etc) and to continue to be at the mercy of the staff with assessments or they start taking charge of own environment. The opportunity is now that we have the assessments of own behaviour  of Government staff  towards us with hate from a reputable people of our society, that stands with us and not against us, with time for changes to our environment today and not tomorrow, otherwise I am out. As the opportunities are taken in the moment not later. Where I just happens to see their own Website of those monitor staff to our personal lives, but works not just in the UK but worldwide. The abuse may spread further and explain properly what happened to me and mine. Where UK Government staff: social services/workers, etc, can get the facility to enter our lives without our permission, consent and knowledge into the matter, abuse of power/profession, but protect with "confidentiality acts" and training for a Social Work Career World that comes from Margaret Thatcher times with hate towards us?- The career for the outgoing bullying into our lives is going at the moment Half price as you can see their own website mention before, in order to keep hold of our lives and pin us into the bleeding wall with full control, including their own "family problems" like mine. I lost unborn children, marriage of 27 years, country of birth, family, friends, jobs, business, education, life, opportunities, the lot, thanks to the social worker/sister of the ex/husband and her family problems  Where the social worker/sister of the ex/husband done all to protect her brother (?), but the ex/husband lost: his leg, job, reputation, unborn children as they were ours, but not the sister, incredible?-Where she blames him to be a bully, but not her, as she need to explain the matter to her own Profession as we are part of a community and deserve to gain respect back again, not her that she done the damage, but us that received the hate propaganda and lost all?-I was right before where all my blog reflects my "domestic abuse" in the hands of the "family problems" of the ex/husband sister social worker and if the Courts can not spot the difference, what is next for us?-Do we need to make our own Courts of Law, as the Professionals would not abide and obey the rules of this Country, Principles and Laws. I need to learn the Law in order to protect me and mine from the same hate, that as a Mexican I was not aware or how to respond the hate, bullying, spread. I feel strong and in charge now, but no then as I was ignorant of the Law. I was not aware what needs to be done in order to protect people that fall the system in the same way as me and millions, but unaware, until now. The reason of the blog for people to be aware of the system and not to go with ignorance. It proves in Law what I mention of the ex/husband sister social worker, that open the doors to the UK foreign family of mine that were blaming me of things in order for those people to come and collaborate her own lies and both groups gain points, work, education, benefits, the lot, thanks to the tax payer money, so what the hell the Professionals learn at the University?-  How to incite pain to residents of the UK and protect by the Unions, with this in mind, I prove in Law that the social worker parents done the research/typing and all her work, to gain a career, with all the trimmings to go against me and mine and the UK country?- I prove in Law that the neighbour job centre plus (#11) brings her own job to our area and 3 cars were blow up years ago. The Professionals helps each other direct, not matter country, profession, power to help them in the abuse, hate, spread, etc, no wonder we are sitting ourselves in the UK pined in the wall by their own abuse. I lose all with the lies, slander, defamation and hate propaganda of both families abuses to the UK tax payer and murder all what is mine with bad spread and all that for Half Price of cheap labour and hate propaganda to all of us. My question is who is responsible of the direct attacks to me and mine by the Social Worker/sister of the ex/husband that keeps molesting, stalky, hunting, follows, all that is my private stuff and crime in law? (see Viewers of this profile also viewed... ). I lost quite a lot and I want you to understand the matter, not the pain, but the loss, in which I apologies to the Queen Elizabeth II, but there is not Courts of Law for me. All my stuff gets stop by the Trafford Council as the ex/husband sister social worker works there, not Stockport area where she live but the area where I live (social worker at Trafford Primary Care Trust, nor Stockport I was no allowed in the past even to visit the family to Stockport area as the ex/mother was saying all the time, but I was to blame? .. can you imagine to work, live, rest and get hold of all Carol Parker area (Stockport) jobs, groups, house (neighbourhood), dentist, hairdresser, friends, family, country of birth, unborn children, marriage, husband (her brother), sister/s (detained under the mental health act) and brother/s (killed), daughters (bullied) etc, and I am the problem?-Where she need to prove this slander, lie, defamation, hate in a court of law, as the abuse of power/profession is way out of question and a crime?-The loss and pain is more than any human person can hold with a wave of racial/disability discrimination, but full attacked by the UK State tales off and how many people like me in the UK? .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.