Saturday, 13 July 2013

Stop and search is a violation of Human Rights, a very serious matter in law, with racist attitude towards Humanity ..

Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows ..
The British Police stop and search our members of the community in London Underground, under the section S1PACE and commuters were prevent from using the public service, but everybody knows that the war is over and the incident happened on my birthday,  13/June/2013 and could not be on a better time. When the same system was used during the WWII (1939-45), by the German Nazi, with the orders from Hitler towards the Jewish community and 6 million victims of war died in the flames of hate. In Principles of Laws we need to balance the real world of today and understand without fanaticism, where all the problem/s falls. As it's understand that the law is not color biased, sex prejudice, racial discriminate, disability oppressed, age restricted or we live within a community with religion hate, intolerance or fanaticism, but a good balance in everything, to preserve our human rights and equality acts. Any Government staff who represent the UK and the community as a whole need to understand, that nobody is above the law, which is The Queen Elizabeth II and represent the community for and not against the Monarch, Country, Glory and Land. Particularly with any special favours to nobody, as no/one is special, except the Queen Elizabeth II, but to live in a clean, open, transparent and above all accessible law that govern all of us with equality. Furthermore, who ever hurt any British Citizen touching the UK soils, no matter who the person is, color of skin, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or where the person comes from, but a direct attack to the Queen, constitution, regulations and principles that govern this land, as we are all one. We cannot carry on living in a country, where fought so many wars and won the lot, as the elders wanted a world that we enjoy today, free of hate and restricted to them. The reason/s why, the European Community was born, to stop the war, of any wars, of any colors, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, with no favoritism to nobody, to no/one, to anything, as nobody is special in the United Kingdom, except the Queen!- The Queen Elizabeth II since the day of her coronation, never, even for one time only, changed the way the UK law was going, constitution, or system in order to mould to her own life and until today, her peoples are the most important citizens of the world. It's understand that the real cause of society problem/s is the lack of communication and all due to racist attitude, prejudice and tales, from old times, that today do not apply anymore, as we are all one. One God, One Color, One Principle, One Infinite Universe. So it's pointless us parents, adult people and mature society to keep pushing or fermenting hate, instead of peace, tolerance, love, harmony, respect and understanding to one another, the key to peace. In my twenty eight years living in the UK, with "family problems" that I was not aware off, but after the divorce, the council of the area where I live, hide from me the true, in which now, I am trying desperate to gain access to Justice and even represent myself in law, for the same reason/s, matter/s and problem/s, as the law is hijacked in the UK. My sister was falsely accused by a neighbour (11) and "family problems" of the ex/husband (sister/social worker) and she was detained under the mental health act. I was to blame for it and I am not a social worker (ex/husband sister), or work for the neighbourhood scheme (neighbour 11), which deals with the police direct or the job centre plus (neighbour 11), but for years, I had been blame of the intolerance. Where I lost unborn children and a brother, my sister was detained under the mental health act, my children suffer racism in the past and my pets hurt badly. A small group/s of intolerant people from English and Mexican background, with all kind of "family problems" that comes from any society, disability or color, but racist attitude and trying hard to destroy the reputation of the victims (me) and backbone of the Constitution, with own intolerance, bullying, hate spread and violence, not matter from which side of the world. It's important to balance the pros and cons on our society today, with the true in the matter, as since January 2013 the victims of crime had been rise in extreme measure, where our cosmopolitan world and multicultural society with all the rainbows of the world, as a one. We need to understand that the incapacity, religion, age, sexual orientation and color of the skin in the United Kingdom is not a passport to gain a better standard/s of life, but a good backbone in family life is the most important tool to gain full control of our children of tomorrow, not the police, social services, social workers, etc. As those People works and gives a simple service to the community, but  they are not the real parents of our people of tomorrow, employers, that when the shift at work finish is passed the responsibility to the next person in charge. Where the backbone of our family unit is destroyed, to no repair and in reality, which kind of society are we trying to make nowadays?-Where parents need to control children, not the social workers, social services, police, or society itself, those people need to make own family and leave the rest alone, but to give the parents the full responsibility and power again. As not all parents are born perfect, criminals or abuse own children in any way, form or shape, that's a big fat lie!- I found this note that mirror to my own life in the UK, as I am Mexican born and unaware of the UK system, until now studying the law at home and I hope helps you, to understand better of:"We have a system in Britain, please read more .. I was thinking for years, that we normal people/residents of the UK that got no power/profession or belongs to any kind of government status, but blame for anything that happens into our society. In the community we will find the good and bad people in any walks of life, so it's pointless to blame the society as a whole, or certain colors, etc, but to take one side of the history, that is corruption!!!