Sunday, 25 August 2013

My life is mine not yours ..

A black and white feline cat leaping trough the window of the 1st floor of the house, when never happened before and just before that, the Internet magically disappear at home and all that happened soon after I posted this beautiful feline wild cat on my Facebook wall/window?-Incredible things happens at home recently, to the extent to question all the time, what in law is mine, which is my privacy. When in reality, I am not the possession of nobody at home. I do not have blood family in the world, except my daughters, for the same level of violence into my life. When in law after the divorce, I am a member of the community and rightful deserve to receive protection in law, from the ex/husband and his family problems and well organized crime groups that hide in a mask, hood or remove own photo from profile, but operate from behind people´s back in the same way as my brother died!- Coward: a timid person, who lacks courage in facing danger, but need to steal attributes from the person who bully, defamed reputation, molest or kill as my brother. The light is too much to handle for the cowards/envy people, that somehow, they need to steal it not matter how or when and is only a question of time. I mention in most of my notes that if ever happens anything to me or my living children, I place full blame direct to the ex-husband and his hate preachers: family problems and groups of well organized criminal activity that I married into, but now divorce. I want my children to understand that by covering such acts of negligence in a crime or cowardice in a hood, mask or no photo and even worse, when the person works for public places, but operate from behind is a crime. I do not worry about any other people in this note, apart from my children. I was frame by my family so many times in the past, that for me is very important that my children understand and do not fall for the same charismatic/beautiful/angelic bullies. I do not care about the hood, mask, ID, religious prophets, veil, or no photo. In fact I do not give a cent the action itself, but the criminal action in law, when there is murder like my brother's and the criminal cover itself or by his club/groups of fans. I hope, I get the Honourable David Cameron MP and his wife to support me on this matter, as the idea is not to incite hate in the community, but to promote an open society and to help the police to do own job and fast. It maker no difference to me if the person/people is  employed,  unemployed, rich, poor, white or blue, as murder means murder in law. The colour of the skin of the individual is not a passport to discriminate people and gain a better standards of life or cover neglect, crime, or murder, let's alone to incite one to another. I had been an easy target to my family in the past, that I got the blame for the murder of my brother by my family (both sides). I am not allowed to know, what's the crime, offense, murder, in order for me to clean my name in a court of law, or to receive help from the police, solicitor, judge, etc. Somehow, I am pinned in the wall for everybody to see me, but if I do the same to them, they demand laws at the courts, because they work as a government staff, social workers, etc. They operate in a scheme of one law for you and another very different to me, that even the Queen Elizabeth II never took advantage herself at any time. The Judges at the courts accept demands of solicitors, social workers, barristers, council staff, religious staff, etc, where only one version of the facts is exposed in the hearings which is the professionals of course, but not mine. We do not if the evidence is real or false, to make a judgment based on fresh air, that we could easily call criminal activity by: professionals and the judges, as they should know better. Where we are not allowed to know/see/knowledge of the matter, but accused in my case, by the ex/husband family problems and well organized crime groups  to clean my name. We all know full well that some judges or professionals (solicitors, council staff, social workers, etc) operate in a hide-and-no seek (dirty) scheme in which both people/cases/matters should be exposed in the case, not just one and the professionals should lose own jobs with immediate effect by the abuse of power/profession, as the law can not be operate on one side of the matter, because that is not law, but corruption!-The abuse of power and profession is what's killing the UK system (NHS, DSS, etc), the constant cover up. I live in the UK for the last 28 years, I am unable to understand, how I did what my family accuse me off slander, lies and defamation, while my brother was in Mèxico on the time of the accident. Unfortunately, a domestic incident happened at home (in the United Kingdom) months before my brother Jose Castellanos Ruiz died, when I was empty the dishwasher and the ex-husband was on the way teasing me and accusing me of things that I never did, said, or muttered, in order for me to come back with him and forget the rest. The ex/husband was blackmailing me non/stop everywhere in the house, of the same matter. On that time/moment/split second I was emptying the dishwasher and putting everything away, including the utensils. I mean no arm to him in any way, form or shape, lets alone to hurt him, except to put the stuff away. The ex/husband was on the way teasing me, as he saw me where I was coming, but I could not see him of the tears rolling down my checks, as I was so upset with him, but emptying the dishwasher. The ex/husband waited 27 years to tell me or for me to find out the family problems or groups of well organized criminal activity of my family and I lost unborn children in the game of those stupid and heartless people. On that moment that I was empty the dishwasher, when the ex/husband was talking to me, everything came out including the truth in the matter and just then and there, I found out the game of him and his sister the social worker (that should know better) "scoring points" and he was asking me to come back and forget the rest?!