Friday, 3 October 2014

The Smurfs Village ..

Maksim Mrvica - The Godfather Theme (HD) 

While trying to pass as "Incognito" today from the neighbour as I went to Manchester town and back again - home, the neighbourhood leader, other than the neighbour house #11, also job centre plus staff, including council staff, in which she got so many characters into one, but she was on her drive arranging her (Pitufos) Smurfs family inside her car. We have a long chat, since just after the year 2000 and trying to remember, how we end up as we are today, with a lot of crap, murders, cars blow up, tesco's fiascos, my sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied, pets badly hurt and a wave of criminal activity and not by myself or my children, but the rest. As Mexican born with British Nationality not this kind of system in my country (Mèxico), trying to fix the jigsaw somehow and understand matters and reasons legally of the same criminal activity, particularly what drove those peoples into that kind of crime. I will never know the real motives of the criminal activity and I only assume the same as the rest: "Bullying!"- I am making a full apology for my sister (soco) behaviour, but before she landed in the UK, she was living a German life. I believe Germany influence very much on her arrival to the UK, but after studying the English law do not a-merit to be detained under the mental health act and to be treated with such harass judgement and regiment, that portrait of Hitler's. I believe an ASBO, or to have words with my sister (soco) would be enough, but the rest was unforgivable, even the bubble gum. In which by the same criminal activity, my brother died and the neighbour's daughter passed away in the fiasco's (RIP). I believe strong that's all down to the same connection and matters of "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that acts like the Kray's brothers (The Smurfs Village, cosa nostra, vendettas, al capone, the godfather, paparazzi, neighbourhood, etc) brushed trafford area complete and beyond the seas (cancun, canada, germany, mexico, etc), taking advantage. The same as the rest, I am trying to find out exactly what happened and what drove those peoples into that kind of abnormal behaviour. The law require to write any incident as the past between neighbours do not comes any rosy, so I am ably by the same law and explain everything to avoid confusion, or taking advantage. Including today (3/10/2014) the phone call at Manchester county court with family department staff, that lied to me in the past, as (David York) told me to post everything (orders), or to make appointment, but when I tried today - he just put the phone down?-So how, we gain access to the law in the UK and by time then when on hearing the ex/husband and his solicitor arrive to the courts with nothing, just in plain blank, so when!!?-Soon after the incident today, I went to stuff myself with nachos, the staff was asking for what I wanted, not what they wanted, but me!!!!- I was somebody in the Mexican shop, not a merely foreign person, but human individual requesting a simple service: "Nachos"- At any time, the Manchester County court staff (David York) is not allowed to give any advice to my case (and to stuff themselves with my nachos) and by the law, but read letters addressed to me as trying to advice (confuse) me?-I am not liable in law for ignorant people that use/abuse the law to own advantage, in order to hurt my reputation badly and pretend me to be the problem, but themselves. "As Manchester county court staff (david york) gets to address with all my matters (in the same way as the person who is serving nachos), to go and tell the other party (the ex/husband) and stop (blocks) me to gain a simple service (nachos) and/or to continue Judge (Matharu) order?-I believe is the neighbour (house #11) who is stopping my (court) matters in the same way as my social security benefit and everything that's mine even dentist treatment in the area, as punishment in the same way as my sister?- When in reality is my rights to use the courts, services (dentist), or gain assistance (benefit), instead of harass system by the neighbour, or government staff which is criminal activity in law, revenge, hate, removal of my healthy tooth and a wave of intolerance, but protect even by the police when acting as neighbourhood?-Where we question legally: under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", at any work (paid/unpaid) with anyone that represents the system in any way, form or shape, even professionals. As I mention before the neighbour was waiting for me in her drive and she rarely does it (control bus staff?), where hunting, stalking and even following in a form of paparazzi - neighbourhood is against the law the bullying, that even Princess Diana died by the matter?-The neighbour (house #11) gets many jobs in the government and community (jobcentre plus, neighbourhood, police, etc.), that even confuse the rest and give jobs to purchase peoples as she can address (controls) any matters (even bus staff?), anyhow, anywhere, anything and any moment, as if she talks in command; "The Smurfs Village?"-My children need to force me to remove the ex/husband mother caveat for the same treats that represent those people in government (council), that imposes even by taking notes (bringing the past again), or any other ways to remember (do this, or I will do this to you!?) and acts like the Krays Borthers (ex/husband and his sister social worker), as mention before, but use neighbour (or use each other), so the children do not see who is the person and bully (father, aunt social worker, or else!-).I am not responsible for the kind of past the neighbour had with her own mother, as she was telling me, "all about her past", neither my life is her business at any time, but she put my sister in the mental hospital for a minor matter and I got the blame of the matter?- "As the neighbour (house #11) told me to seek my sister GP" and this reflect the rest of the United Kingdom, not just me. So what kind of law works for one side of the party (ex/husband and club of bullies), but not for both sides of the party (me and the ex/husband) and stop people to gain law (me), hide the same law (to me), then the courts ask for "time (to me)?"-In the same way acts the manchester county courts staff (david york), or the Judges (judge wheeler) with recommendations, as if I am their own property and how much they pay for me,?-As Manchester county court staff ask me to seek legal advice and I ask them the same, because one day, I will sue the same place for the level of ignorance in which many cases fall for negligence, by the same staff. In order to avoid any kind of confusion, Manchester county court staff (David York) need to handle relevant paperwork direct to customers (me), according to the case relate, instead fighting with the relevant paperwork over the phone with me (?), as every case and need is different, without demand, judge, request, preference, or ask questions ("and to let me to speak so he/she knows what I want"), as I did today and for months (to David York) ago, to no avail. The court (professional) staff comes with years of experience, training, education and profession, so no excuses into bad behaviour, even metro-link staff request the word "Respect" plastered in the drivers door and so I am. Where the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers try hard to place me as the problem, or unable to do anything in order to continue cashing (holding me as random - against my wishes?), using me and get holds even of my family, with "all about me", when in reality the matters is "all about them" and I request the law of: "who looks (monitor) after all of them?"-I question if this kind of staff performance the community and government need where all those jobs are shuffled, by: "Who is your friend, instead of capability", then you also question reasons of the present crisis. Finally today (3/10/2014) the neighbour (house #11) remember me doing some charity work for Trafford council (DAG) as voluntary after 2005 - 2012, in which consist of disabled groups, improving their own lives and in front of all of them the same neighbour (house #11) told them why I was unable to gain my job back: "As I abuse Old people and where is the probe legally to contest in a court of law, instead to hide n confidentiality acts?"-I hope you understand that by law, I have the same rights as the rest to clean my name. Where I am standing with the law with this kind of peoples that abuse the same law, as I lost all thanks to lies, deceit, hate, racism and discrimination. A none stop matter, where own mother told me as bad as each other and fight all day long (ex/husband and his sister social worker), so who is responsible for them as my children did not studied the social worker career at any time (own choices), neither myself (except career), Rosario Castellanos de Parker.