-I did my own "family problems" investigation and what I found it will take your bread away, of the level of corruption, by the government staff, where legally nobody is above the Queen Elizabeth II in the UK. I am not qualify into this kind of business, but the reason/s why, I made this note is for you to understand, the level and the way/s your own government system works/operate and furthermore to judge by yourself, before you believe my words. I want you to wake up, before is too late. I will never comment into the UK system, as the training is the best in the world and this is not my job to do it, but the small groups that commit the crimes/criminality into the government jobs, including the police. The UK police and government staff fallen standards, regulations, code of practice and hundreds of laws that they need to obey and abide, but with endless mistakes, excuses and failures of, working together and covering the crimes of each other (social workers, social services, solicitors, etc) in order to destroy society. The sick game that leads into abuse of power, profession, and lost of respect to our society, but impossible to break the circle, chains, walls and crimes, until new laws are imposed into our system to stop, full stop this kind of abuse, hate, racism, bullying and criminality, by the professionals!-Where we live in the UK with two set of laws, one for the professionals and another different for the rest of us, residents of the UK, that is not a law, but corruption. In order for me to survive the UK racism was by studying the Principles of Laws at home and follow the law, where not even the Judges follows any, and open the doors such bad example, to corrupt the whole system. Where the police, social workers, social services, solicitors, barristers, court staff and government bodies, learn the trade, but none are small children to be accounted in law. I nearly get a mental capacity 2005 last year and this year, the same judge order to sell the house as follow procedures in law, while the reality twice the same judge stands on the side of the ex/husband and in law, takes 2 sides/versions of the matter not one, otherwise is corruption. I had been obey/abide the law during my last 28 years living in the UK, where I sword the Bible, by law to respect the Queen, Country and Land, when I received my British Nationality. Why the rest can not follow the same procedure in law, as we are living in a community, particularly those born in this country or whoever represent the law, but they want to think that somehow, they can pass the law above them. Stop and search is a violation of principles of laws, human rights acts and a serious matter in law, the regulations breach equality acts, International law/Strasbourg human rights court, European union, UN convection on the rights of person with/without disabilities, discriminate one color to the other badly, with racist attitude towards humanity, the lowest of the lowest the human people can ever fall, when you do not trust one another. The Police officers are the first to be call on any incidents in the community, but receive very little training on those issues. Particularly on domestic abuse, family problems, mental health awareness/recognition, violence, criminality, burglary, etc, but spend significant amount of time with people in the community with any range of: color, disability, age, religion, illness, etc and not a single tinny clue into how to deal with those matters, only the basic things in law. "Remember: you can not ask something to someone of a higher or lower range than yourself, of anything at anytime, when the same person/professional/higher-lower range/public bodies do not set a good example themselves, even the police, as nobody is above the law, only the Queen Elizabeth II. It's nice to know that the UK community is catered for excellent Police force, officers and work. One of the best in the whole wide world, but unfortunately, I am unable to gain a simple service in the community, in the same way as the rest of Me's due to racism-color-incapacity-sexual orientation or religion matters. Particularly, when the Police force/officers (small groups) are law biased, or use/abuse their own position's in law, with different kind of range into: Adult Rape and Serious Sexual and Assaults to the community itself. When the Police force ignore any of those allegations mention before and corrupt/bend the law or take sides, that in law is 2 versions of the case/matter, not one, otherwise is corruption. It's important to monitor the workforce all the time, to avoid any kind of criminal activity to our society with: domestic abuse (the ex/husband "family problems"), rape, racism, hate propaganda, intolerance and murder towards the community, by a third body. We are within our rights to protect our people, but what happens when half of the UK citizens (me) don't get access to services in the community, but pay contributions and neglect?-Who can be blame for the abuse of power/profession and neglect: the police, color of the rainbow or society itself?- We need to understand that we are all brothers and sisters living in the same community and the hate propaganda, intolerance, bullying, corruption, abuse, violence, racism, fascism, nazi attitude need to stop with all kind of tales and lies in order to confuse us, but restore confidence, trust and peace within us. The Police force comes no different to any other government job/s, where the system is the best in the whole wide world, unfortunately, we have those professionals on the same places, that no matter who they are, but bend the law to the lowest possible ways, with respect to all of them, but we also demand respect, not just them  ..
-  (without concent, permit o knowledge in the matter ..)

