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Madeleine Beth McCann a tragic toddler that for some reasons today, she is not with us ..

Gerry McCann said: "There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death" ..

Rosario Castellanos de Parker said: If there is not evidence that Madeleine is dead and there is not evidence to implicate her parents in the matter either, then who is liable in law for the missing girl?- In other words, who left the children alone, when money is not an issue and full responsible of the welfare of own children (3)? ..
 Andre Rieu - Il Silenzio  ..

Everyone has the right freely to express and disseminate his thoughts by words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, to inform himself/herself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination, Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º http://goo.gl/CdC5lm The Human Rights Acts protects any law/s mention before (Portuguese) or worldwide (British, Mexican, etc), in order to gain services in the community regarded of colour, sexual orientation, disability, country of birth, etc. http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ Including and not extent to protect myself or anybody of the same fate, matter/s or grounds in law, either way, form or shape while living in the United Kingdom. http://goo.gl/EADXVO The law should not seek, pursued or blame me regarding Madeleine Beth McCann disappearance just by writing. Portuguese country, people, land or glory should not be blame of Madeleine's Beth McCann crime, disappearance or abduction, but badly hurt reputation by the McCann´s with no prove in the matter in law of the country, people or land to be blame/liable of the child's fate in a court of law worldwide, but the parents. As Gerry and Kate McCann had the means to hire a child minder in Portugal and protect own children. It is a crime in any state of the world to blame, falsely accuse or try to disarm a country, people or status reputation without any prove in the matter, in this case Portugal and in order to cover criminal activity, crime, abuse, or change the direction/s of the case. Gonçalo Amaral, who was the former coordinator of Madeleine Beth McCann investigation and wrote a book regarding the matter: “Maddie: The Truth About The Lie”- http://goo.gl/2qiROU I believe strong that the matter happened in the same way as the mother of the child, Kate McCann, who wrote a book on her own words about her daughter last days, hours, moments and maybe count as evidence, but unable to have the other half of the evidence of Gonçalo Amaral. http://goo.gl/bWSX4h So what is the point to have a law, if corruption is going to win?-The law worldwide is made of two cases/things/evidences (Kate/Gerry McCann and Goncarlo Amaral), not just one (Kate/Gerry McCann or Goncarlo Amaral)) in order to hide the crime, criminality, abuse of power/profession, etc (Madeleine McCann). Somehow, Kate and Gerry McCann's earning millions on daughter's book, while Amaral is trying to clean reputation of Portugal by the scandal, otherwise what Kate/Gerry are trying to gain with the libel case (9/2013) of the book of Amaral's (one Million)?- http://goo.gl/2vFqto Madeleine Beth McCann was a tragic English girl that disappeared from the family Holiday apartment in Praia da Luz Portugal (3/5/07) and her mother, Kate McCann raised the alarm at 10pm. Since that moment Madeleine Beth McCann is missing with strong feelings that she was killed, abducted or stolen even by a child molester (paedophile.). Kate McCann is in Portugal contesting, "one million" libel case against the former coordinator Gonçalo's Amaral book?!- http://goo.gl/hHNOji The family's lawyer Isabel Duarte told reporters that the couple are seeking damages because they claim Mr Amaral's book defamed them and they maintain Madeleine was abducted. What about when Kate and Gerry McCann defamed Portugal people, country, land and even the case itself badly, hurting reputation that was splattered on the news everyday worldwide into the matter, trying to blame somebody for the child's fate, while they could hire an English speaking nanny for the night out in town, but not, they left the 3 children alone. So who is to blame in this matter: Gonçalo's Amaral and his book, Portugal as a whole, or Kate and Gerry McCann as parents of the child in question of law and fully legally responsible of Madeleine´s Beth McCann own fate?-  Since Madeleine Beth McCann got lost her family had been gained a lot of money for the case itself and we are talking about millions, not cents!!-I am reduced to represent myself in a court of law in the UK, as I am unable to use legal aid due to "family problems" and prove my innocence in a Court of Law of slander, lies and defamation towards me and mine. The ex-husband sister/social worker moved to the area where I live to bring a wave of hate propaganda to me and mine, stealing everything from me, based on her lies regarding my reputation. In order to help her case, the ex/husband sister/social worker opened the doors to foreign people, family, relation or friends of mine to collaborate her own lies and gain education, benefits and a rich life in the UK in exchange, costing the Tax payer millions the abuse of power/profession and I got the blame for the abuse, even if I was not aware of the "family problems", for more that 27 years (1985) and the reason of my divorce (2013), denying my Human Rights and I am British Citizen!?