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Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Mussolini and why, most European Nationals, have no idea, of what is happening to the World !!

Victims of the Second World War!!
                                                       Israel the God 's Land ..
The Nuremberg Laws introduced on 15 September 1935, strip Jews of the Right to Citizenship and restrict their relations with Gentiles. From that moment Germany, was divided. Hitler Regiment and Nazy Germany were spreading, hate Campaign/s against Jewish, Polish, Gypsies, Homoxesuals, Disabled People or anyone who was different in their eyes. A Genocide that killed 6 Million Jewish People alone, during the Second World War (1939-1945). Children and Adult People, with Jewish background were the most afected by the War. Victims of Racial and Religion Cleanse, Hate, Descrimination, Oppression, Slave Labor, abused in Experiments by own German Nationals. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was the only location, in which Prisioners of War were tattooed during the Holocaust. "The color of a bruise that never heal." Jews in Nazi Germany, suffered appallingly, some could afford to leave the Country. Thugs in the SA and SS were given a free hand in their treatment of the Jews, frequently referred to "Mein Kampf"' - "Filthy Jew" - "Contaminate blood of pure Germans" - "Jew Bastard" - "Jew Nazi" - "Crybaby".. Anyone who had been bullied in life, known true well, the meaning of those Racist Words, me one of them. I want to invite you to see a World, that even in Modern Times, People do not talk about it, for fear to be ridiculed or were ignorant of the Second World War..

The Jews Grandmother tattoo ..
After the Second World War, America and Europe, copied the Nazi Germany in everything, today they are against the Middle East and poor Countries in the World. "Racist People, Adults and Mature enough, to understand own Words, Actions and Spreading, to be accounted for Hate Campaign and Propaganda, against another Person in any Court of Law Worldwide." Here is when we said enough is enough!!. "The Hate Campaign is what started the Second World War, with Intimidation and Fear against the Jewish Community, our Brothers and Sisters in life." We must not accept another War, but learn by the mistakes. The Nazi Germany is traying to bring back the same Feelings, Spreading, Intimidation & Hate, that were displayed back in the 1930´s. We should sue Nazi Germany, to be the cause of this abnormal Hate Campaign/s, against Humanity. This hostile attitude, that our Society lives today, with Racism, Nazism, Facism, Franquism, Intolerance, Inequality, Oppression, Bullying, Name calling, Name Insults, Spreading, Rumors, Taking Money, Posesions, Friends, Family, Children, or things away from others. Stealing, Treats, Intimidation, Lying with intent to pervert the curse of the Law, Difamation, Slander, Lies against Politicians, Countries, Colours of skin, etc. It is part of our Modern life, that is alive today and around the Globe. We call the attitude Bullying and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was Born, as a result. Tolerance, Respect and Oportunities for all, should be our moto. Bullying in Modern times is out of question, just because we look different to other People with Shape, Color of Skin, Hair, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Age, Disability, etc. It is not a Passport to gain-lose, better-worse, Standard of Life or means that we are Criminals just by the Colour of skin or blessed by the Hand of God if we are not ?! -Racist behaviour against other People, from different Culture. It should not be an excuse to open the doors, to "abuse." Racism is against our Human and Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech. Bullying is not acceptable any more. "Any kind of abuse in the XX1 Century, should be abolished. Domestic abuse, Religion, Social and Political Abuse. Either Mental, Verbal or Physical for any reason is against the Law/International Law. For that reason alone, we are living today with Intolerance. "In a World with half of Population in total Poverty and Famine and the other half  lives in a Rich World, full of Oportunities".. Latinoamerica (Drugs), Middle East (Oil), America, UK and Europe, (Cuts with University fee's, Pensions, DSS, NHS, Police and Military Force). "Instead of stopping, Abuse, Bullying and Emotional Blackmail".. The Liders in Europe (Germany) are leading the World, to a Financial Inestability, very much the same as the 1930's. Where 6 Million Jewish People, died on that War alone in the most cruel ways as possible. Today, Germany Financial status, is one of the best in the whole wide World, thanks to steal from the Jews Victims of War, taking from them: their own Money, Properties, Jobs, Business, Art, to Victims of War. "Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin, Dictators of the Second World War, together destroyed the European Continent. Himmler, Mengele, Joseph Goebbels, etc, who were part of the extermination plans and right hand of Hitler himself. They were suffering Mental illness, "before" the WWII started. Today, they are accounted, for the Murder (RIP) of 70,000 Million European People. Who died in the Cold War, full of Hate against them. Those Dictators were trying to make, the Aryan Race, but Our Divine God, made all of us, different in Color, Personality, etc. The Cristian Religion played a part in the genocide. Himmler was born (1900-45) in Munich, the son of a Roman Catholic Teacher, he was Head of the Gestapo, Chief of the German Police, internal Security, Federal leader of the SS or Commanding general of the SS, Realm Commissioner of German Nationhood, Realm Minister of the Interior, Supreme Commander of the People´s Storm (Volkssturm) and Supreme Commander of the Home Army. One of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th Century and feared Men in Nazi Germany. The Architect of the "Final Solution and Horrors of Nazi Anti-Semitism," his view on the SS in 1943: "We have selected the highest and abandoned the lowest (the lowest were: Jews, Polish, Gypsies, Disabled, Homosexuals, anyone different) As long as we maintain this Principle, the order will remain healthy. After the War, we shall build up our Order and provide Germany with an elite, with leaders to Industry, Agriculture, Politics and activities of the Mind" The Nazi Germany believed in the Aryan Race, Genetically Healthy and Socially efficient. They wanted to created from own People, a new "National Community." Shering videos with you, from the Second World War in Germany (1939/45), to Understand the state of Mind of the German Nazis, including Himmler. He was in charge of destroying everything that was no perfect before his eyes, with the help from German Nationals, who were creating a World that was not made for Planet Earth.. "Our Divine God made everyone different, the Color of Skin, Religion, Incapacity, Sex Orientation, Age, Nationality, Language, Country of Birth, Tradition. It is not a Passport or an obstacle, to gain a better standard of life. Every Person made of Skin and Bone is born with Human Rights. We are living in the XX1 Century, the Human Race is mature enough to help and build a better and positive World. Where Harmony, Peace and Tolerance is our only Law. "How does Physical and Mental Illness, influence the life of mass murderers, to the World?..The occult History of the Third Reich (Hitler) - Swastika - SS Blood and Soil - Adolf Hitler - Himmler the Mystic - the Nazi Cult - Secret Societies - The Aryan Race - The Elite - Atlantis - Archeology - Prophecies and more.."The following Videos are not suitable, for small children, without the supervision of an Adult Teacher. Please see them with the full Respect that the victims deserve, offer a prayer and one minute of silence ..")