 Who stop and search Police officers, nowadays?-

It's not just you, who get the lack of support from the police or services from the community, as the ex/husband said that such services were made for the UK citizens only, but when I worked on/off, I paid my contributions. Unfortunately the ex/husband and his "family problems" as far as Mèxico, Germany and worldwide, come to abuse and own the territory where I live with all kind of tales towards me and mine, this time the ex-husband works for Manchester Airport, hijacking services from me, where even the police ignore my pleas of safety ..

I place a complaint to the coach ..
Here it's the answer by the coach company, but the police officer made a small note of me attended the Stretford Police Station, that all?!!- Dear madam, further to my last correspondence, I have now completed a full investigation into your complaint. Please accept my apologies for the length of time taken to respond to you. I have contacted the department responsible for any emergency calls from drivers and also the depot manager responsible for this driver. On the day in question, the driver called our emergency contact centre support line as he M56 Junction 5 which serves Manchester Airport was closed. He advised that there was 1 passenger on board due to get off at the airport. He was worried that other slip roads may be closed, and that if he had turned to  exit at Junction 3 that he may not be able to get back to Manchester. We consistently monitor traffic and road updates, however nothing showed that there was a road closure.We have listened to the calls from the driver, and we had advised him that he could drop you off at the next safest drop off point which was Princess Park Road and for you to take a taxi to the airport, or for him to take you Manchester Chorlton Street and you could board the next service from Manchester to the Airport. I understand that this was very inconvenient, especially as it was late at night. I can confirm that the driver did all he could considering the circumstances, and as the road closures were out of our control, we wouldn't have been able to pay for you to get a taxi. I note that you did board the 00:30 service to Manchester Airport, although you were not happy with the arrangements. I also note that the driver was being rude by shouting at you with regards to getting off the coach. Please accept my genuine apologies as we expect our drivers to act in a courteous and helpful manner at all times, and I am disappointed that we failed to maintain this standard on this occasion. We take such complaints very seriously and I have already forwarded the details of your complaint to the manager responsible for the 540 service, who will interview the driver and discuss your issues in detail. The driver's previous employment record will be reviewed, along with any other relevant information and documentation. The manager will decide what action is appropriate to ensure that there is no repetition of the behaviour you have reported. In addition, your complaint will be recorded on our centralised database to enable us to monitor trends and take further action if there are any repeat complaints of this nature. Occasionally things go wrong, no matter how hard we try. However, I do hope hat this goes some way to putting things right for you and that your future journeys with us are trouble free. Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us. If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me on 0844 844 2304. Security Code:7819CAFE6C. The reality for me in the UK is that, I'm unable to gain services in the community, including courts for protection, so I request to withdrawn the non/mol (letter below) and the Judge wrote the ex/husband: ".. no notice of the hearing?"It's me who is used/abused by the lack of services, but the law is color biased/corrupted and unable to get a proper hearing in law. As the same in the police force, all the UK services lack of understanding into the matter (racism). How many victims fall for the same corrupt system, where it bends on one side of the law, by the lack of police protection, social security and services to remove: bullying, domestic abuse, intolerance, hate propaganda, "family problems", paparazzi .. By, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.