-  http://goo.gl/2UIv1q I feel the matter of Gerry and Kate McCann is an offence to me and mine, as I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, daughter and I bullied in the Trafford area, all my jobs, business, education, reputation and even pets gone, by the "family problems" and all that happened to me and mine in the UK, not Portugal. Somehow, Madeleine Beth McCann Parents are allowed to earn millions in the UK and Worldwide and/or to be represented by a solicitor/lawyer/barrister to clean own name, but no me. Including and not extent Madeleine Beth McCann Parents are allowed to have people around them for morale support in/out the Courts or even to interfere open on their behalf (t.v.programs/news/newspapers, etc), while legally the matter is corruption in law and hypocrisy into our society, but no me. Where I am racially/disability/religion-discriminate by the State in the UK, but not the McCann's in Portugal?-Incredible the corruption, discrimination, racism, lies, slander defamation (to my persona) and abuse of power/profession by the ex/husband sister/social worker and the McCann's that work for the Government System (NHS). Today, The Queen Elizabeth II, Country/United Kingdom, Glory and her Land reputation is badly affected, by the level of abuse of small groups that corrupt the System (NHS, etc) with lies. As a result the services badly affected, by the level of corruption that is impossible to break, like illness. Unfortunately as a result of the same matter/s, abuse and corruption that we are all on SALE (NHS, DWP, Post Office, etc), while the world of Professionals people should know better, to no avail?- http://goo.gl/XrydwC The millions made by Kate and Gerry McCann own daughter's fate, by the professional couple exploiting the name of their own child to the maximum is out of question legally, but they should be persecute in a court of law to prove own innocence in the UK, Portugal or both countries and stop blaming others for daughter's own fate. http://goo.gl/6BcHtI I should be allowed to be part of the case, as I am pretty sure the Parents of Madeleine McCann are lying, but again I may be wrong as I do not hold the papers and the child is missing, not death. http://goo.gl/BlU9Bg I open the case of Michael Le Vell on my blog acting as advocacy (7/9/2013). http://goo.gl/1UulW1 The case won soon after for lack of evidence (11/9/2013). http://goo.gl/u66wC2 I receive not a single reference for the job, as I am unemployed/hard of hearing disabled person, but the UK Government wants us to work and how?-If others steal my jobs and Human Rights # 25, like mention before with the ex/husband "family problems" and his sister/social worker blaming me for all her misfortunes, while she should know better?- I am not talking about earning millions like the McCann's family, but something to help me to pay the house bills and get a decent life, while living in the UK, but not Kate and Gerry McCann on Portugal, but using the UK services (NHS) as war zone, revenge, vendettas, or "family problems" and the rest of the country (me) get the blame for it and how?-Unfortunately, this kind of life you would not live elsewhere, with the constant monitor into our lives for one reason or the other by the UK Government and Staff. Where the Queen Elizabeth II speech on May 2013 open speak of us UK citizens, to work and be rewarded, but the truth is that even going viral as mention before with the case of Le Vell, that our ideas, jobs, living or business removed from us, by the DWP (NHS, Post Office, etc) staff that copy all with the excuse of monitor (without our permission, consent and knowledge) and earn the bonuses. http://youtu.be/bEUfTgX6s38I Instead to earn by own career but copy all from us, not wonder the state of the country reflects badly. As it's not the same to copy (them) that to hold the knowledge (me), because in case that need to defend the Queen, Country, Glory and Land, who is more prepare to do it, but hurting reputation of people, like the ex/husband sister/social worker, to me and mine and her groups. Where Trafford Council-Government (DWP) staff and neighbour (#11) lies regarding my reputation as a career, telling all in the DAG meeting that "I abuse old people" and where is the prove legally and in a court of law?- http://trafforddisability.org/dag I lost all for the defamed lie and my reputation badly hurt, in the same way as the McCann's, but not earning millions in the UK, but the McCann's in Portugal?-The same neighbour #11 that works for Disabled People (DAG) and DWP staff in Altrincham job centre plus husband is close friend of the ex/husband and his "Family problems" (sister/social worker) since 25 years ago, from Manchester Airport?