-What about my unborn children, our (ex and I)unborn children!!-What the hell my unborn children had to do with the hate?!-Please see the birthday card to probe of the matter in any court of law worldwide. The ex/husband was asking me to shut up, telling me "who cares" about the matter, well I do care indeed about the lives of my unborn children, as those Innocent citizens of the UK, as they were conceived and died in this beautifully green land, they have a right to lead a normal life away of the ex-husband family problems and groups of well organized criminal activity. I believe strong that the incident-spread that I just told you about the dishwasher was used in a malice way and a form of advantage "scoring points" by the ex-husband family problems and well out of proportion in order to frame me, that on the time of the incident could be well investigate by the police for the real facts, not just using the ex-husband version of the matter, in which by law is corruption, as mine was missing (still). When in reality I was empty the dishwasher and putting the things away and the ex-husband was teasing me and saw me where I was going and it was to put the utensils away, including spoons, knives or forks, the rest is lies. The ex/husband parents in the past, when Bernard was alive (RIP), they used to trow dishes to each other, but the ex/husband and I never gone that far, but the domestic incident of the dishwasher was a perfect time for the family problems (the ex/husband family/social worker) and well organized crime groups."Carol Parker saw the opportunity into her well organized criminal groups of La Cosa Nostra (as she call them), that they will do anything to bring me down and may contact them hours, days or months before my brother's murder, to gossip about the incident of the dishwasher"-In which the groups (La Cosa Nostra) consist of members of my family and friends, as she was put in touch with them, by my own family and without my knowledge, consent or permission into the matter. So when things happens of criminal nature, then I am blame by the ex/husband family problems and groups of well organized criminal activity, as they are using everything that is mine, including my daughters?-"The matter was a question of brothers to brothers and to see who won and always my family at disadvantage"-My sister was detained by the mental health act, when the neighbours was asking me to contact the GP and the doctor saw nothing wrong with my sister. I was to blame, but I am not a social worker?-I was the one that removed my sister from the Trafford General Hospital (NHS) with the help of  Doctor Rojo, when I found out the truth as the dishwasher incident, but not before. I was not aware of the malicious scheme of the family problems and groups of criminal activity, otherwise I would never lost any children. I do not work for Trafford General Hospital NHS but Carol Parker, see: social worker at Trafford Primary Care Trust, which is an NHS. Primary Care Trust is a scheme that runs in all the areas and controls the NHS which is =  Hospitals, any Hospitals, including Trafford General Hospital (NHS). I am unemployed, so it's no me, in which people should know real facts properly, before you put a blame to anybody. It's a crime the slander, lie or defamation!!-The family problems sent people from Mexico to England in which Carol Parker receive them in the other end, some of those people were my friends of many years. I grow up with them as brothers and sisters, but they were insulted badly of: speech/eyes problems, penis/body size, colour of the skin, drunk/drugs, etc, as if I was perfect, but I was to blame and without a court hearing?- I am pined in the wall, in the same way as hundreds of people that are false accused, by the ex/husband family problems/professionals that should know better. The lies of insults to my friends, when it was not me, but separate our friendship of many years and many of them that I grow up with, as a brothers and sisters, now they hate me. When the family was sent people from Mexico to England, to help and collaborate the lies of the ex/husband family problems (Carol Parker) and her groups of well organized criminal activity and courtesy of the tax payee, who was foothing the bill, but I got the blame?-As I had a friend that told me by mistake of the hundreds of people that were arriving from Mexico, Germany, etc and living from the benefits (as she was thinking that it was me), but she is in Scotland now. All this is coming out now (aug 2013), by puting the pieces together. I do not how long the hate has been operate from, where Trafford Council got revamped, mean the old staff left and got a new one?-It must be for a reason, to cover the extent of abuse. In which, the sister of the ex/husband was happily to assist in England, as she is member of the groups, otherwise those people would never enter Britain. Carol Parker left the doors open for the hate to attack me in a free country, where the war was finished in 1945 and she is a social worker?- Where a couple came down the car of the lady's son, where I was working and I was in charge on that day of Mary Wall, both pointed a finger to me as accusing me and one of them was my mother's helper. I am a lip reader. I understood that the charge was racism, but not in front of a judge. I married a white man, now divorce and the first one in my family, but called racist?!-Unfortunately, I am attracted to the opposite colours as I am brown, so where is the crime/criminality to choose a white man and in which way by law, it made me racist?