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Medicine in the German Third Reich, became an instrument of Nazi Political Philosophy, that included, Racial Purification (the Aryan Race) using Biologic measures. Included involuntary "Euthanasia program" directed at Mentally ill Patients and Physically Disabled Children and Adults. The Action T4, was an abrreviation of "Tiergartenstrabe 4" A Charitable Foundation for Cure and Institutional Care (German: Gemeinnützige Stiftung für Heil- und Anstaltspflege) and used for Nazi Germany: "Euthanasia decree" - "Euthanasia program" - "Physician-Assisted suicide" - "Mercy Death" - "Mercy Killing." The Action T4 (German: Aktion T4 - Tiergartenstrabe4) name of the address of a Villa in Berlin (Tiergarten) and no longer exist, but a plaque set in Pavement on Tiergartenstraße." Physicians killed thousands of Disabled People (more than 275,000 +), who were sick, Physically or Mentally handicapped by critical Medical examination. Using Gas Chambers, Starvation or Medication (1939-1945). Operated by Hitler's private Chancellery, Philipp Bouhler and Hitler's Personal Physician, Dr Karl Brandt. Euthanasia Program: "Racial Hygiene"-"Racially unsound"-"cleansed."-"Racial Purity", ideas from Nazis Movement. To People who were judged Sick, inferior Races, Jews, Gypsies, unfit Aryans, Mentally Defective, Severely Handicapped, Incurable Insane and incurable Sick. "It is impossible to believe, that Nazi Germany, killed millions of unfit People, who only crime was to be Disabled. Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin, Himmler, Mengele, Joseph Goebbels, Mental illness were ignored by own Doctors ... "

The Real King's Speech - King George VI - September 3, 1939 ..

The King of Britain, George V1 and France, declared War on Germany in September 1939. "Thanks to the fast action of His Majesty, The King George V1 and his Family support, together with France, the World was saved from total destruction". He had not expected to be King. Forced into the British throne by adbidication of his brother Edward V111, who Married the Woman he loved, the divorced American Socialite, Wallis Simpson. Three years later, His Majesty King George V1, was leading the Country through a traumatic Second World War. Shering the dangers of the Battle of Britain, with People of London. On 6 of February 1952, His Majesty King George V1, died peacefully in his sleep, at Sandringham House..

Wallis, Edward and Hitler, become firm Friends during the WWII, making things difficult for his Brother, The King George VI, who was unable to protect the British People and the Victims of War!! .

King Edward VIII abdication speech 1936.

Edward V111 and Wallis become firm Friends with Hitler during the War times, in order to regain the British Throne again, but were used instead by Hitler. Who was receiving information from them and bloking the way to rescue the Victims of War. Millions of Victims from all over the World, died as a result. The traition from his brother Edward V111, plus leading Britain through a traumatic Second World War, left His Majesty, The King George V1 exhausted, contributed to his failing Health and early Death. "The World is living in Peace today, thanks to King George V1, British Citizens and the French Nationals."

