Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William are to be granted "Right to Secrecy", absolute protection in legal reform ..

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The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform of secrecy. There is strong believe that Prince Charles is the driving force behind the new law, that threat to force disclosure of Prince of Wales's correspondence within UK ministers. "Prince Charles has written letters to government departments in an attempt to influence policy, but clearly he does not want the letters to get into public domain, but blame someone else into the matter, like unemployed, disabled, sick, old, children, as a form of milking the system"- Prince Charles assumed the "New Royal Duties" on May, 7, 2013, with more than 60 years, the Elizabethan era is drawing to a close and the Charlesian age is dawning. It's perhaps why all the British Citizens are feeling the abuse within the changes in legislation: University fee's, Benefits Cuts, Bedroom taxes and a full wave of new policies, reforms and acts, that are confusing all of us in the UK. The British MP Government, Mr Cameron is telling us to be of financial nature, while the truth is something more darker. I am start to believe the words of Margaret Thatcher grandchild, with the: spiritual wickedness in high places (it must be her places)" The financial problems in the United Kingdom mirror within each other of Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and even Germany, maybe a probe that Prince Charles comes from German roots and connections with Spain King, Juan Carlos I, who are cousins. I don't know how connection/s interfere within and from each other of the Royal family, but affects badly the United Kingdom, including the whole European community, market and even the euro. The father of Prince Charles is the actual King of Greece, that lives in exile in the UK since married the Queen Elizabeth II. In which his mother Princess Alice of Battenberg, who was congenitally deaf (like me) and sheltered Jewish refugees (WWII), for which she is recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations" at Yad Vashem, the highest honor anyone could ever gain in bravery. Spanish King Juan Carlos I, was Franco's helper since young, this may influence into Prince Charles or vice/versa, but causing a mayor problem within  the British legislation/changes of today's. Including and not extent, the European legislation, community, market & euro, in which was create to stop the war in Europe. I made a note last year regarding where maybe, the United Kingdom problem was coming from, because of the similarities that mirror within the yesterday and today, with Prince Charles abuses of power/profession and interference in Politics, as he is/was not allowed, not even by law. Where Prince Edward VIII made friends with Hitler during the WWII, to go against own brother, King George V1, as he was trying to gain the British crown again, after abdicate. Somehow for Prince Charles is different today, extent from the same fate as Prince Edward VIII and his Aunt Margaret, when married Camilla, but trying to finish, his own mother good work to her people's, since the end of the WWII. Where the Victorian's times is/was a thing of the past, today it may return back to our British soils, with the cuts, bedroom taxes and thanks to Prince Charles's, interference, but secured with the "Right to Secrecy"- The reason/s why, the UK Ministers wants Prince Charles letters to be publish to the public. Liberal Democrats commitment to British government transparency/Freedom of Information Act."The Ministry of Justice intends to increase the number of organisations to which FOI requests can be made, bringing in bodies such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Financial Services Ombudsman, and the higher education admissions body UCAS, and also all companies wholly owned by any number of public authorities???"- What's makes me sick is the level of corruption, where Prince of Wales is backed by Professor (Vernon Bogdanor) at King's College London. The cover up is not just to Prince Charles's letters, but any abuses of power and profession within the UK Government and staff, that hide the truth from the UK citizens. We are not aware of the reason/s of the "secrecy" and in which way or grounds in law, affect the UK as a whole. I have never read the letters in my life, but could be "before/after" the New Royal Duties and Freedom of Information Act, but the "Right to Secrecy" is going to melt the Monarchy. "Polls in the U.K. have consistently shown deep and steady support for the monarchy headed by Elizabeth II. The results have proved more ambiguous when Britons are asked how they feel about King Charles. Republican movements in the U.K. and in the 15 Commonwealth realms for which the Queen serves as head of state have resigned themselves to making only limited progress during her lifetime. They are looking to her departure to boost their cause substantially, maybe to even bring the Windsor reign to a close and sever Commonwealth ties to the crown". I believe strong, that I live in a country that went to so many wars in the past, to achieve this democratic state as the UK enjoys today. I am not a Royalist, but I respect the UK as a whole including the Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal Family. I believe that in her youth this remarkable woman the Queen Elizabeth II did everything in her best possible way, together with her sister and mother, to what the UK has become the "the envy" of the world. We cannot hide in the corner out of the duty to own country, people and land in the way the Royal Family (the Queen, Prince Charles or Prince William) want to live from now on, with the "Right to Secrecy"-The Royal Family represents the Monarchy of the UK and worldwide and for that simple reason alone, the Royal Family cannot be hide with a "Right to Secrecy"-It's either open or hide the Monarchy, but not both ways. I can not understand why, The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and William has to do with to be the Head of the country, as it's only one person to rule Britain and always has been that way. In other words, it's either The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles or Prince William, but the UK can not have 3 people representing the Country, as a helpers of the Queen Elizabeth II maybe, but not taking over. As Prince Charles wants the "Right to Secrecy", with the help of Professor (Vernon Bogdanor) at King's College London, who should know better of this Fundamental Right, Principles of Laws and Constitution or together with Prince Charles, they are going to melt the Monarchy. In Principles of Laws, we can not have one law for you and another very different to me, both people of any background use the same law, otherwise they can live in their own Island. I do not agree, as in that case we are all making a line to be granted the "right to secrecy and respect that we all demand as a whole", because the principles of laws are for and not against the community and it should be open, transparent, clean and clear. The Principles of Laws work for a community, not just for one person, or a set of people, it's all together as a community, or you are on your own. "As if there is nothing to hide, why to be grant the right of secrecy"-The Royal Family need to live open up to, an Open to Society that is paying their own wages, with my most respect to everyone of them. I believe as a form of respect to the UK community the Royal Family should carry on "as it is" and not to make them invisible with "right of secrecy acts"-In order to cause damage or not cause damaged to own country, land, people and glory. Unfortunately, we are not Gods to know why the secrecy, when requesting the "Right to Secrecy", with my most respect to the highest person of the UK, The Queen Elizabeth II and her Family, Prince Charles and Prince William, from a humble background, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.