Wednesday, 5 December 2012

President Obama refused to give up his Presidential seat, the same as Rosa Parks did 57 Years ago ..


Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlan   ..

Dear Mr and Mrs Obama, this note is made with all due respect to you both, regarding the Millions of Rosa Parks Worldwide, Me one of them. We United with yourselves and from a long time ago, since the Slavery times. I am Please to see you sitting in the same bus as Rosa Parks and Me. Somehow, memories come back from those horrible and racist times, that exist today. Berraged of Oppression, Slaverism, Strong Hate Propaganda, Racism and Intolerance towards the Human Race. Today, Israel, Latinos, Colour, Middle East and even Mexican People lives nowdays in the White Supremacy, without mention the People with Incapacities or Sexual Orientation. They are not just sitting in the Bus, but they are taking for a ride. Yes, it´s what we call abuse of Power and Profession just because we are of certain Colour, Religion, Age, Disability or Love someone that Society do not aprove.  Let´s be honest and talk about those subjects that are making waves to the World, with all kind of malicious acusations, "direct" to our Women Worldwide. First of all, any Woman in the Planet Earth can not produce -"Semen"- and get pregnant by the Holy Gost, that's a lie. Men bodys produce such element, but Women is hit badly by Society, Religion, Politics and Law. To the point that my Country Mèxico, Women gets prision sentence by Terminations (Abortion), but unable to produce semen, incredible?! - In Life, we take two sides in the matter, never one side - in any argument there are two sides of the coin, never one - in Law there is two parts of Defense, never one side - This is one of the finnest examples of why we use the argument in Law, o in defence of the Law, as it takes two People to make a Baby, not just one, but Women get Prision sentences and unable to produce semen, incredible?!- In the Times of the Romans, Men and Women were able to walk with or without clothes as it please them. People were not intimidate by sexual explit, sexual harassment, sexual fantacy, sexual exploit, sexual inibitions, sexual of today sick Society, a mayor obstacle. Where, if I mention the Word "Semen" my own Church will excomulgate me in the same way, as my Past sins, unable to defend myself in a Court of Law. In with I explain before, it takes two to make a Baby and I am not liable for any "semen" as, I can not produce any, but the Church does nothing to defend small children, abused sexualy by them. The same subject happens to People with Sexual Orientation-Homosexuality, product of own Parents chromosomes and the same Parents ask their own Children to leave Home, due to Society Prejudices, Ignorance and Racism?- Hitting Women/Children/Disabled/Sexual Orientate People, by the Sick Society that we live nowdays, with Government Staff, Religios fanatism or any other kind of Intolerance that molest inocent People, that have no form of defence or means-form-money to defend themselves, in any Court of Law, that´s a Coward Act and bullying!!-. In Mèxico we separate Religion and Politics, for the same reason/s, our Laws are divorce with the Church, this reflect in the War with the Cristeros (1926–29) also known as La Cristiada, to get rid of "Religion" in Politics as a whole and things of the Estate. Biological Bodies-Social Ciences, Educational subjects, that need to be learn properly in the school, to stop making false acusations against the Human Race. The mayor argument on any Political World to win Votes, -"Termination (Abortion)/Sexual Orientation"- as those People lacks of own Incietives or Education. It calls Racism and Intolerance living in a marginated Society full of tales and lies, to spread Hate Propaganda, Racism, Nazism,  Intolerance, Oppression, Slaverism, to anybody regardes of, Colour, Religion, Incapacity, Sexual Orientation, Age, etc. Afecting badly our Society in the World General. Where all started with our Elders own Ignorance, today we have the results, living in the World separate by Prejudices, Intolerance, Tales and Lies. Instead of Educate the World in General towards "Safe Sex and Responsabilities to Sociey, including preserverving the Human Race" -Humanity not matter Colour are "Sagregate" as Rosa Parks, Myself or any other Person afected by the Racism, Intolerante, World of differences, depending in which Society the Person lives. I thank my God for my own Parents not perfect, but not Racists. My Mexican People and myself living away from Home or Roots, feeling the Intolerance and Racism in great measures.