Joseph Goebbels and Family ..

Joseph Goebbels own Life !!..

The Supressed Catholic, Joseph Goebbels, he was not only Schizophrenic but Schizopedic, diagnosed by his Physician. Perpetrador like Hitler, did not kill anyone, but helped to create the envirolment, that made the Holocaust possible. Goebbels was appointed Hitler's Minister of Public Enlightenment and propaganda 1933, the Last Chancellor of Germany, invaluable to Nazi Party. Maniputating German People with massive Campaigns and Misinformation with Anti-Semitic focus. "Used Radio and Film to glorify Hitler and the Nazi Party." In 1931 - He marries Magda. The couple had six children: Helga - Hilde - Helmut - Holde - Hedda - Heide. Their names all start with the letter H in tribute to Hitler.

Adolf Hitler..

The German Leader Adolf Hitler, a Roman Catholic.. "by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." Hitler was against People, who had no means to defend themselves and were also German Nationals and Jewish background?.. Hitler was a Famous Bipolar, Tyrant, Manic Depression for Power. Ranging tempers, Manic Highs, Grandiose, Psychotic Delusions, Paranoia Rages, Extravagantly and Contemptuous Disregard for others, with Advanced Syphilis. Hitler’s own Personal Physician Dr Theodor Morell, diagnosed him as manic depressive, with similar Symptoms to Parkinson's disease. In the full known of his Mental Problems (even in 1930's), he was allowed to continue with his Job, inciting and starting a War (The Final Solution)..

Everything was programed in Germany during WWII, including Hitler Youth ..
Hitler Youth put great importance on Physical Fitness and Education, emphasis on Espirit de Corps, Comradeship, practical Skills, virtues of leading a clean Family life and manners, while the German Nazis (adults) were killing thousands of handicapped Germans Nationals by Lethal Injection and poisonous Gas (1930's). After the German Invasion of the Soviet Union (1941), the German Army began shooting massive numbers of Jews and Gypsies in open fields.

Giant Death Machines in which 6 Million Jews People died (RIP) ..

Exterminations Centers were estabilished in Poland (1939-45) for mass murders with "Giant Death Machines". Six Death Camps still exist today: Auschwitz-Birkenau (gassing Jews using Zyklon-B), Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Trebinka, conducted systematically by the German Leader Adolf Hitler and SS Men. Victims were deported to these Centers from the Ghettos in Western and Eastern Europe. Millions died in Ghettos and Concentation Camps, Gassing, Starvation, Shooting, Burning, Forced Labor, Exposure, Brutality, Disasea, Experiments and Execution, 9 People out of 10 were Jews. Gypsies, Soviet POW, and Prisioners of War of all Nationalities, Colors, Disabilities, Sex Orientation, Age, Language, etc, killed with no mercy in Gas Chambers. Private diaries of Goebbels and Himmler from Secret Soviet archives, shows that Hitler personally, ordered the mass extermination of Jews. Goebbels wrote .."With regards to the Jewish question, the Fuhrer decided to make a clean sweep" Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Mussolini and why, most European Nationals, have no idea of, what is happening to the World, because, we are living a repetition of the 1930´s..

Josef Mengele, "The Angel of Death" ..

This is why, I am Israel Online Ambassador, because I can feel myself, in the same position, as the Jewish People. I lost unborn Children, Country of Birth, Family and Marriage in the hands of Racist People, with "Family Problems".. I tried for months, to Understand this abnormal behaviour, as they were my own Blood and Family. I research the Bible for words to help me, from my own Religion, to no avail. I will never understand own actions of my Family, or even their own hearts, but it is up to them, not me. I loved them very much, so I can not understand their own attitude either. Thanks God, the History of the Second World War, "the Victims of War and Jews People" healed me. This note alone reached the highest, I had ever wrote.."The Angel of Death" , but my work is not for sale today, maybe one day. My own priority is to show the World, the Crimes of the WWII and their own Valient People "The Jews". Who stood to nothing, like the King George V1 and The Queen Mother, the British and French Citizens. I have no words to thank the Jewish and the Victims of WWII, I fell a new me. I can even laugh today, about the whole thing. They gave me another meaning in my life and to see the World in different pictures. It gave me strength, to carry on in the World with a Positive attitude, knowing that I am not walking the road alone, but they were there first, before me. It is hard to understand the malice of some People and Hearts, particularly when is your blood, but it is not my position to judge acts, but to continue working towards the best for the Humaninty. As I know full well, that one day, I will get there on time, with my Master and show the good and bad of me, on Earth. Mexican National, British Citizen and Online Ambassador of Israel, please join us to spread Love, Peace Tolerance and Harmony to the World. This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  ..

Tierra y Libertad!! ..

To Be continue......