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Margaret Thatcher is not death her spirit, courage & defiance of what she done to her own country, to the United Kingdom lives very well today, her Legacy to Britain !! ..

The Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher (RIP) the most powerful
women of Britain in the 1980' s and today  ..

Edinburgh Tattoo 2012 ..

The Present situation of the UK with the most vulnerable people of our Society is in jeopardy, after the removal of own Benefits and enable the UK to pay for Margaret Thatcher funeral (10 million), or any other kind of super expenses in the British soils. In other words to take from the poor, children, old and disabled to pay for the mega/rich. I am not going to start and speak on behalf of, or against of, Margaret Thatcher, in fact I am not interested on her persona at all. I am paying my respects to her own family, as she passed away 13/10/1925-8/4/2013 (RIP), but the country (UK) also passed away on that day, moment and time as the DLA benefit was removed. Apparently the anger of British people, country and land is boiling high today. The economy in the United Kingdom is very well affected badly, as someone of  Margaret Thatcher nature and legacy made us the British born and Citizens (me) of today, poorer. This fact alone made me to write on her behalf years ago and today, of what this lady, Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, The Iron Lady, ever Donne to the rich/middle/poor class of Britain. I had been reading so much regarding the matter of the lady (Margaret Thatcher), particularly for the last few days since passed away, that I am inclined to keep myself out of the way and stand in the middle, out of respect. I respect both sides of love-hate Margaret Thatcher club of fans. Who I am to condemn either way, if I am in the worse possible way, thanks to her legacy. I want to speak based on my own opinion into the matter, without insulting nobody, as the financial crisis affect all of us living in this beautifull green land, not just the few. First, they came years ago for the students and nobody came out in the UK to help them, except me. Then it followed the benefits cuts and again the only person who wrote endless letters to open the doors to the rest of the British, as this cuts, taxes and endless bullying affect all of us, to no avail. The Government new policies will affect all of us, not matter of any preferences, believes or even color, religion, age, not even the fact that, if we are rich or poor, normal or disabled, etc. Unfortunately, I found the doors closed to me as well, soon after. The British Government makes the divide line in the country, nobody else. As those jobs comes from "who is your friend" rather of "profession" in which the job is for, or need to be for. The act itself of that Burgess jobs with higher salaries is falling the UK badly, not just the system, ethics of life, the reason of what this marvelous programs was intent for, but to attack the UK (UK residents) in extremes measure, even to make movies out of it, incredible indeed such racism, form one British to another. The note itself made the Sky fall movie and music earning a higher salary for boths, but intent to help those marginate people of our community, by Council and their own staff. The same people and jobs (social services, social workers, etc) that are costing the country with the "poll tax" a real mint, not only on salaries but using the old Hitler methods to our UK residents way of life, that is out of your own imagination and above all protect those jobs, by the British Constitution, Law and System, while years before was the Police officer jobs, now is part of the neighbourhood and partnership?- There is nothing wrong to use those systems, but if ever those people where working in a neutral environment rather than a communal, to attack even disabled people. I am disabled person myself and for that reason alone I come in rescue of the hundreds of UK Nationals, that above all, treated by the Government and their own staff (council, social services, social workers, police, g.p, etc) in the same way, with rules, regulations, etc, and/or in a segregate hitlerist way/s and shunt from the light of society. "I must to point out, that this is small group of Council staff and we are not talking about, in general, falling horrible the "standards" of the United Kingdom Society. Used/abused in extremes measures, on society, charities, etc, removing own living (DLA benefit) from the disabled people, on the same day as Margaret Thatcher passed away and you expect us, the British people, UK residents to be happy with a 10 million bill funeral and telling us that there is no money in the bank for us, as the financial crisis is not our making but the Government staff  (HM Customs and Excise ). When I arrived to the UK (1985), I was holding £7,000 pounds on my hands, that all I ever had had to start a new fresh life in Britain and our first home was costing us £23,000. After the divorce (2012), when I return back home counting cents, because the same as you, I had been harassed by the