- I am not worry about the Queen Elizabeth II speech as a whole, as I know the truth of the matter, but the mislead into the matter and then to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to recite the full lie into the open public places, while she, herself, the Queen Elizabeth II could be liable in law for the lie, but you and I knows full well that is not her fault, the lie, but of the liar who made the note, in order to attack her peoples reputation. As in reality the paper as we watched the previous video was written by a liar - Someone who mislead the Queen Elizabeth II, Country, Land and Glory badly and doesn't care a bit - Someone who doesn't care a cent, even to investigate the matter of "unemployment statistics properly", before I take the lie to court for defamation to my persona, like the McCann's and for one million. The UK Citizens are the most hard working people of the rest of the world and the person who wrote the paper for the Queen's speech doesn't care a bit, the result in the matter, even for one million the lie. Where a lie grows into another lie and before we know, we become a country full of lies, that when someone speak of the truth is bullied endlessly like me and from the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his groups, trying to stop me and intimidate my persona badly. The reality is that the Government Ministers and staff (DWP, NHS, Post Office, etc) removes all our jobs, living and opportunities, with own regulations, rules and laws, affecting our lives badly in which reflects the state on benefits, housing, taxes of today, and I can probe this matter in any court of law, anytime!-The Queen Elizabeth II worked hard to give her peoples this kind of luxury life, that was a past of the Victorians, for your children's/children's to come and use/abuse the place (DWP, NHS, Post Office, etc) as war zone. The WWII finished in the 1945 to be exact and we still need to deal with Hitler's, Stalin's, Mussolini's and Franco's in the work places of Government and their own staff. I was not aware of the matter as I am Mexican born, but emigrate the UK after married (1985) and now divorce (2012), for the same reason/s of "family problems"-I am studying law at home now, in order to survive the blitz. http://goo.gl/HEAJdh  Where more than 10,600 victims of Government staff died as result of ATOS-Medical exams/Benefits/Bedroom Tax, etc and corruption.  http://goo.gl/XItWff   I am unable to prove the level of the same abuse of power and profession, criminality activity with the International Court for the Genocide and Holocaust of those people that perished in the hands of ATOS/Bedroom Tax/etc, because of the constant, non/stop "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker/helpers/groups of Trafford Area and Council framing me all the time and I am unemployed thanks to them?- http://goo.gl/20oaqL All the services in the area of Trafford closed to me with racism, but unable to clean my name in a court of law, like Gerry and Kate McCann, with a million libel case, for defamation to me and mine?- http://goo.gl/uIkSqK Where is the equality in the matter with me and the McCann's trying to clean our names, but me suffering racial discrimination in the UK and no the McCann's in Portugal?- http://goo.gl/ptxZ3o I am reduced to receive nothing in the Trafford area: benefits, jobs, education and services to help me while living in the UK that is my Human Right #25, as Kate and Gerry McCann in Portugal. I am unable to know the crime, lie or problem to clean my name in a court of law, because of "confidentiality acts", but never the racial discrimination to Gerry and Kate McCann in Portugal. As we are both: England and Portugal living within the European Union mandate, framework, laws and courts. Never mind the one million, that I am entitle for the level of non/stop domestic abuse/violence, bullying, defamation, lies, slander, hate propaganda towards me and mine by the "family problems", where I lost all, including my reputation. Strong groups of Trafford Council and staff that represent Disabled people in the UK, against a hard of hearing person like me, with any excuses while full aware of the law and matters to incite hate, what a cowards?-All of them professional people that should know better, but covered the same level of criminal activity/criminality/bullying/abuse of power/profession not matter their own status, by the corruption of "confidentiality acts" and not the McCann's in Portugal (creating discrimination by the same professionals and me?)?-Except the Portuguese People, Country, Glory and Land badly defamed reputation like me in the UK and reason/s of Gonçalo's Amaral Book to settle the matter and clean their own name to no avail?-How many UK residents are like me or Portugal with any excuses from the Government staff including the ex/sister social worker and the McCann's that both work within the NHS but, attacking reputation of people like me or Portugal with a wave of defamation and entitle to one million?-Who was full responsible of Madeleine McCann while on holiday in Praia de la Luz, Portugal: Portugal people, land, country and glory, Gonçalo's Amaral, or Gerry/Kate McCann? http://goo.gl/5ZsbBB I am unable to claim a simple income support benefit, since I emigrate from Mexico (1985) which is my first claim ever made in 2010 and still appealing at the UK courts (2013), with any excuses regarding the matter ("confidentiality acts") to stop me and gain financial help while living in the UK (Human Right #25) or to be able to clean my name in a Court of Law worldwide, but the McCann's in Portugal with One million?