Friday, 21 September 2012

Nick Clegg apologised for breaking a Liberal Democrat Election Promise and for that, he said sorry.!! ..

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Nick  Clegg MP-Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, looked to see off any threat to his leadership, as he apologised for breaking a Liberal Democrat Election promise to oppose any increase in University Tuition fees.  (apologies my blog suffered the Riots culture) Failed, two Years after with his promise on the General Election back on 6/5/2010 in which took place on 650 constituencies across the UK under the first-past-the-post-System. None of the Parties achieved, the 326 seats needed for an overall majority. The Conservative Party led by David Cameron won the largest number of Votes and Seats, but still fell twenty seats short, so the result was a Hung Parliament. Where Clegg and Cameron United together in this new Venture and formed a new kind of Government. A New Government. A radical, Reforming Gobernment, but Failed. In which today, the rest of the UK Citizens are in deep Problems, Socialy, Financialy, Politicaly and even Globaly, with the European Market and the Euro.  To the Point that Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are the most afected in the Monetary system. United in sorrow and depresion, thanks to the German Chancelor Angela Merkel, as I mention before. It is afecting Education, Benefits System, Business, Work and even Pensions. The University fee's are going to cost a lot of money to Young British Students and maybe, end up paying a lot more that they were thinking of , before they started the University Venture. Cameron and Clegg were working together, trying to make Britain more strong, with radical and reforming Government System, including Benefits, Pensions, etc. We can not said that they failed alone, but as a Society we all failed. The United Kingdom, before and after the Second World War the Country was left badly, by the effects of the War. Now, if we go even deeper, we have the Victorian´s Times, that they were even harder Times to be accept,  by any British in this time and era. Who were not born into a Silver spoon like Prince Charles and his Duchy of Cornwall, but a black and grey poverty times. The British People together with the Queen Elizabeth II, build the British Nation after the WWII destruction. This is why we said not to Cuts in Wealthfare and Benefits, that our Elders build with Hard Work, not Prince Charles and/or any of Etonians and their own Cabinets, like Cameron, Clegg, Osborne. Today, our Dear Queen Elizabeth II, is a Constitutional Monarch of 16 Sovereign States including the United Kingdom, known as the Commonwealth Realms, not Prince Charles. The Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, not Prince Charles. The same Queen who lived a life of before and after the WWII, so she knows better than me, of what I am talking about and hope to have her full support in the matter. Because without Education, we are risking our British Country and People, to go back again, to Victorians Times and we said NEVER again. It is not Negotiable, not matter what's, who's or where's. The British Queen, Country, Constitution or Land is not for sale. The Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of 54 Member of Commonwealth of Nations, not Prince Charles.
 On her 21st Birthday (1947), The Queen Elizabeth II made the following pledge: "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great Imperial Family to which we all belong." .. The Queen never let you down in any way, form or shape, as Clegg with his patetic excuse of !!Sorry!?!.. Two Years before the Queen’s Birthday pledge, England was left destroyed by the bombing of WWII. Today, the United Kingdom is one of the best Country to live in the World, by their own hard work, so we could say that the Queen Elizabeth II kept her own Words. The British System (DSS, NHS, Education, etc) was the result of a Second World War and the total Poverty in which the UK was left after the WWII and the Victorian´s Times. The Queen's promise to the British People after the War, a long and healthy life. I believe strong, that she had been keeping her own Words. Please see around you to confirm the reality of our Lives today and not Yesterday. A Queen and a Woman of substance, with no Etonian qualifications, but better than Clegg and Cameron together, plus a Big Heart to her own Peoples, Country and Nations. It is very brave of Clegg to give us and Apology, when Students were trying to hold into a small hope and better Future with less money to pay at the end of their Education. I want him to know, that the Queen made her promise and so he, himself before and after the General Election. In which a form of a Video was recorder, with his own words to Britain, Cameron next to him. We expect to get for what he and Cameron are working for and his "New Government", also for what Cameron and Clegg gets paid for ..