ex/family/social worker and your, by Margaret Thatcher regiment. I am still sharing the home for financial hardships and lack of job to hold into some kind of, "domestic abuse, family problems, neighbourhood, paparazzi, vendettas, intolerance, bullying, stalker, prank, hate propaganda, ill-rumors, blame of everything and even criminality into my life", short of. In the same matter as me, there are hundreds of British people claimants or non/claimants suffering the same intolerance and the after effects of Margaret Thatcher legacy. The British Government is trying to confuse us claimants to believe tales in order for them to milk the system with super rich wages and packages. In which, I believe strong that all comes from this very clever, selfish, ambitions woman and without heart, called: Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, The Iron Lady, that abused the good heart of the British people since become into power. Because in the same way as you the British People, I have my own woman that comes from the ex/husband sister and social worker "Thatcherist" ways, world, times and background. A someone who destroyed badly my reputation and when I said badly is to the bottom, where she even dare to kill my unborn children, by spread, bullying and hate propaganda. How many people in the UK are exactly just like me?- "Mrs Thatcher was a politician that believed what she thought, did what she said she was going to do and that gave her a certain integrity. However, she used that trust to make war on the working class. She taught us the meaning of class war through campaigns against the miners and the introduction of the Poll Tax. We are still dealing with the effects of that 'Neo-Con' economic experiment" Tony Benn. So as you can see, I understand you better in this matter and field, as my life was destroyed in the same way as many people living in  the United Kingdom, from all walks of life, age and backgrounds, that make me to write on their behalf. The intolerance affects badly all kind of walks, particularly women in the UK (me), in order to request a proper set of Laws that works on and for protection of women in general, not matter age (domestic abuse). I request a proper set of principle of Laws, that work not only on domestic abuse based on "physical" but also on behalf of "verbal and mental", that is not recognised in Britain, but in France. I want to bring that French Law into the UK in the name of "Princess Diana", as she died in France years ago. I want to request that French Law into the British courts, to stop domestic violence of any kind, into hundred of princess women that lives in total fear of domestic abuse (me), but divorce?- I even dare to ask the Judge for an ex-parte Injunction for the same matter, I live in fear of such "family problems" and the tales of, that comes from groups of people relate to the ex/husband, like his mother, sister/social worker and some family members that are united in the hate propaganda. The United kingdom are in turmoil for the same intolerance, hate and strong force that are killing our society, but those people are between us, holding and abusing jobs, friends and telling tales, in order to help into the criminality, but not law to deter the crimes against women, children and old. It is impossible to prove in a court of Law any criminality to us (battered women, disabled, children, old, etc), when the Judges, Courts, Police, Solicitors, Barristers, Court attendance, Security Guards, etc are friends with your ex/husband and his family, instead of a neutral laws, system and rules, but killing our society badly, right to the bottom!.  In the UK there is a very similar situation of abuse, that comes from your taxes and pays (poll/council tax,) to bring this kind of environment into your lives, by the Council staff or any other Government department that are united in "family problems (and the tales off)". When years ago, I was not aware of where all the wave of abuse was coming  from, attacking me and/or my own family badly, even my pets. The ex/husband mother used to tell me of her daughter:"she knows what she is doing, she is a social worker?, incredible to abuse those jobs in order to get revenge. As a Mexican national, I lacked of the proper information of such services, to the point that today, I got nothing to hold into by the malicious spread. I lost unborn children, by my own Margaret Thatcher and her tales off (the ex/husband sister/social worker), that I feel in the position to come forward and helps others, not matter of background, color, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc, marginate Society and product of Margaret Thatcher. I am Mexican born with British Nationality, but I was not aware of the word "Hitler", let alone "Margaret Thatcher" methods, which are almost alike if you read the History of the WWII. Using "almost identical (twins)" system of Government policies, rules, laws, acts, that for a 90% of UK citizens with University degree is out of question "legally" today. It is silly to divide the Country, into: One to the right, one (victim of war) to the left, by Dr Mangele (with respect