-My sister and ex/neighbour (#8) who emigrate from Germany and soon after landing the UK (2000) claimed all the UK benefits under the sun, including income support, but she never worked a single day in the country like me and renting her properties in México at the same time?-The ex/husband sister/social worker when she studied her career in Norfolk (University) for several years, claiming benefits including income support. Where she received help with mortgage interest, but renting the property while living elsewhere in Norfolk and not in Glossop and earning from the same or both and I am the corrupt not her?-In which both ways she was earning money from the rent of her house in Glossop and benefits from Income support mortgage interest, but no me?-The property in Glossop was sold soon after the ex/husband sister/social worker graduate and moved to Stockport (to cover the mess) and start afresh. The "family problems" of the ex/husband groups: sister/social worker and my ex/neighbour sister (house #8) claimed income support with properties that both of them own and rent. I do not how this affected them that time, but affecting me now and badly. I am not sure if declare or not, or what was the problem on that time, but full aware of the law. I was with my sister in the CAB inside the Town Hall in Altrincham and I told her several times of the same matter, also the ex/parents (Bernard/Betty) and I spoke openly of the same matter. As the ex/husband mother was worry sick of her daughter and me with the sister, but both full adults people responsible and should set an example to society. Today, I am attacked by both of them myself which I call them "family problems" of the ex/husband, as he fully cover and vouch of the same hate towards me and mine and reason/s of my divorce. I was working and contributing on their own education and well being and with the help of the ex/husband and children constant follow, stalk, harass and persecute my reputation badly now and trying to gain as much information from me to frame me. I open a blog to set the record straight, as it is my Human Right to defend my reputation and side of the law, as it was made for the community, not just one person, but removed of my legal team with defamation and help of the Trafford Council staff/neighbour (house#11) as she works for the job centre plus/DWP and hitting my benefits or services badly in the area. Where the ex/husband sister/social worker mother done the typing and father the research and somehow, daughter got the career  and in order to hit me back, based on her lies, but unable to settle the matter in a court of law?
As my sister was detained under the mental health act soon after the ex/husband sister social worker finished her career, maybe used as a model to practise, but I got the blame and I am not a social worker, but removed my sister from the Trafford General Hospital with the help of Dr Rojo?-I am in the position of hundreds of UK claimants that were contributing, when those people were studying or in hospital with treatment/s, but insulted today of milking the system or corruption, when trying to make a single claim in benefits (income support) or trying to earn my living by the Le Vell 's example, but stealing everything by the level of envy or with any excuse?-  I wonder who is in charge/liable/responsible to keep control of "family problems" and protect me and mine even from professionals people like the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, sister, neighbour # 11 and strong groups. As they know better, but hurting badly the country reputation with a wave of "defamation", and thank you to The Queen Elizabeth II for all the things that she done to her peoples?-It is important to set standards, as I got young daughters trying to show them what is acceptable or not in the community and bullying the most vulnerable people of our society in full open is just not right. In other words destroying the country reputation in one go and only worry to hit back with constant "targets, bullying and lies". http://goo.gl/35Fx6A  Where there is lack of professionalism in today's work, otherwise we would not be in the mess as we are at the moment.Taxes are not collected by the State as the Business are hide on the Internet, causing the financial crisis as mention in my blog, etc. http://goo.gl/qSSPIB  There is lacking of  assertive and knowledge in the matter or work fields. I am talking about this time of DWP staff, but can apply to any other Government jobs, they look almost the same and same system apply (almost). Where they leave all for tomorrow and burn the place down, but would not work, with loads of excuses into why not attitude and free time to gossip, paint the nails, collect or do shopping at any time (even at work time?), make cup of tea and molest thy neighbour (me), of the same FREE time that is all day long, but they work on extra time./over time. The job cost in wages to the tax people per year £50,000 each of equivalent = 5/10 benefit claimants of £5,000/10,000 each in benefits per year, without mention the Ministers super kilometre wages and bonuses of many zero figures at