UK: David Cameron hails 'new era' as coalition sets to work

The British Country and Constitution as far as We, The British People are concern is in the hands, of  our Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of England, not Prince Charles. Nobody, of the Royal Family is allowed to touch it, not even Prince Charles. We believe Strong that Prince Charles wants to get rid of what his Mother, the Queen Elizabeth II, worked very hard for England (NHS, DSS, etc), when (before) she passes away, with the Government Cuts The Queen Elizabeth II, hard work extents Worldwide and not limited to her own British Country, but above the Seas, with the Birth of: NHS, DSS, Education, etc. Unfortunately, her son Prince Charles is cuting her hard work to Britain, including University Fee's, afecting the cuts even to the Royal Family.  "It is not the Queen or her Husband, Cameron or Clegg, but Prince Charles, who is doing the cuts."This is why we request Prince William to take the Queen's placement, in that case. To safeguard Country and Royalty status, because nobody can pass over the Queen Elizabeth II, just yet, until she passes the Crown and she has not done it. "Because, The Queen Elizabeth II is alive and well".. Bullying the British People particularly the Disabled, Children, Old and Poor is not ver clever, absurd and selfish indeed by Prince Charles. Where he puts Love before Duty and not acting acording to his Royal Status, like his Ancle Edward VIII or his Aunt Margaret, plus living extremely Rich with no wories to emigrate like Edward VIII. We do not care about Prince Charles and Camilla´s Love, but what that LOVE is going to do the British Monarchy, because in the long run, it will destroy the backbone of the British Institution, well cemented over the years, with Worldwide status. Where Prince Charles needs to answer regarding his ex-wife Diana's death. It is pretty obvios now, that Prince Charles made way for today, unless you can not see the extent of malice of this Man, rmoving Diana to lead the way to Camilla. "Unfortunately, the Cold reality is that the Problem with the University fee´s, Benefits Cuts, Financial crisis in general in the UK (21-9-2012) is deeper and very hard to digest. We are facing today with the cuts in Britain, that comes not from Clegg, but from Cameron as he, himself, represents Prince Charles. Who is taking his Mother place, when she is well and alive. Confusing British Government, People, Land, Country and Worldwide into accepting him and Camilla abroad, while Prince Charles Mother is alive. In other words leaving the doors open to abuse the British Country, when doing the Cuts, by other People who represent ideals that incite the world with Hate Propaganda.  Prince Charles is cuting own Family and staff to carry on doing their own jobs and represent the British Constitution leaving our Queen alone and separating the Royal Family.

We all have our "Family Problems" including me, but what we do to repair the British System damaged, thanks to the Intolerance, those services were not made for, but to give a "service to the community"-Unfortunately, because of those People that abuse the trust of the Nation, today in Britain, the cuts are taking place, instead of removing staff, who are protect by the Unions.  Prince Charles interfere in Political matters or matters of the State, he, himself, is going to cause a British Constitution breakdown and melt the British Monarchy. Because, nobody can pass over his Mother, the Queen Elizabeth II, she is alive and well, as far as we know. We are all behind Mr Clegg and Cameron, but against the Cuts taking place, with no warnings to People afected by the cuts and Intolerance, even a chance to gain Education to support themselves today. Apology from the United Kingdom MP Clegg´s own words back in 12-May-2010. It said somenthing like this: This is a New Government, a new kind of Gobernment. A radical, Reforming Gobernment .. Charles & Camilla are stopping Clegg, Cameron and the British Government to do their own Jobs properly, because our British Government have the Red, Blue and Yellow ribons that protect our Nation. I am following my Father excellent example. "I realy Hope my People (Mexicans) one day, will have the same oportunities of the British of today"-I am waiting answers, regarding my Personal Matters (My unborn Children and my Brother died in the hands of the "Family Problems") and the Accident (Murder) of Princess Diana of Wales, Her Royal Higness, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester, Baroness of Renfrew, Princess Hearts, Princess People (RIP), Our Future Queen of England, by her own son, Prince William"-This Note is not regarding Prince Charles, Camilla, our beloved Queen or anybody here mentioned, but the State of the United kingdom and Government affairs. The Note is free and express an opinion which is mine, because I was born in a FREE Country, but protected with all kind of trademarks and Rights of Author, Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 21/9/2012
Prince Charles UK affairs, while his Mother is well and alive ..