-What happen with my family is that they should stop telling tales and explain properly with real facts of the matter and stop accusing people of lies or defamation. My sister Tere stood in front of the doctor to make sure he done the job properly, when I was forced to have a termination (abortion) in Mèxico, soon after, I was rape by Sergio Gomèz Pintado, so I could not escape the clinic, but the church excomulgate me. The abuse did not finish there as I nearly pass over, by the same doctor and this time was my sister Ana Maria that stood in the room assisting the doctor, for a simple cyst and the reason/s why, I refuse to see my family again. In law there is many ways to probe the real facts and one of them is by consent, which means I did not give my consent of a intercourse/sexual experience with Sergio Gomèz Pintado at any time, neither I did my consent to my family of the abuse in which I was subjected or the termination of my unborn children, as I should have a said in the matter, before the termination/s takes place. As in law it should be many ways before you can persecute a woman, who intents/wants or have a termination (abortion) but in my case, I use two ways: the woman who wants to have a termination by free will and the other woman who do not want to have a termination, but forced and me is the second one. The abuse in which I was subjected by the family problems and the reasons why I refuse to see them again, but I have the right/s to receive justice in a court of law for the abuse, as any normal person does it. The abuse did not happen to me because I am disabled or any other tales. The abuse happened to Pepita, Anny, Mela, Soco, Jose and I. It's always me, that comes and rescue them lot, to be persecuted after, because the rest are the main haters in the house. "The problem is the never end and I believe strong that Mara and Javier Corona should start dealing with the matter in a court of law by themselves, to finish the matter of rape. I want to know if the matter was truth or not, as it´s my rights to know, as I lost so much, but they should do the things themselves as they left me on my own to carry their own cofin, while Mara was protect in Michoacan, my brother was left alone in Veracruz and killed. I am sick of Mara lies in which I lost unborn children, brother, country of birth, daughter bullied, daughter in hospital (foot), jobs, business, education, opportunity, marriage, sister detained, sister lost 13 pharmacies/prison, sister lost T.B./manolo/ marriage, sister lost Puebla/marriage/paco, but married Raùl instead and it's always us, the rest of the family that lost so much, but hers (Mara). I am not a cash machine, neither were my unborn children or brother, in which he died broke thanks to her milking with blackmail. The children of my family together with Carol Parker, who learned the trade to be account in a court of law for the abuse of power/profession (my brother's murder, soco detained, my unborn children, etc), by their own imaginary: family problems, "cosa nostra" and groups of well organized criminal activity, in which they insulted my friends of own imperfections and blame me instead!-As they should know better, as those people received education that the rest of us sisters were a dream, instead of use own careers to make money and live well from it, but use us instead, so what they learned, to kill?- I am studying Law at home and understand the full force of the abuse itself, in which professionals are full aware of the matter and even swore the Holly Bible (code of conduct/practice, etc), so no excuses. A personal attack to me and mine before or after married is a personal attack direct to the Queen Elizabeth II, as I am living in her Country and I am British Citizen. When domestic abuse hurt my family badly and for so many years now, as the English law cannot tackle violence itself with simple orders, as we need laws. The French Nationals use laws, as domestic abuse exist in their own country, worldwide or Mexico. Particularly with mental-verbal abuse as somehow is not recognized by the UK law, only physical. I m not asking to bring those laws to the UK, but you have no rights to bring such violence, intolerance, abuse of power/profession, hate propaganda, lies, defamation, ill spread and Sharia Laws, into my life either and expect me to accept the hate propaganda with no laws to protect me and mine, because where my Human Rights stand, I refuse the Intolerance.  The abuse of power/profession promote criminal activity in the UK that hide lies, bullying, protection laws, confidentiality acts and a wave of abuse, breaking the law and the UK system into two pieces, by the continue abuse of the professionals, as nobody is above the law, except the Queen Elizabeth II. I wonder who is responsible of  the domestic abuse into my life by, the ex/husband family problems and groups of well organized criminal activity. When in reality is not my responsibility to monitor the level of abuse of the area by the professionals misconduct, but the council. Trafford council staff went against a disabled woman with less than 10% of hearing on both ears, me. I need to write, in order to communicate with you, this is how bad I am. It's impossible to believe such coward action to disabled person by the same professionals that protect and work on behalf of disability itself, what an hypocrisy?-The level of abuse to me and mine is way out of order and not matter reasons, as there is laws to use in a Court of Law to settle family problems and well organized crime groups. The violence arrived to me from the Trafford council in a form of direct payments, as an excuse to monitor every single step of the way and cause my fall, accusing me lies and intolerance, like Nazi Germany used to Jews people and the war finished in 1945 to be exact, when in reality the abuse of power and profession was a mislead. I was not allowed to know the reason/s, people or crimes, as "confidentiality acts", but you were expecting me to accept the family problems and well organized crime groups into my life and in which grounds in law?