the end, leaving the country dry. http://goo.gl/14k5Oy We live a time where the person who applied for the job (DWP staff), based on "who is your friend", rather than ability and aptitude, but can not meet criteria, job description or even make a simple cup of coffee in a calm/confident manner that can be achieve with loads of experience or years into the work place, but without burning the place down and bring their own "family problems" to work. We see in the news as an example of the Bush family and their own "family problems" that brings to work the oil business in Iraq/Syria, etc affecting not just America (September 11), but the whole wide world with the hate, as we have similarities of the September 11 in my Country of México. http://goo.gl/4LcjSj The ignorance of to have the correct skills at work, but gained based on "who is your friend", more than aptitude, costing the country revenue, not just money into billions, but lives into thousands affected badly by the level of the bullies to them. http://youtu.be/saAj67fdnio More than 10,600 victims so far died in the UK since the ATOS programs and all for an agency that works and operate like Hitler Regimen more than a Medical field with lack of capacity/ability/experience/knowledge into the matter, but guide with a simple paper of questions and answers that the claimant can fill at home and post to the DWP staff. We do not what ATOS write, that people died as a result and I refused to take part in the matter of ATOS medical exam, for the same level of inaccuracy and cover myself of the regulations that breach: the UK Constitution as a whole, Human Rights Acts, Equality Act, Strasbourg Human Rights court/acts as part of the European Union, UN Convection on the rights of persons with disabilities as I am one of them and discriminate my persona badly in law. Now my benefit is on appeal/s, costing the country billions on that process too. I am not the only one, but the rest of the country affected badly by it, instead to give the money to people to eat and live well. What an envy of the DWP staff and greedy people?-If I get my way, I could easy use the same system of Kate and Gerry McCann with the rest of the country that their own benefit badly affected due to defamation of own reputation, even if they cannot prove in law if they are disabled, white, blue or green but defame own reputation badly by the Government staff, and each of them gets one million, for the assault to own persona and reputation, including me. As everyone is different in the whole wide world and this in mind, the DWP staff need to learn and respect "Life" of the Benefits Claimants, attacked constantly of own reputation and defamed with the results of the ATOS and Unemployment exams, even Bedroom Tax, etc, that are programed to fail all of us badly. The Ministers are not any better and should be account with the International Law of the 10,600 + victims of ATOS-Unemployment and Bedroom Tax benefits victims and many of them attacked for just small amount of money, that do not justify the "Bullying" , in any court of law worldwide, as they should know better and do the job properly with understanding in modern times, people and claims, to no avail. http://goo.gl/vfXRRD Now the result of the professionals nowadays relay more into a brusque tactics, lies, slander, deceit, bullying, hate propaganda, or even intolerance to gain the job, points and targets, much more that a professional and calm manner with confidence into the job as they applied for it not us with a bit of love for humanity as we are all the children's of God, not just the few chosen ones. The professionals swore the Holly Bible when gained the career, not us, so is time to probe the matter in a court of law or to leave the job and even to be accounted in law by the level of violence and abuse of power and profession, not us, that in my case, I am doing free advocacy as I am badly affected by the system, but you should not judge me lightly before you see the level of abuse to me and mine. http://goo.gl/zXQDCP I do not agree with any of this level of professionalism barraged own problems or "family problems" into innocents individuals, like myself disabled and unable to fight back, or hundreds of  us unemployed, sick, families, old, etc, without knowing the full and real facts, but our reputation badly affected, but not the McCann's, incredible!?- http://goo.gl/uL37i5 When our reputation into our illness, disability, incapacity or limitations defamed badly in the full open and in public places with little consideration to us, as many are unable to fight back the hate, like me. http://goo.gl/hZo9BH In order to survive the hate, I need to study law at home to understand the matter better, to help me and mine and made this blog as a reference. http://goo.gl/IAOufv I am not proud of what I write because this is my way to defend my own reputation, badly hurt by the "family problems" but unable to settle the matter in a court of law, like the McCann's?