Catholic Timperley Church, Hate Propaganda (Defend Life) ..

Where, since I Emigrate to the UK, suffering Racism from day one, by the ex/husband Sister/Social Worker/Carol Parker. Who was full aware of own Malice/Hate spread since day one. Carol Parker was living in Mèxico, with a sister, who speak English before the wedding. I was studing English in Puebla on that time for the same reason. Carol got a Job on the same place as me, teaching English  (twice), thanks to me. My brother invited us to Veracruz (1985), to be killed (2010) after, by the same group of lies."Family Problems" that I was not aware off, until Carol Parker told me 3 years ago (2009) in my Home kitchen, not before to cash and gain Career. Carol Parker studied the Social Worker Career, in order to Satiate her own Hate and Malice towards me and mine, to open the doors to a full wave of lies and hate propaganda towards me, from England, Germany, Spain, Mèxico and even local, paid by the British Tax Payee. Where the Catholic Timperley Church (see photo) closed for the same reasons. Carol Parker stayed in Mèxico 3 months before the wedding (1985), but me 27 years in the UK (2012) still living with Racism, Lies, Intolerance, Hate propaganda from her?!Mexican People, Myself, or Rosa Parks, who Emigrate to a foreign Country, unable to speak the Language, before/after the Wedding in my case, impossible for me to book a Termination (Abortion)in the UK, where I was living when Pregnant, but David Parker-I lost unborn Children, a Brother, Daughter bullied by the whole School, a Sister/neighbour detained by the Mental Health Act and I was blame for all those lies, but I am not a Social Worker. I am Unable to receive Medical help, Education, British Law/Justice/Compensation to defend myself or mine, Work/Busines, Financial help, Benefits. So how I am supposed to live in the UK and feed the Children when babies, except Benefits, as I was not allowed to use the ex/husband Bank Account or his Cheques? - I receive no Financial support or help from the Father of my living Children, in their upbringing not even now that we are divorce.  A probe, that he was full aware of such "Family Problems" since day one, but Malice. "Removing things from me/molesting what is mine with the help of his Social Worker sister and lies, who blames me after"-. The ex/husband keeps lying covering his Sister/Social Worker, but never  saved his unborn Children lives, the reason why, I divorce him. I lost unborn Children, in the Hate Propaganda, Racism of a British Culture, unable to claim compensation for the lost. I am living in a World of British Soils, unaware of any Crimes or to be told of them by the British Institution, Constitution, System or the Police. In fact my Police Record is clean, but trying hard to damaged my reputation with lies, defamation and framing my Persona, without my permission, knowledge in the matter and consent or speaking with the true of the facts. Where even the Local Police aware of such harassments and Crimes, covered by the Social Worker/Carol Parker and to be told, "You got no friends in the Police Force?"- I was not aware that for to receive Services from the Police, I need to have a Friend instead of a Police Officer to deal with the Intolerance?!-Unfortunately, We are brewing a Culture of, "who is your friend", instead of giving a Service that gets paid for. Millions of People Worldwide suffer the Intolerance non/stop, like Me, Rosa Parks, Assange-Manning case, Victims of War (WWI and WWII), the Death Penalty, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan. Where the Second World War a continuation of the first one (1939-45), claimed 70.000 Victims of War in Europe alone, with 6 Million Jews killed in the most horrible ways as possible. None of them received Justice, Memory or Compensation for the lost. As Spain (2012) still unable to get access to Franco's file or the German Jews to Hitler's File, etc. "The Iraq/Middle East War/s product of "Family Problems" between Bush and Bin Laden Family, paid by the American Tax payee"-A case very much the same as mine. Where Salem Bin Laden and George W Bush were founders of the Arbusto Energy oil company in 1970´s. James Bath was appointed (1978) as representative of Bush in Houston, Texas. Mr Bush served with him in the Air National Guard. Mr Bath invested $50,000 in Mr Bush's company, Arbusto, with strong speculations that the money might be from Salem. In the same year, Mr Bath bought Houston Gulf Airport on behalf of the Saudi Arabian multimillionaire. Bush said the $50,000 investment in Arbusto was the only financial dealing he had with Mr Bath (Salem Bin Laden). Salem Bin Laden was leading the hunt for his brother Osama Bin Laden disowned, by the rest of his family in 1991. Osama Bin Laden was expelled from Saudi Arabia for his Anti-Government activities, died in a plane crash in Texas (29/5/1988). National Transportation Safety Board did not conduct any accident investigation regarding Salem´s death. The aircraft was ultralight aircraft not covered under mandate due to exemption while operating under FAR Part 103 Provisions required by the Federal Law?"-Afecting the "Family Problems" of Bin Laden/Bush for years to end, with the result of the Twin Towers destruction in American soils. It is not clear and understanding to you, that America comes to the Middle East and destroys everything over there based on Lies, Hate propaganda and Spread, then you wants nobody to hurt what is yours!?-Not just happy after the damaged caused, the same Intolerance trying hard to harm People's (Tony Blair) reputation by lies, when we all remember who started spreading lies of  (Bush) Nuclear stuff, to protect his own Financial (Oil) World using the American Tax Payee, with Wars. The "Family Problems" comes in all shapes and colours and nobody is free from the Intolerance, including the British Citizens, living with the harassment and bullied by the State, Constitution and System, removing Benefits and help, afecting badly the Old, Children or Disabled, unable to get access to get the tools they need to help themselves.