-The abuse of power and profession arrived to the Trafford area, not Stockport where the spreading to my reputation was coming from, but Trafford. A wave of tales, lies and ill spread arrived to Trafford area and without a court hearing where both sides of the argument can be heard, not just the ill spread against me, with false accusations of: 5 boys, the river, kiss, china women, etc. I cannot understand what Carol Parker is doing in the Trafford area, when I never was allowed to place foot in Stockport area myself for the last 28 years and all my jobs in Manchester removed by her carefully planed lies and monitor my personal life?-What she is afraid of?-"Carol Parker Social worker Trafford Primary Care Trust (NHS)?"- My question is who is monitor this level of abuse towards me and mine, as I am disabled person and I can do so much, the rest is lies. Who gave the right/s to Carol Parker into my life and destroy my reputation, including my unborn children?-Family problems of the ex husband sister and well organized crime groups that constant non/stop use my Family, Friends, GP's, Dentists or anything that is mine, including jobs, to monitor and spread ill of my reputation in order to eat, gain, separate or remove everything from me and mine, with any excuses, including the area where I live. I lost contact with friends, long time ago and now they are friends of the family problems and own criminal groups, based on lies regarding my reputation and false accusations regarding their own reputation as well. Where Carol Parker use the excuse to protect her brother, but her own interest. As her brother lost unborn children that were mine too by her ill spread, a knee on Trafford General Hospital of the NHS where Carol Parker works (, followed by his job of 25 years at the Manchester Airport and the house got an order of repossession by the lender, more bad we could not be today, plus divorce. We are living the same nightmare that happened to my sister Pepita, where her husband lost all his jobs at the Government from Mexicali, Guadalajara, Tlaxcala, Mèxico City, etc, plus her 13 pharmacies went into remission. I remember my sister used to cry on me and I could not find the words. Where today, I lost all my jobs and I am afraid to start anything, as I know I will lose it in month/s time. The same happened to the ex-husband, when I came back from work after his knee operation, he was in extreme desolation as he was crying, somehow he was telling me that the knee operation failed and his job was lost, that all I know. We never use to talk much anyway, except shouts, screams, etc. The following months as he lost his job, by accident he mention that he was accused by a group of people at the Airport. I was accused in all my jobs as well, in the same way as my sister's husband. A merry goes around. I believe that everything that happened to us was planed by the same"family problems and criminal groups, as they are full aware of what they are doing and causing to the family. Where only a few members of my family are extent of the abuse, the rest we go to hell and back. My question is who monitor the abuse of the professionals, into our personal life, as they love to do to us all the time and remove all what is ours!?-  Who is in charge of monitor "social workers or family members/professionals" who bring criminal activity into the lives of non/professionals, like me?- My daughters are not involve into any "family problems or tales off" at any time, but used to cover I do not mind the normal family get together, but I do mind the careful select media circus to be frame after, as I was. The full force of domestic violence that I was forced to live in the UK and comes from the ex/husband sister, that studied the career of social worker to hide the violence and continue the reign of terror and spread, by follow me everywhere. My brother killed with Carol's lies of me hurting her brother, when in reality I was empty the dishwasher as the ex was teasing me. When she is telling the brother what to do in order to do his own fall or mine, as we are broke today. A manipulative woman, with ill heart, not just to me but to her brother. I can post anything on my wall/window (fb, etc) or to speak freely to whoever I want on the road/streets, without given a reason/s to no/one, to nobody !!-I do not belong to nobody, and no/one belongs to me, not even my children as they are all free to fly the nest whenever they want, but as a mother, I will protect them to the end. I ask respect to my own private life, that I am not married to nobody and even if I was, nobody has any right/ to stop me to have friends, family or life, as I do not belong to one, nobody belongs to me and no/one is attached to nobody. We all came to life alone, so nobody owns the other. Please, we all ask the same level of "respect", as my life is mine not yours, no matter which reason/s you may think you have to own it, but not your concern my life!-The War is over and long time ago in the 1945 to be exact, since then the Ghetto-Holocaust-Crimes against Humanity were stopped in the same way as home. We all share the HOME, in which I pay the mortgage and food to use one room of the house only, the rest is lies, as I have little contact with nobody, for the same matter. I choose to be this way in order to protect my daughters with the same fate as me, from a far away point of view, as the only way and contact, by the ill spread of the ex/husband and his family problems (sister/social worker) and helpers, regarding my reputation. I may look as I repeat the same words, but even the poets does it, so why not me?- .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.