to the Jewish Victims of War). In which today, we are not far from it on our well loved NHS hospitals or any other Government departments, used as a war zone by the staff (Government) and their own Family problems (ex/sister/social worker). Instead of treat people illness (NHS) or give benefits to the poor, old, children and disabled (DSS) or jobs in equality manner, not who is your friend (Job centre plus) and to find the tax evaders (HM Customs and Excise ) who are on eBay, Ebid, Facebook, etc, that are making Billions of pounds themselves, but poor our country falling into "crisis"- The British Government staff (some of them) have full control of the area (neighbourhood) affecting anyone, even disabled (me). Trafford council staff attack disabled woman (me) and not even a small chance to probe the matter in a court of law of such lies (direct payments, etc), regarding my reputation and integrity. I was framed by the ex-husband sister-social worker and her own "family problems" costing the tax payee a mint with the intolerance. There is nothing wrong with the Government system in fact is one of the very best in the whole wide world, but who works in that environment that makes the difference. Abusing and miking the system with super wages, promotions and removing the poor, disabled, old and children own benefits (DLA), very much the same as "bullying"-We were told that the regime (Hitler) itself of abuse, it was against the United Kingdom Law, System and Constitution. As I was told since arrived to the UK to abide and obey the Law not matter background- The Government staff the one's that set the rules into our lives, but making a super army of bullies, full of Hitler own quarters, requesting to work disabled people with immediate effects and none education, programs, maps, or anything to hold into, but from which planet they are coming from?- The reality is that for just one MP, pays equivalent of 20 benefit claimants per year. The British people had been living for years to the end, thinking that claiming benefits is wrong and we are called all the names under the sun if ever dare to make claims, but what about the real (corrupt) people, who are in power and holding the purse of the country, with a wave of corruption, misleading and hiding things, but making you to  believe of the crisis tales, but 10 million to Maggie funeral?-"Please give us our respect back"-As mention before of the lack of taxes and collections from the HM Customs and Excise to the tax evaders/runners (Shops, Business, Chambers of Commerce, eBay, Ebid, Facebook, own Websites, Internet, etc), falling the council jobs badly to the UK residents, as the "who is your friend wins"-Furthermore the shop/business of the roads that used to pay council/government staff are closing down (hide on the Internet) and no money to pay for those services anymore, unless the government staff does jobs properly, but taking the money from the tax payee, that pays for the "services itself (DSS benefits, education, etc)" but not the "staff,"-So, whoever works for the UK Government responsible to hold the purse of the Country is paying own staff, but removing benefits and services to the DSS, NHS, Education, etc. In Law this method of operation and distribution of the UK country wealth is totally wrong, very much regarding the matter, of "stealing (stealing the poor to pay for the rich)", persecuted by the Law, Police and the Courts, so who is misleading/stealing the country in order to benefit?-
The British government are using the tax payee money to pay council jobs and leaving the most vulnerable people of the United Kingdom, of our community to perish (disabled, old, children, unemployed and poor ), we think in Law the method itself is totally wrong, full stop!!-Now, if the Government staff is going to accuse British people own integrity (milking the system, etc), then we should contest in Law with their own staff first. We want you to understand that those people (disabled, children, old and poor, unemployed, etc) are the most vulnerable of our society today and years ago helped (me) to build this marvellous system (NHS, DSS, Education, etc), so let's to preserve and remove corruption instead. I do not need to be a Solicitor, Barrister, Judge or Court attendance to come forward and deffend the indefense and their own Human Rights. The British Constitution protects me and mine from carry on such ways, in order to preserve The Queen, Country and Land and so be you.  