The same happens to our own Mexican People living away from Home and "segregate" by the Society of our Country America. Where Hundreds Years ago, a new Colony arrived to our soils and we never asked your Passport or Visas, today is different, we are killed just by entering to our own Home/America. When Mexican People stood up and defend Rosa Parks People back in the 1800's, by Santana's groups including our Mexican Constitution that forbide Slaverism. This caused the American-Mexican War, as the White supremacy was using Rosa Parks Peoples as a slaves. The Colony was in progress of what is today America, at the expences of the 400 American Tribes and Mexican People killed. It is happening the same today as yesterday, Peña Peña signed the Treaty of Guadalupe, to preserve our Mexican People, not Santana. The Mexican President Santana refused to sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo or anything that damaged the Mexican Constitution and fleed to another Country. Where, I am sitting today in the Bus as a "Disabled" like Rosa Parks  did in the 1960's as a "Colour" -Wishing one day, that Racism is going to break down, so we Disabled can lead own Nation (Mèxico) like Mr and Mrs Obama. I am unable to reach my Dream and save my Mexican People. I Dream for a better World to my Mexican People Worldwide, as you can see they are in America trying to achieve the American dream, like Rosa Parks, but refused entry to America and killed in Mèxico. Where is the crime for me to want the better Standars of Life for my own Country and blood, like Rosa Parks, but stop due to "Family Problems"-. Mr Obama gave my place to Enrique Peña Nieto with the -"Best is yet to come", misleadeading Mexican/American People living in America, who gave their own Votes, but were cheatead to continue Criminality in Mèxico. Winning the American-Mexican Presidency based on mislead/cheating and Corruption is not Legal, a Crime to the Constitution and Laws. Integrity is what it makes a good President not corruption. "People should be able to win the Votes acording to own efforts not by using others, me in this case by Peña Nieto and Obama with Latinos (leaving the 4 more years pic as a prove)". -This note is not about Enrique Peña Nieto or Obama as a Person. I do not them Personaly or interested in their own Personal Lives. This note is about the state od my Counry Mèxico, with more than 60,000 Crimes, including my own Brother Josè Castellanos Ruiz, killed in Mèxico (2010). It is about the State of the Latinos in America, suffering Deportation and Criminal Records. Note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 5-12-2012.

Mexico, Tierra y Libertad!! ..