-My opinion may differ from yours, but again, I am not you, and you are not me and maybe accustom to hear lies all the time, that is not my field and maybe why I shock you. http://goo.gl/LEJCHs  The sad situation is that I am hard of hearing person with limitations into my life and on the top of that living with 10% of hearing on both ears, plus living in a foreign country and badly bullied, by the state and their own hate propaganda, in the same way as Hitler did to Jewish People back in the WWII. http://goo.gl/ErO0bW The war started out of hate, with a whopping 70 million died during that horrible and inhuman war and prompted me to help the UK situation, before is to late and another war comes out of nothing, except hate. http://goo.gl/GOmbpw  Where even the worse of the worse happens to us and many kill themselves to end own suffering from the abuse of bedroom tax, ATOS/Unemployment exams, etc. I put my hand to God and ask for help, as many as me, never asked for this hate. Where we request the help of most seniors of the  International bodies to evaluate the level of abuse and hate in the UK, instead of hitting back ,we should said thank you and change the ways before is too late. http://goo.gl/m6eBMr I am please that is not just me and the person that speaks open of the crimes, abuses and bullying to many disabled, ill, old, unemployed and the most vulnerable people of our society, but from the most senior places of the world. Indicate the lack of capacity and ability to aim to things in a professional way as mention before by the Government staff and Professionals, including the McCann's (NHS, DWP, Post Office, etc) that they should set an example. Where our country as a whole (UK) is on sale the services (NHS, DWP, Post Office, etc) as many lack them anyway, so we do not miss much, with respect to the rest, as I am talking about me, as I was left with nothing by the "family problems"- http://goo.gl/kKWukU It is just now with thanks (2013), that I received a hearing aid that I can control it, instead of the NHS staff used to control it and lost my ways many times. In the same way as the McCann's, I need to prove in UK law of the defamation against my persona by the constant attack from "family problems" of the ex/husband groups (DWP-house #11), unable to know of the crime on time to put remedy, but days, months and years later, when is too late and frame me of the problem and reputation badly.I am living in the UK Country that went to battle/s (WWI-WWII) for nothing as there is not freedom, not even to clean the name of the people like myself in a court of law, but the McCann's with one million?- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24104743 This note is not regarding the whereabouts of Madeleine Beth  McCann as the Parents need to explain better, as I am pretty sure the time of the events were different. Anyone supporting this crusade to find Madeleine McCann should let the relevant people to do own jobs and not interfere into the investigation in order to help, mislead or take matters to another direction, but to finish with the matter for once and for all. The Police from both countries should join forces as a form of respect to the Portuguese people, country, land and glory as reputation was badly affected and reason's of Amaral's book to restore reputation, in the same way Kate McCann is in Portugal, so where is the crime!-The police should be open to read anything in aid to the matter, otherwise to take one side of the law is corruption and leads to nowhere and waste of money, time and resources and here we are on memory of Madeleine Beth McCann, not her parents reputations. As Madeleine Beth McCann could not make a disappearing act out of the blue and using magic, impossible!-"We speak in this note of the real fact that some people lie in order to gain with little consideration to the person that is aimed the slander, lie and defamation, affecting badly reputation from the same defamation and with no evidence/prove in the matter, where the victim (me) lose reputation and everything based on the abuse and time to take full conscience in the matter, as the law require "prove", not slander. I, myself lost unborn children, brother, country of birth, friends, family, marriage of 27 years, and those liars tore the complete Principles of what Life is about, unless people can restore my believes in Humanity again, by cleaning my name. The Scotland Yard is doing the investigation/s in the matter of "Maddie" and again for the same reason/s, we need to wait, but Kate and Gerry McCann team getting stronger financially, with all my respects to their own daughter exploited to maximum, as I was and maybe the reality of today's Professionals people that lost own ways .. http://goo.gl/CP3GrN Rosario Castellanos de Parker.
«Portuguese Journalist (2010): A reconstruction. If you volunteer to do a reconstruction wouldn't that open the case?  http://youtu.be/hc_uruLYWB0
Gerry McCann: We want to create information that will lead us to us helping find Madeleine.
Portuguese Journalist: That will help Madeleine. Don't you think so?
Gerry McCann: Well if it does then, you know, we will participate.
Portuguese Journalist: You are in Lisbon. You could take that step today. Ask for the case to be reopened and do a reconstruction with your friends.
Gerry McCann: We are going round in circles. We would be more than happy for the case to be reopened.» .. Excerpt from: Exclusive Video: McCann's Press Conference, February 12, 2010.