It's our responsibility to make sure that the most vulnerable people of our society are well handled and protect with respect, by the British Law, because today is them (disabled, children, old and poor, unemployed, etc), tomorrow can be us. The British Government set own rules, not us, as mention before. We, The British Nationals must follow, abide and respect them by Law, not matter what, who or where and so be the Government staff to set an example. To treat us British people nicely, fairly and with respect. I believe strong that this way or set of ways, reasons and laws in the UK has been going on in the British life since introduced, nothing changes, so why today to start destroying what the Queen Elizabeth II and the elders of the UK made for own future generation which is the UK nationals of today. I want you to understand that by the Principles of Laws in the British Constitution, this kind of bribery, abuse of power/profession or however you call it in plain English is a Crime. But protected by the same State, Police, Courts, Jobs and own Principles, Rules, Regulation, Code of Practices and a hundred of abuses towards the British residents, in a form of codes, numbers and etc, by the UK Government and their own staff. "To be honest with you, we are against Goliath in their own supreme kingdom, but if the whole UK country comes out of the boat, it will sink deep low as we are millions against them"-My question is as I live in this country as well as my children and all the British People educate, polite, generous and kind heart individuals. Do you want this kind of treatment to you and yours or we call it a day and request a Referendum (Cameron, Iain Smith, Osborne, etc) instead and also we request a change into own Government staff manners to be better treatment into our own lives instead?-We are divided in the United Kingdom in extremes measures as 90% are educate to the highest standards. I hate the fact that foreign people ("with respect as I am one of them") comes to the UK and makes millions in questions of months also in the most cruel ways (making a book). While the reality is that us, the British Nationals are suffering on own land/country the same intolerance as those foreign bodies, but with own UK Government. Unfortunately, we are not making a meal out of it, or any books to help us and earn a healthy lifestyle (2 million), that foreign people enjoys free with UK taxes, plus bonuses (books, etc) and not even a revenues back to us?-Here, I am talking about a "Poll tax money" that the community pays to Government (staff) for they to come and abuse our lifestyle badly and takes everything we ever had, including your own privacy, benefits and breaks your family apart like mine. All thanks of who is friends with the ex/husband/sister/social worker and their own groups of friends, helping even foreign people to come to Britain and empty the country dry. The social worker, sister of the ex/husband helped all my family into Britain to claim all kind of abuses (benefit £££$$$) regarding my reputation, leaving the UK dry and me badly shake by their own Professional abuse. Now the UK Government wants to introduce the "Bedroom tax"-Do we need/want more of that vendetta into our lives by the Government staff that use the services as a "Battlefield in a War Country" or we call a general election/referendum?- It is time to get rid of the poll tax and stop any other taxes to come and abuse our lives (bedroom tax), affecting mostly disabled, poor, old, children, unemployed and our own kind, now imagine the bedroom tax?-I want to mention that my time in doing research, writing, publishing and everything in the middle in my humble blog (24/7/365), for people to read free of charge, but still protect with trade marks. Above all, to have an idea of what is happening into your own life, maybe to do something about it and fast to help: your Queen, Country and Land before it becomes too late. Where British Government is telling us that there is not money, but looking forward a 36% increase on own wages, premiums, expenses, etc, to live better than the Queen/King or mega rich, including handling no problem a 10 million bucks to Maggie funeral, that is going to be the unclassed funeral of the UK, if we do not protect our kind (disabled, old, children, unemployed, poor, etc) first and furthermore very fast. We want you to understand that coming forward and make a claim of what is yours is not a crime, but a Birth RIGHT and do not to let other people to rule your own Queen, Country and green Land, furthermore to fell proud of what you got and protect it, in every single way, that the British are the Best and the envy of the World!-


I want to leave you with some words of people on facebook/internet that are fighting for your rights, and I am not promoting nobody, but helping the country to regain their own self respect. This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker..

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants on the death of Margaret Thatcher former leader of the Conservatives - our comment is this: If the working class, the unemployed, the disabled, our pensioners & those suffering in chronic poverty in Britain had the same kind of leader who protected 'OUR CLASS' with the same kind of determination & conviction as Thatcher did for 'HER CLASS' - We would be living in a very different 'kind' of Britain in 2013.The Labour Party needs to wake up - we will NO longer tolerate a party who fails to defend our people, fails to speak up for our vision of a different kind of Britain.If the Labour Party fails to live up to the mark, then there will be another funeral very soon that of the British Labour Party!!!/NO2BEDROOMTAX-!/blacktriangle11

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